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Amaliena September 24, 2021
#trove-news in Trovesaurus Discord
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RepoioZhukulemtho posted on Dragon's Rage Melee creation 4 hours ago


Etaew posted on Mighty Tall Steed giveaway 17 hours ago

Thanks again to _FutureHero_ for this long necked friend :)

Ylva posted on Ice Cavern Dungeon (1 Star) creation 2 days ago

Everything looks great, good job! Happy to approve :)

PichuYang posted on Babel's Bank pack 2 days ago

Despite the Terrific Tuber has some clear vfx, the design isn't that appealing. Traveller's Robe isn't really interesting, but the 2 mounts are. Still, 3.8 Credits per Mastery is the highest value among all other packs. 1500 Credits is also a manageable

eh2684 posted on Shelly Shellback giveaway 3 days ago

🐚E 🐚🔙

KeKo posted on Ice Cavern Dungeon (1 Star) creation 4 days ago

@[user=12533]Hmm didn't even think about the world bosses. Man, there's a lot of little things to think about hehe. Totally get the mob spawns too. I'll hopefully get it back up to review later on! (Might try to redo 1_3 to fit but we'll see. Pretty sure

Ylva posted on Ice Cavern Dungeon (1 Star) creation 4 days ago

Hello again! My oh my this dungeon evolved :) Loving the layout variety and room designs! I very much appreciate extra rooms, and in Snowhouse_Floor1_3 you have a very fun layout, but i wouldnt suggest to have rooms with height of only 3. Imagine a worl

Ylva posted on Dino Egg on Plant Dungeon (1 Star) creation 4 days ago

Hello again! Dino dungeon is looking great, thank you for adding variations :) All functional elements seem to be in place too, good job. Approved :)

Etaew posted on The same tiny t rex art 5 days ago

Wee good job on this updated image, the colours and shading make it pop out a lot more, and the eyes look great :)

LeadPoison posted on Shelly Shellback giveaway 5 days ago

Thanks for the giveaways! Great idea! This ally has nice magic find and it's really expensive to craft