Geode Surface 5-Star Dungeons (Crystal Combat Update)

Geode Surface (Crystal Combat Update) has been up for a few days, join us for a preview on the new 5-star dungeons, brought to you by Trovesaurus in collaboration with a bunny....

December 3, 2018 Preview PTS

Prehistoric Pack

The Prehistoric Pack is now available on Live servers, people are able to play the Dino Tamer two weeks before everyone else....

August 27, 2016 Dino Tamer Preview

The Dino Tamer and Biome Preview

Announced at Gamescom today the Dino Tamer and a new dinosaur themed biome, fight alongside dinosaurs in jurrassic forests in this latest addition to Trove....

August 19, 2016 Preview

New Biome Full Teaser

A few weeks ago we teased part of the new biome coming to Trove, as the announcement is imminent we are releasing the full image....

August 19, 2016 Preview

Upcoming Change to Swapping Gems

The Public Test Server has been updated with a change that will affect how higher end players swap out their Standard and Empowered Gems. This change will reach the live servers on Tuesday, 16 August....

August 13, 2016 Preview

Dino Biome Teaser

Thanks to Trion we are teasing an exclusive preview of a new biome coming to Trove. Let us know what you think about it. We'll show you the full image soon....

August 3, 2016 Preview

Shadow Tower Preview

The devs have posted a blog post previewing the Shadow Tower that will arrive on Tuesday. Source: ...

September 13, 2015 Preview

Lunar Lancer - Preview

The Lunar Lancer is now available for testing on the test server (PTS), so we had a look and can report back for you. The Lunar Lancer will arrive as part of the Shadow Tower update and is scheduled to be release September 15, although this date is ...

September 3, 2015 Preview

Class Preview: Tomb Raiser

It’s a Dead Man’s Party when the Tomb Raiser emerges on the scene in Trove 1.0! Make no bones about it: this nefarious necromancer is a master of dark magic. Source:

July 3, 2015 Preview

UI Preview

In our recent Developer Interview with Khari we were provided images of the environment used to develop the games UI, as well as some upcoming changes. I wanted to highlight them in a seperate article. You can also discuss them on the forums....

June 21, 2015 Preview