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Club Leader Spotlight - Surge (The North / T5)

Etaew August 12, 2019 3 2

This time on Club Leader Spotlight we talk to Surge, responsible for The North and T5 clubs.

Club Leader Spotlight - Nina

Etaew July 23, 2019 5 17

This time on our Club Leader Spotlight we talk to Nina, who is the leader of Alpha Legacy and Legalize Sunlight Bulbs as well as manages the Trove Club Quests Discord Server.

Club Leader Spotlight - Laezaria

Etaew June 12, 2019 1 8

Club leaders and officers are the heart of our social activities on Trove, this Spotlight series aims to help find out about some of our top leaders and get some insider tips on how they manage their respective communities. This time we are talking to Arion4K, SummerHaas  and Hierophant the leaders of Laezaria.