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Fasti wrote:

Remember those dark days when no one knew where to find Luxion? Well, let the sunshine in again as he has returned from paternity leave and is ready to get down to business! To help you take advantage of his visit you’ll also save 50% off Greater Dragon Caches all this week!

Luxion returns at 4AM PDT (11AM UTC) on Tuesday, August 14 and will stay the full week until 4AM PDT (11AM UTC) on Tuesday, August 21. Not only is he back for the full week, but he’s carrying more loot than ever before!

Remember to scroll through his inventory of wares for this visit because you don’t want to miss your chance at incredible goodies like:
  • Lorekeeper Dragon Egg Fragments

  • Koroki, the Sower of Chaos mount

  • Unyielding Emblem

  • Golden Hoard Dragon Souls to save up for unlocking your very own Luxion-inspired legendary dragon mount.

  • And more!
After this extended visit, he’s going back to his normal schedule, so take advantage of this opportunity to load up on his wondrous wares. Congratulations to Luxion and his new, golden brood!

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Fasti wrote:

Thanks for calling this out, folks. Sending to the team now.

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Fasti wrote:

They are offered as players hit specific PR milestones but also available on a rotating schedule. They do only stick around for a few hours at a time so it's easy to miss them, for sure. I know something we're working on is a way to let people see very clearly when "flash deals" are available.

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Site comments in the last 48 hours.

gg for all futur winers :)
Good luck everybody!
doesnt work
i  kept crashing everytime i try to take a screenshot
good luck everybody
everyone says knight sucks, but knight i would say is almost as good as demon hunter and Gunslinger
I cannot get into Trove on my PS4 since yesterday. I get the failed...server message. The strange thing is that if I go to a different PS4, I can log in successfully. I can get into the Trion support site but cannot submit a ticket. How can I get the attention of the support staff to help me? By the way, I deleted the game, reset my console, then added the game, but all with no luck. I really enjoy this game, and really need some help here. grandmacarrie1...
How to get a code?
I use Microsoft paint for all of the digital drawings I have posted and thx. :D
Good Luck All
good luck everyone :D
Looks great!
What is the pixel resolution of this?
w0w i nid dis cul ting
It was a pleasure, Exo! :D
nice did you use inkscape or adobe illustrator?
dit me bon may cho tao code  
Cubic Curtain will be uselles cause in ST your minions will tank you and for better dps i ll recomend Explosive Epilogue
Good luck for Everyone and thank the person who gives us this gift !!!  
Good luck Everyone !!!  
good luck and thx for the giveaway


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