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Trove Builds

Class builds with stat priorities, gear, allies, flasks and gems.


Neverending Powerhouse

This candy barb build is designed to keep you alive and fighting at full potential forever.
Damage, Tank, Shadow Towers,
Leveling, Shadow Towers, Farming, Damage,

Pure Dps

Based on the guide of SENTINELKNIFE
Damage, Farming, Shadow Towers,

A better build than Etaew's (sorry) :P

As a Gunslinger, you're a strong DPS, raining high noons upon the faces of enemies constantly.
Damage, Shadow Towers,

Etaew's Gunslinger

Etaew doesn't pretend to be a good Gunslinger, but he can show his build off as a demo for the builds page.
Leveling, Farming, Damage,

Neon Ninja Standard Build

This is a standard build for someone that wants to deal damage and deal it fast as the Neon Ninja, obviously its a DPS, this build isn't meant for players with massively high power rank and everyone like something a little different.
Leveling, Damage, Farming,

Simple Draco

Draco doesn't need any attack speed, DOES need energy regen, and is kinda half dmg, half tank, much like knight, but anything is better than knight.
Tank, Damage, Shadow Towers, Farming,

Farming/Damage Lunar Lancer Build

This is in my opinion the best Farming and Damage Build for Lunar Lancer. It's mainly focussed on Damage and Speed, you could tweak it a bit to also run Shadow Towers a bit better.

Enjoy, leaving feedback and suggestions is appreciated!
Farming, Damage, Leveling, Shadow Towers,

Builder and Miner

The boomer is an excellent builder and ore farming minion.
Building, Farming,

Pure Damage Dracolyte

Meant for pure damage. Kill them before they kill you. Your flask will be your main source of dps. Start battles by proccing your flask. If the flask minion doesn't finish off the enemy, then use your ultimate. Getting all six dragonlings will give you the most dps, but it will take too much time to get them all if you're speed farming.
Damage, Shadow Towers, Farming,

Captain Of Trove

The Pirate Captain is a Ranged DPS class and hails from the Treasure Isle biome. The Captain Provide solid DPS and is a very explosive class, With his Parrot there is no treasure unavailable to the Captain.
Damage, Support, Shadow Towers, Farming,

General SH

This is a very standard SH build, however without a class gem, you'll want Energy Regen on your ring as well as your bow.
Damage, Farming, Shadow Towers, Leveling,

Kukui's Revanent Guide

Revenant's stats build from Kukui's Class Guide with Empowered Gems from Underrated54's guide.
Shadow Towers, Damage, Tank,

full tank

This Revenant is made especially for the tower of the shadows (It is advisable to have a minimum of 3m of life for the tower of the shadows)
Shadow Towers, Tank,

Speedfarm Build

Farming build for Lunar Lancer class. Applies to pretty much any farming build for any class to be honest.
Leveling, Farming,

Lame ol' TR

TR is very bland to play, has mediocre DPS, but is a solid tank. Note: TR has a set Attack Speed like Draco.
Tank, Support, Shadow Towers, Leveling,

Mild Dino Tamer

Not as spicy as it could be.
Damage, Support, Shadow Towers, Leveling,


This build is good for maximum damage and farm at any level of complexity. Boomeranger has good control using a bow gives you the opportunity not to approach the enemy. Boomeranger, has good control, using a bow gives you the opportunity to approach the enemy and not receive damage, then a problem might appear only if there is an enemy with a ranged damage so you can use lifesteal for more survivability.
Farming, Damage, Shadow Towers,

Proficient Boomer

This build gives you an infinite amount of potions, which means no stopping while farming, as well as the best DPS in shadow towers. Only drawback is the vial used in this build is rather pricey for newer players.
Farming, Shadow Towers, Damage,

Moderate Ice Sage

I haven't played as an Ice Sage in forever, but this build should still be relevant, and besides, nobody else has made an Ice Sage build at this time.
Damage, Support, Shadow Towers, Leveling,

Boomer Effective Build

ȻħίȻκεɴȘ. ʃΘર. ιίʃε. This is a pretty effective build (in my own opinion) for a Bow Boomeranger. Pros of Boomeranger: Mining ores = OP (look at roles section to see the most effective way for mining ores). Depending on builds can be a really good dps or a semi-tank. Supportive due to the ult (can heal teammates or speed up cooldown). Chickens... man chickens are the best... Some easter eggs about Boomer: He is very similar to Link from the Legend of Zelda franchise (look at his abilities XD). His jump is also pretty much Mario's.
Leveling, Farming, Support, Shadow Towers,

Full Tank Candy Barb

A full tank build for tanking shadow towers :D
Shadow Towers, Tank,

Kukui's Knight's Build

Knight's stats build from Kukui's Class Guide with Empowered Gems from Underrated54's guide.
Damage, Farming, Tank,

Tank with good AOE damage (End game build)

Shadow tower build (also good for farming)
Shadow Towers, Farming, Tank,
Farming, Damage, Shadow Towers,


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