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CM Diniry

2 days ago by Trove Forums 4

Hey! My name is Diniry, your new CM (Community Manager). I’m not a native English speaker, so please don’t be confused if my wording might be a bit different. I joined the Community Manager Team of gamigo 5 years ago and within these 5 years you probably can assume that I had my ups and downs, but I still love to interact with players, host events and I’m pretty sure that you will learn how to handle my sarcastic demons, which are hidden within my soul!

Hotfix - November 13, 2018

November 9, 2018 by Trove Forums 1

Patch notes have been posted on the Trove Forums for an upcoming hotfix.

Meet the new Community team!

November 9, 2018 by Trove Forums 0

Greetings. First of all, we would like to apologize for the silence lately, there were a few things we needed to figure out before jumping into the conversation. Thank you all so much for your patience!

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Diniry wrote:

Thanks ^^

If you recheck the latest Team Letter posted from Fasti, you can see that the focus is on delivering Geode Phase 2 within this year. Still, I won't promise you that it will happen this year but that's only because I don't like making a promise about future content. Hope you know what I mean.

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Diniry wrote:

Quote Originally Posted by shahrukh View Post
Hope you get a nice welcome from the community al thoe we kind of miss the old CMs that we loved soo much.
i just have a question.

during a last "annoncement" there have been tooled that a german and a french CM are comming. do you know them ?(can i contact them ? ) we got a discord of french players (over 800) that kind of got left out of trove because of all the non translated stuff.. and we would LOVE to get a trion/gamigo/Trove staff member on our discord to show that we are "the community" and not just a big trove focued groupe

my Discord is sha#8950 if you got some infos ^^ thanks again

sorry for my english. not native english speaker...
We will see about french ^^ My mother tongue is german so no french from my side, sorry. And I totally can understand that you all miss the previous CMs and It's not easy to just let go people you know for many years. I don't want to replace any of them because that's not my intention why I'm here. My intention of being here is to listen to all your problems you are facing, help you with this as good as I can and of course having much fun with you guys in between. It's still a game where we want to have fun, isn't it

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Fasti wrote:

Quote Originally Posted by Ksenom View Post
there was talking about trionworlds and all their games including trove being sold to another company, what means no update for any game in this year and mb no updates in the next.

yea there was hints on a big update for trove with 3 new ubers but it got cancelled due to 85% trion emplyers were fired when company sold
Here's some info from the Trove team to check out.

Our original plan was to release 3 new Uber regions on the surface of Geode (U8, U9, and U10). This plan hasn't changed. Unless something changes (and I can't rule that out entirely) you'll still see this update released on schedule in December. If we split the PC and console versions it'll likely be around this update, so we'll need to finalize all our plans. Once we have final details we'll share more.

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Fasti wrote:

Gardening is still coming, but it's not part of the Geode Phase 2 patch anymore. It's a major system with a ton of changes. We weren't able to get it 100% finalized before the transition so we're...

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Diniry wrote:

Thank you all for the very warm welcome :o So, I'll go through some of the questions you have asked. If at some point there is no reply from me regarding one of your questions, just keep asking!...

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Diniry wrote:

Hey! Maintenance has been completed and the game is back online. Have fun while playing!

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Hey dude welcome
When is Luxion coming again
The bug that jump count increases during challenge seems to be restored, or it is newly occurring.
l '-') <( pizza )
Looks AWESOME but why is it in a zip. file?
wish you all luck guys!    
i don't need it, i don't need it' i DEFINETLEY don't need it... i don't need it i don't need it.......   I NEEEEEEEEEEEED IT!...
Lucky lucky 
Welcome!! Any news on the extra life charity events that we're used to supporting as trovians? Any idea on when we're going to help the kids?...
Hello diniry!
Hey im a beginner and I would know which sub-class I should take. I actually use Candy Barbarian but someone said me that attack speed was pretty useless on this build. Plz help...


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