Trove Creations

Here you can submit your Dungeons, Styles and Decorations to be reviewed, accepted and added to Trove!  For accepted submissions creators get Rewards. Interested? Check our How to get started guide!

Have questions? Join us in #trovecreations channel on Trovesaurus Discord.

If you want to create and submit mods for Costumes, Mounts, Allies and other collection items please visit our Mods Home Page.


Massive Meatcleaver status has been set to Needs Review

dura_ 4 days ago

Pride's Stride status has been set to Draft

dura_ 4 days ago

Dragon's Rage status has been set to Needs Review

RepoioZhukulemtho 7 days ago

Thunderbolt status has been set to Needs Review

siisawesome 1 week ago

Thunderbolt status has been set to Active

siisawesome 1 week ago

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This is the official place to submit your creations to Trove. We are direct descendants of /r/TroveCreations, which is no longer functional. All reviews are happening here on Trovesaurus now.

Please re-submit all creations that were Accepted on reddit and have not been added to the game, include a link to the Reddit post.

Current process:

  • Submit a Creation, new creations are marked as Active.
  • When you are ready, advance your creation to Needs Review so moderators can review it.
  • Moderators either advance your creation to Approved or set it back to Active, if there are flaws.
  • Trove Team reviews Approved creations. Bounties and exceptional submissions are occasionally accepted and rewards are distributed.
Creations Team

The Creations Team approves player submissions for the Trove Team to accept.