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Amaliena October 28, 2021
#trove-news in Trovesaurus Discord
**PTS Opens - Paragon System **
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Is there a way to auto accept game invites (like to Uber world's)?

LOLZ2ALOT posted on Better invites - Configurable mod 3 days ago

@[user=228607]rare drop from [item/lootbox/shadowseve2021]

Asled posted on G.O.P.H.E.R. collection 4 days ago

How can I get a tradable gopher?

Deviable posted on G.O.P.H.E.R. collection 5 days ago

@[user=225744]Use TroveTools.NET. Or manually place .pkfx files in Glyph\Games\Trove\Live\particles\VFX\Particles\override; and .png in Glyph\Games\Trove\Live\textures\override

Asled posted on Purple Geode Surface mod 5 days ago

How can I install this mod?

Barataturbo122 posted on Purple Geode Surface mod 6 days ago

this is the best ally in the game hes so cute i love him so much u dont understand omg  <333

Ambercrest posted on Puck collection 6 days ago

@[user=217767]it will be automatically learned after crafting

Asled posted on G.O.P.H.E.R. collection 6 days ago

is it tradeable if i craft it?  

syrianboy991 posted on G.O.P.H.E.R. collection 7 days ago

@[user=143217]The recipe comes with the memento. Drop that boss' memento and you'll gain the ability to craft this delve portal. bit of a paradox tho, ye?

Pyrodisc posted on Delve Gateway: Werewolf Huntmaster item 7 days ago