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Sage would like to present a list of changes made to the Trovesaurus site since June, he wants to say sorry that has has been too lazy to post them monthly.

A round up of Trovesaurus site development for the month of May 2018. Changes are a little light this month as we prepare for Trove - Geode functionality.

A round up on Trovesaurus development activity for the month of April 2018.

A roundup of site changes we made over the past month.

Read about the changes made to the Trovesaurus site this month. Your use of, support and participation of the site allows it to keep functioning and receiving updates, thank you!

I've been working hard this month to bring about a long list of site performance, functionality and style tweaks. Find out all about them below.

Catch up with the changes to the site during the month of December.

Trovesaurus turns 3 years old today, thanks for being a part of this community. Check out some stats, a list of changes, and what we're doing to celebrate.

Another packed month full of changes, find out what what they are below.

This month has been quite a busy one for site changes, here is the roundup.


Jet Jammer
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Streamer Dream 2 (October)
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Art Contest

Jurassic Jungle
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Ends 2 weeks from now

Art Contest

Dragonfire Peaks
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Plushie Designs
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Loading Screen Fan Art
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Starts 2 months from now

Verses of Violence
Ended 6 days ago

Magical Mudskipper
Ended 1 week ago

Remembrance of Reng
Ended 1 week ago

Neon City
Ended 2 weeks ago