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Same Trove Time, New Trove Channel

1 day ago by Trove Blog 0

This week we’re streaming from our brand-new Twitch channel: Be sure to follow the new channel for our regular livestreams going forward. Hang out with some Trove devs and engage with chat to join in our epic giveaways!

CM Diniry

November 13, 2018 by Trove Forums 6

Hey! My name is Diniry, your new CM (Community Manager). I’m not a native English speaker, so please don’t be confused if my wording might be a bit different. I joined the Community Manager Team of gamigo 5 years ago and within these 5 years you probably can assume that I had my ups and downs, but I still love to interact with players, host events and I’m pretty sure that you will learn how to handle my sarcastic demons, which are hidden within my soul!

Hotfix - November 13, 2018

November 9, 2018 by Trove Forums 1

Patch notes have been posted on the Trove Forums for an upcoming hotfix.

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Diniry wrote:

Oh then I was right ... first I thought you just made a typo and ment praise the sun. Well let's say I do praise and you will find out who I praise in the upcoming future :p For now I go full F2P...

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I recommend taking some inspiration from the exsisting, [collection=Reveling Reindeer]! Great model, although I think the horns feel a little less like a Deer, and more like an elk. Simpler Deer: Elk: ...
Thank you!
this is that weird cat anime isn't it
Please make this game better than it is, like fixing the forging system
Thats Awesome Dude
Hoping for a chance to win.
i'mn crygin i forgot the parrot but here we accept our mistakes like MEN
Welcome to the game! Hope to see a lot more of you in the future. 
Good luck everyone ;) it's good costume
you need a radiant or stellar weapon and at the enchanted forge put that weapon in and got to the aura section and just press change aura until you get this one...
So, I HAVE the aura, I just don't know how to equip it, any tips? (or just, a detailed description)  
goodluck everyone i guess
Good luck everyone ;)
We kept the +2 jump, since Heroes, if entering challenge as VG, a class switch inside challenge doesn't enable it.
gratz to all
Hey dude welcome
When is Luxion coming again
The bug that jump count increases during challenge seems to be restored, or it is newly occurring.


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