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Rainbow Art Challenge - Results

(updated 17 hours ago) 19 hours ago Art Contest Results


22 hours ago

New Modder TheStimerGames

22 hours ago

New Modder Z02Seraph

Lunar Mod Challenge - Results

(updated 22 hours ago) 23 hours ago Mod Contest Results

Most recent comments.

Etaew posted on Triassic Tea art 49 seconds ago

Love this Seiken, good job. Colourful with cute characters :)

Etaew posted on Sitting on a throne art 19 minutes ago

Great looking pic, nice scene and pose :)

Etaew posted on GO!GO! Tomb Raiser! art 19 minutes ago

Always fantastic work Fairchild, the characters look great (so do the little cuteys in the corner)

Etaew posted on Enjoying some ice cream art 20 minutes ago

Cute little guy enjoying his snack

Etaew posted on Mau5 art 20 minutes ago

This looks fantastic MrWhoever

Ylva posted on Feather Hair Hair creation 2 hours ago

Hello! So sorry for the delay. Changes looking awesome! Loving those glowing bits on curls ends :D Glad you were able to fill the holes but keep the overall shape, nicely done. Approved!

Ylva posted on fine tuner Fist creation 2 hours ago

Hello! Sorry for the delay. Fist looks good, quite a curious concept :) Good job on material maps too! Id like to suggest a tiny bit of shading on the design though, and may be something for the 'front' to make it less flat. Something along these lines

PrincePat711 posted on Minions on a Treasure Hunt art 6 hours ago

@[user=188466]Thank You :3

SkyTheVirus posted on Mementos page 7 hours ago

@[user=192985]This is just an information page about what mementos are, not a constantly updating page stating what mementos are available. You won't find it here.

xMOHAzMT posted on Mementos page 9 hours ago

Great stuff but if you could tell us what mementos we can get this week and which depth and stuff

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