Trovesaurus Changes

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January 26, 2024
- mod makers can now set a short note that will display before the download button of a mod
- first press the edit tab of your mod
- then press the pencil icon on the quick section on the right hand side of the page
January 21, 2024
- fixed (probably) the stampy widget to display on sundays too
- changed how the mod list looks (again)
January 9, 2024
- fixed art references for items and users not showing larger icons
- changed the art references icons sizes and added a dark border
- changed art profile images to use a non stretched thumbnail
December 23, 2023
awarepin cluelesspin meowpin nopin phatpin suspin xmaspin yespin
December 23, 2023
Thanks to <@209758232502206464> have the following new fatpin emojis to celebrate our anniversary with ❤️
December 18, 2023
- wings now blueprint parts, because apparently now we have a wing which has blueprints
- shrunk some of the homepage tabs and event widgets, space is nice
- replaced the background for the giveaway event widget, because it was hard to see the item
December 8, 2023
- added counts to no troxel styles / items / deco
- remove from wanted troxel list if pending contribution for that blueprint
- dont let new troxel be submitted if one is pending for the same blueprint

- moved the badge count on the blueprints page to be lower, made it clickable due to no longer loading tooltips, made the list of usages clickable
December 5, 2023
- removed obsolete request troxel model button
- items and deco can now be added to personal lists
December 2, 2023
the previously internal page sections feature has been expanded to allow users to create community content, freeing up some of the burden on me to create content that i havent played

- the design of the sections are now more similar to the largepoint tags, featuring the site colours
- game update pages on the site now allow for user created sections
- there will be a button to create a section on the new tabs for featured / community guides
- sections will have to be approved before visible to the public
- featured sections will be rewarded with tokens
- sections should include a single important feature for the update, but larger ones could be broken down into multiple
- sections are collapsed on the page but can be viewed on its own page if required
- sections can now be liked and commented on
November 3, 2023
- the month view calendar is now hidden on smaller mobile devices
- event image boxes now have a smaller title size and removed padding to prevent overflow on smaller devices
November 1, 2023
made the following pages a little more friendly on mobile
- contributions home
- your claimed codes
- inbox / outbox
October 27, 2023
- removed references to "request more info", we didn't often browse this queue
- reopened contributions system (apart from tooltip stats)
- made it easier for some moderators to see there are actions that need to be taken 🙂
- when troxel is set for collections and styles this stores on the blueprint, so it isnt needed to be duplicated for things with the same blueprint (TODO items)
October 1, 2023
- the pack rewards page has been updated to look similar to the database pack page and the platform claim buttons have been condensed
- rewards claims now have a timeout before you can claim them again, currently set at 30 days (pending feedback), this means that one user cant claim all of the same rewards when they are restocked
September 30, 2023
- Removed custom icons from the collections table, these should no longer be needed
- Added notroxel lists for styles, deco and items (when contributions page returns)
- Added noqbcl list for collections (when contributions page returns)
September 28, 2023
- the styles page now outputs similar to the collections page in a new format highlighting the mastery
- the mastery list now filters styles by type and allows them to be clicked (this is a step towards adding real mastery info to all styles)
- when you upload gifs locally you no longer get a weird display, and the preview image isnt black