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Delves Revenant Build June 4 - 2020

This build is an up to date build that is no longer built for max health because of the rework, There will be notes of the lesser gems towards the bottom of the build.

Shlnigami's DPS Gunslinger (Delve) June 4 - 2020

You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

Dry Bones June 4 - 2020
FarmingShadow TowersDamageDelves

Is fast, is serious is a sexi *****

Pyroknight Delves

(WORK-IN-PROGRESS. i'm lazy so i'll do this when i have free time. this is just for those who main knight (nice choice :D ), and want a little guidance from someone who's been maining the Knight since 2014.

Ice Sage - Delves Update Delves

This is my Ice Sage build for Delves. It is not great at farming, as it has very low Movement Speed. This is a raw damage build, for highest DPS possible, while still being able to survive deep Delves.

All-purpose DPS Ice Sage Delves

This build is a decent all-purpose Ice Sage DPS build. If you do not need extra potions for a long fight or faster mounted movement speed, you can use a different subclass depending on what your needs are.

Farm build for NN Delves

Can Swap LunarLancer Subclass to PirateCaptain's for Magic find

Actually Good Rev tank build Delves
TankSupportShadow Towers

Best rev tank build out there lol.

[2020] Pirate Captain Delves/Farming Build Delves
Shadow TowersFarmingDamage

This is my guide for playing the Pirate Captain in delves and also as a decent farmer. I am by no means a Trove expert so if you have suggestions on how I can improve this guide please message me.

Vanguard Ultimate Speed Farm U9 Delves

This build is very fast xD. Spam lasers when you get into dungeon and get right out lol

Indestructible Rock Delves
TankShadow TowersDamage


This build: I use it for all

My Delves Build Delves

My Delves Build

DT U10 Speed Farming Delves

Might look like an odd build, but it actually provides some insane results.

Somewhat Balanced Chunky Revenant Delves
TankShadow TowersSupport

A diving head first kinda build. No youtube tutorials or other guides, just doing it how I thought worked on the fly.

Nelucho's Shadow Hunter March 31 Hotfix
DamageShadow TowersFarming

Tank Damage March 31 Hotfix
FarmingShadow TowersDamageTank


Octarocks Main March 31 Hotfix

Radiant BoopleBarb March 31 Hotfix

Made for speed farming u10 with high burst dmg

Delve Runner IS DPS Into the Deep Hotfix 3
DamageFarmingShadow Towers

This Is a Class Build for The Delve Update Coming Up.

My GS Build, Feedback please ^-^ Into the Deep Hotfix 3
Shadow TowersDamageFarming

My GS Build, I'd appreciate positive Feedback if something is wrong, Thanks c: