Trovesaurus Changes

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June 30, 2024
- Thanks to <@545657088534249477> we've updated our sounds list with names, still found at <>
- Moved the creation guides from the wiki to self hosted to prevent data from being changed or lost
- Added some preview text to devtracker searches to help bunny find things
- Updated the design of the guides page, making it easier to navigate to updates and their subsections
- Updated the design of the styles list and some of the collection pages
- Switched to int ids for videos linking to channels, as well as removing hardcoding for featured channels, this should allow for a faster lookup
- Removed welcome text messages
- removed obsolete tags: [summary=]
- added new localization tag [$localization_id] (TODO: bypass cache)
- Added our rising tides guide found at <>
- Added rising tide links to the homepage for a limited time
- Added a long shade biome rotation tracker widget to the homepage thanks to sly
- moved stampy the tourist wild trovian mana widgets to a new section along with the long shade biomes
- first images in the carousel will no longer force thumbnails if the image is below 856w and 400h, this allows pretty transparent if desired
- Cut down the size of the news list by removing previews, images, and split list into gamigo and trovesaurus news
- Added button to hide sales from the news on the homepage

Thank you to our gold supporters during June who keep the site alive CayooVR, clashofbanana, naPnaD and KatashiHiro, if you would like to support the work that we do feel free to hide adverts with Trovesaurus Gold <>
May 30, 2024

- Added version numbers and links to change log for the Renewed Trove Tools widget on the homepage
- Replaced the notices alerts with a game health widget, which allows me to create custom information
- The bug report homepage has been condensed, removing some distracting elements
- The activity section on the issue tracker now only displays status changes, the rest have been hidden
- Turned off the discord moderator feed for site actions
- Removed popular videos list due to view botting (it used an older method of counting views)
- Adjusted the style and removed user and comment links from the homepage recent comments and comments page, the only link takes you to the page the comment was on
- Standardised the light/dark themes to use bootstrap default instead of bootswatch, currently shadow just uses dark, light theme has lost the green trees to the side
- First pass of rearranging item pages, moved most information into their own tabs to condense the page
- Fixed an issue preventing companions from loading rig and blueprint information (as they were handled as items)
- Improved the performance of the Trove Files page from sometimes 3s to <1
- The Trove Files page now lists only direct subfolders instead of recursive, saving screen space and loading time
- Added an Expand All button to the Styles page when viewing a type
- The browse Collections and Styles pages now bundles translations in the lookup query improving load time
- Fixed an incorrect crafting count on some item recipes as they looked from old PTS tables
- Updated our read TMOD functionality thanks to Sly, applied to new uploads or refreshed meta data requests
- Added a new lightweight image scroller for mod and creations
- Removed the concept of "featured image" from mods, the first image is the main now
- Removed the concept of "catalog image" for mods, we don't really use the icons anymore
- Turned off the anniversary emails for art uploads
- The gallery list has a new design thanks to <@89918356290797568>
- Added the Discover tab to people who aren't logged in
- Removed the feature for logged in users to see art that they haven't liked yet, the performance tradeoff was not worth it
May 2, 2024
April 2024 Site Changes
- Rewrote the recipes importer to fix some ringcrafting recipes not importing
- Fixed the abilities list refusing to display abilities with _name in their localisation key
- On mod pages you can now open the mod in Renewed Trove Tools with a new quick button
- Loose loaded all recipes, previously only recipes on benches and professions were imported
April 1, 2024
March 2024 - Site Changes
- Art that is > 400 and < 1024 dimensions are no longer resized when viewed, this prevents an issue where some art was stretched because a "thumbnail" was displayed
- Fixed an issue where viewing the liked list in the gallery did not display images correctly
- Added a date view to the Wild Trovian Mana Biome widget
- Fixed an issue preventing some cannons from being recognised as belonging to a mount in the blueprint list
- Changed the cranny list appearance for entries which have multiple unlocks, retained a larger image and removed the name of the other unlocks
- Fixed an issue where creating a language mod using the translation tool did not generate a mod file hash (used by mod loaders)
- Added a link to Renewed Trove Tools on the mods page and the home page
- Removed a number of links from the homepage
- Replaced the carousel image scroller (used mostly on mod pages) left and right images to be hosted locally and not on imgur
- Fixed an issue where External App Token wasn't showing for people on the user page (it still had the development visibility)
- Added a patch date for strings listed on the search
- Added a mod category for "Waypoint"
- Condensed the categories of mods on the homepage
- Fixed an issue where modfile hashes (used in Renewed Trove Tools) were not being set when creating a mod from a TMOD file directly
- The search JSON has been expanded to list mod info and blueprints to aid in Renewed Trove Tools features
- Fixed an issue where gearcrafting final tier was missing from the bench
March 2, 2024
February 2024 Changes
- changed the server icon and added new emoji heartpin thanks to ko_ga
- we now support listing the reruns of cranny, this will display on the front page and on the items themselves
- we've rearranged the cranny page to list the full history on the right hand side, these are now clickable and an individual cranny visit can be viewed if desired
- added tabs to the top of the cranny page to filter the list for All, Active, History, New and Reruns
- cranny can now have multiple widgets on the homepage to support reruns
- Added Duraveln pack to the db
- Added an indicator to mods for people who arent logged in whether the mod is submitted or not
- recipes can now handle multiple versions of themselves
- this duplication happens mostly when recipes have moved benches
- specific test case was the shadow saurmancer costume was not appearing on the chaotic combinator bench but was incorrectly saying it was from the chaos crafter bench
- fixed an oversight where mods that were part of mod packs were not hidden from trove tools even if we wanted them to be
January 26, 2024
- mod makers can now set a short note that will display before the download button of a mod
- first press the edit tab of your mod
- then press the pencil icon on the quick section on the right hand side of the page
January 21, 2024
- fixed (probably) the stampy widget to display on sundays too
- changed how the mod list looks (again)
January 9, 2024
- fixed art references for items and users not showing larger icons
- changed the art references icons sizes and added a dark border
- changed art profile images to use a non stretched thumbnail
December 23, 2023
awarepin cluelesspin meowpin nopin phatpin suspin xmaspin yespin
December 23, 2023
Thanks to <@209758232502206464> have the following new fatpin emojis to celebrate our anniversary with ❤️
December 18, 2023
- wings now blueprint parts, because apparently now we have a wing which has blueprints
- shrunk some of the homepage tabs and event widgets, space is nice
- replaced the background for the giveaway event widget, because it was hard to see the item
December 8, 2023
- added counts to no troxel styles / items / deco
- remove from wanted troxel list if pending contribution for that blueprint
- dont let new troxel be submitted if one is pending for the same blueprint

- moved the badge count on the blueprints page to be lower, made it clickable due to no longer loading tooltips, made the list of usages clickable
December 5, 2023
- removed obsolete request troxel model button
- items and deco can now be added to personal lists
December 2, 2023
the previously internal page sections feature has been expanded to allow users to create community content, freeing up some of the burden on me to create content that i havent played

- the design of the sections are now more similar to the largepoint tags, featuring the site colours
- game update pages on the site now allow for user created sections
- there will be a button to create a section on the new tabs for featured / community guides
- sections will have to be approved before visible to the public
- featured sections will be rewarded with tokens
- sections should include a single important feature for the update, but larger ones could be broken down into multiple
- sections are collapsed on the page but can be viewed on its own page if required
- sections can now be liked and commented on
November 3, 2023
- the month view calendar is now hidden on smaller mobile devices
- event image boxes now have a smaller title size and removed padding to prevent overflow on smaller devices