Trovesaurus Changes

Showing posts in the #changes channel on the Trovesaurus Discord channel.

September 15, 2023
- The prefab reader on <> (requires login) can now display translation file contents
August 6, 2023
- disabled daily and weekly reset and bonus information in <#768548980073562144>
- added a calendar category which updates the channel names to display the info
thanks to <@565097923025567755> for adding bot functionality
August 3, 2023
- You can now filter tickets by game update on the bug tracker <>
August 1, 2023
- cleaned up the artist preview box on the gallery tab including fixing local images
- moved art filters to the top of the browse category, made the icons larger
July 28, 2023
due to hydrapat the database page no longer needs you to scroll
July 18, 2023
- moved the upcoming luxion and corruxion widgets into a new coming soon section
- added support for future dates for fluxion
- added an event image when fluxion is here
- clicking on the image when voting is happening will show the full list of available items (we wont track the votes that week)
- clicking on the image when selling is happenig will show the rotation (that page still needs some work)
July 15, 2023
- fixed local images not display properly for creations header and comment thumbnails
- adjusted the way we import names from deco with _interactable prefabs, this should fix a bunch of incorrect and missing workbench names
June 29, 2023
local image uploads
- art uploads and database images are now processed locally, we no longer send them to imgur
- the following sections are still tied to imgur and will need to be updated
-- art versions
-- creations
-- blog images
-- event images
-- gold profile pictures
-- mod catalog images
June 27, 2023
- added a geode mastery list found at <>
- items can now store mastery and geode mastery
- styles can now store geode mastery
- you can now use the contribution system to submit geode mastery for styles
- the recipes page for a workbench now shows a cut down version of the in-game recipe style
- recipes can now store mastery and geode mastery
June 25, 2023
- devtracker on the home page reduced to 1 entry
- added the most recent note from this changes channel onto the homepage
- added a page to browse all the notes on this channel <>
June 24, 2023
List - first draft
- Removed references and links to old "list" system
- When logged in, collection pages have a + button next to them
- Pressing that turns it blue
- Pressing it again turns it back to white
- Profile nav bar contains a link to the list
- A link can also be found on the side of a users profile
- The list on your profile has the icon, name and the buttons for removal

- You can now unlike things you have accidently liked on pages that support comments by using the toggle button on the right the of Comments and Likes section at the bottom of the page

- Creators now get a notification, automatic rank and a discord shoutout when they have their first creation accepted
May 26, 2023
- tag previews have returned to the text fields that used to be rich editors
May 25, 2023
- fixed the internal tasks, you should now see devtracker, news posts, tweet, art and mod announcements etc, start performing again
May 17, 2023
modders get a new tab on the homepage matching similar functionality to artists, link to mods, link to my mods, add mod, code vault and idea generator
May 16, 2023
- removed separate dev dream challenges
- moved artist challenges from the front page onto the challenges page of the gallery
- front page artist tab has been condensed