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_FutureHero_ posted on Amatrix art 34 minutes ago

@[user=151208]ty ^^

roboman666xo posted on Witchly Spookyata mod 5 hours ago

gg on getting it accepted! this better not be an amazingly rare lootbox item though, my rng is trash. 

Critical_Balance posted on Champion of Twilight mod 11 hours ago

yup calamity mod music from providence btw this is the best mod i have ever seen for knight  keep up the good work :)

AltanTR posted on Amatrix art 14 hours ago

looks so good

eh2684 posted on Amatrix, the Hexed - Art Challenge page 2 days ago


Dragon master posted on Hubdate Home page 3 days ago

Great game 

Ylva posted on Geode Castle Dungeon (3 Star) creation 4 days ago

Hello! Sorry for the delay. Most of the files look correct, good job! Two moments: - there is no .dungeon file uploaded, please make sure it is there. - mini boss spawner in the boss11.blueprint room is not in the middle of fighting space. I understa

Ylva posted on Ornated moonstone staff Staff creation 4 days ago

Hello! Sorry for the delay. Staff looks good, and it does have unique elements but overall impression makes the design feel close to [Sapient Scepter]. There are more in-game styles that feature same-ish shapes like [Emerald Emancipator] or [Chronomance

WheezingMuffin9 posted on WheezingMuffin9 user 5 days ago

@[user=69354]Hey :)

TalkLess_666 posted on Cute-Topped Carrot giveaway 5 days ago

good luck everyone❤️

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