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SPEED, MORE SPEED Crack the Court

I'm Flyiiiing! Deep Dragons Hotfix 1
DamageShadow TowersDelves

Inspired by my brother's relentless addiction to adding unholy amounts of Jump to his Revenant builds, this build is designed to have the most Jumps you possibly can.

DPS Deep Dragons

Air Sage Deep Dragons

Basically, this build aims to stay in the air as long as possible, with the Gunslinger subclass boosting aerial power.

High-Damage Gunslinger Deep Dragons

Due to a lack of updated builds, this is being added in.

Powerhouse Fae Deep Dragons

The Fae Trickster already has a passive to make the magic damage go up thrice fold. So work on critical damage, and you will be taking u9 at level 26 (with proper skill) You already have an ability to redirect attention for a good 5 seconds, that’s enough to do over 1 million damage.

My friend Jon is stinky Deep Dragons
TankSupportShadow Towers

My friend Jon likes to be a tanky dragon boi but doesn't like to use his brain. So I made this for him because my brain is GIGA

KneezMz's Shadow Hunter Build Deep Dragons
DamageLevelingFarmingShadow Towers

Here you can find a build that will make you do lots of damage, I updated some of the stat priorities to make sense and changed the Ally.

Farming Gunslinger Deep Dragons

A fast but easy gunsliger

My Shadow Hunter Build Hubdate Hotfix 8
FarmingDamageShadow Towers

DPS FOR DELVES AND LEVİS das it Hubdate Hotfix 8

Subclass Knight or LL

Revenant Build Hubdate Hotfix 4

This Build is incomplete but it is the basic structure for make the best Revenant DPS and Tank.

Tomb Raiser Build Tank and DPS Hubdate Hotfix 4

This Build seeks to make an immortal character taking advantage of the abilities of the Tomb Raiser and its Revenant subclass and also seeks to do a great amount of damage balancing these two ideas to create a functional and versatile character.

GS Build with starter stats and midgame Hubdate Hotfix 4

This is my build that i use on GS. IGN it isn't perfect but i'll add stuff about starting off as one too.

Light DPS IS (Delves and Leviathans) Delves PC - Hotfix 11

DPS build oriented for Delves and Leviathan, This build is oriented for endgame , but still usefull at lower game progress if you got whats needed for :)

PY U10 Knight build Hubdate

"What is the best farmer class?" Other: Neon Ninja, Me: Knight without class gem. Why? It is easy-to-unlock Starter Class that still useful in endgame. It's just that Trovians underestimate him, touching class gem, and then said X class move faster and therefore Knight is terrible. It isn't when one realized "2 Hit registration" Dashing attack.

PY U10 Fae build Delves PC - Hotfix 11

This is not a "random" build. Fae is one of the best U10 farmer, can match Dino Tamer due to quality Skill 1 and boosted basic attack. However, it is an Energy-heavy class. Fae would be average if you play her as "another farming class".

DPS Dragon Tamer Delves PC - Hotfix 11
DamageFarmingDelvesShadow Towers

FizziUshi's speed farm build u10 Delves PC - Hotfix 11

My own fae speed farm build hope it help ya.

Zavods Speed/u10 - u9 farming Delves PC - Hotfix 11

this is a build of my 34.2k LL i use for grinding u9 stellar gems and u10 cosmic gems. if your ganna run delves with this. (not recommended) max your path painter so you can be a runner. subclass knight for more vials not so much for mount movement speed (unless you have ganda ;)

Scarlet Speedster Hubdate Hotfix 2