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Fasti wrote:

The Vanguardian is the hero we deserve. Rising up against the forces of shadow she is a stalwart protector of the innocent and a fierce warrior of the light.

Whether you prefer to keep your foes at a distance and pepper them with powerful energy blasts or get up in their grills and unleash fists of fury, the Vanguardian packs a powerful wallop.

  • Touchdown – Gliding supercharges the Vanguardian. This charge is released when landing causing a shockwave that destroys blocks in the open world. In an effort to be a good clubmate this ability doesn’t trigger in Club Worlds.

Ranged Mode
  • Mouse 1: Rapid fire energy orbs are unleashed from the Vanguardian’s hands.
  • Mouse 2: Plasma Blast – Fire a ball of pure energy that explodes on impact and deals AoE damage.
  • 1: Fired Up – A self-buff that increases damage and attack speed.
  • 2: Hero’s Charge – This skill triggers a dash forward and a self-heal. It also swaps the Vanguardian into Melee mode.

Melee Mode
  • Mouse 1: Pummel enemies with powerful punches.
  • Mouse 2: Eyebeam – A high powered blast of energy is fired from the Vanguardian’s eyes doing damage and increasing damage done to the target from any source.
  • 1: Force Flash – An AoE kinetic energy pulse that damages nearby enemies, buffs your movement speed, and increases your damage resistance.
  • 2: Laser Leap – Leap backwards, get a big burst of energy, and swaps back into ranged mode.

She is a physical damage class regardless of whether you prefer melee or ranged combat so you won’t need to swap gear to reach peak power.

We’re thrilled to add a new weapon style for the Vanguardian: fist weapons. These come in many shapes and sizes including brass knuckles, long-bladed knives, or giant foam fingers.

As our first “expert class” the Vanguardian is taller than other Trovians and has a more fluid set of animations whether you’re fighting, gliding, dancing, dashing, or dabbing.

She can be crafted for free using in-game materials at the Resistor Workbench or picked up with a pack available in the Trove Store when Heroes goes live. The Vanguardian cannot be unlocked using a Class Coin.

Special thanks to the incredibly talented @ArtByCelyne for this gorgeous interpretation of Trove's newest hero!

When Trove – Heroes is unleashed upon the world the Vanguardian will rise up to answer the call to action – are you ready?

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Fasti wrote:

Quote Originally Posted by Tempestria View Post
Thank you so much, you game just is great, I am a 45 yr old gal and play with my 12 year old daughter and its brought us all kinds of fun together so thanks to you all!

Lisa & Lily (aka Tempestria & PixelParade)

Can't wait!
Thanks very much! We really appreciate that.

Quote Originally Posted by Bec View Post
I just realized that the Vanguardian is female, so its funny how the fanart depicts a male.
Each class can be either. I used the female pronouns with the art being male to show that you can pick whatever you prefer. Plus...there may be more art to come (spoilers).

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Fasti wrote:

Quote Originally Posted by Moonbeam715 View Post
Do we know when the heroes update will be? I was hoping to enjoy it during spring break (this upcoming week).
It's not this coming week.

However, I wouldn't be shocked if we had the release date announcement while you're starting spring break.

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Fasti wrote:

Quote Originally Posted by Hazani2 View Post
Haha ty novuhz, bit new to the forums, difficult for me to navigate at times.
Thanks for being part of the community! No worries, I still have trouble searching the forums as well. It's definitely not you.

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Site comments in the last 48 hours.

good luck all  
你说的没错!! 我真的是想画成像卡比.... 画技不如人~只能恶搞了...
Favorite costume for the boomer. 
My sword after modding it's holding it the wrong way.... why? same for the fishing pole... i didnt change the pink dot
yay there are loads of ppl here  
I don't play boomeranger but the cotume looks dope ;P
This is my first entry :P Hope i'll win.
OH MY GOSH THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to win this! Can’t wait until the event/giveaway starts.
This is my 2nd entry ever. Hope I win something!
There's no specific way to win a giveaway, it's pure randomization
I really like to get one
耶耶耶~有高手回覆我!!  谢谢你的爱~~~
suerte a todos  
Good luck to all!
Good luck, so many codes this time!
Gawd I don't even know why I want this...oh wait it's because BOOMRANGER is my 2th fav class!
Can we just do it now and keep these odds?
i dont even know how to win these giveaways either ways Gl to all!  


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thanks Luone


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