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Fasti wrote:

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i went to look in support but trove isn't a game listed so ill come to here to figure out something. won on 10/12 but last message from Trionworlds was on 7/28. the other stream won from trove game i did receive and asked about it but nothing has happened. the missing item was for:

thanks for any info or assistance, have a good holiday.
You should receive it any second now. Please check again, when time allows. Sorry for the delay!

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Fasti wrote:

The support team will need to follow up with you in one of the tickets. It's best if just the President submits the ticket, since having multiple tickets on the same issue just slows down progress for a given issue. If you can get me the ticket number submitted by the President I will follow up.

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andirocks01 posted on Blue Biplane collection 4 hours ago
wats da code  
andirocks01 posted on Jet Jammer giveaway 4 hours ago
good luck guys  
WvMAXvW posted on Jet Jammer giveaway 8 hours ago
Goodluck i guess i can't get this for now.... oh welp
14/10/18 Working!
Ylva posted on Test Mod mod 10 hours ago
@[user=1]something pinged, ouch
@[user=103675]As you are playing on a console, it is worth checking if your console is linked to your Glyph account
Eu resgatei o código , mas não apareceu na minha conta !
@[user=12533]this should be a reply to bunny?
@[user=1]This is a reply to Etaew?
Naphter posted on Modish Marksman giveaway 13 hours ago
Gratz to the winners :)
@[user=13778]reply to a reply test
je n'ai pas de ps4 mais sur PC les pinatas sont au bas de l'onglet "plus"
Je joue sur ps4 mais je ne trouve pas de pinata d'hiver sur le marché 
it was indeed but like i said due to exams i didnt want to spend too much time on it
I'm gonna destroy the wooorld, or, more specifically, the front of my little club spawn.
I am main draco so plss :(
Co0KieDrinls posted on Jet Jammer giveaway 1 day ago
Good luck guys
PthePro posted on Modish Marksman giveaway 2 days ago
Good luck to all :D       Hope i get something :) !
PthePro posted on Macedoine Master giveaway 2 days ago
Good luck :)  
Dizie posted on Guardian Golem giveaway 2 days ago
Damn =( gratz all!
replies once more
LAMMAZ posted on Guardian Golem giveaway 2 days ago
This is the one revenant costume i really really want!
All of your scenery art is amazing well colored and drawn!
csesz posted on Guardian Golem giveaway 2 days ago
who is the winner's?
hope i win  


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