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gamigo interview with MMO Bomb

Etaew January 17, 2019 0 1

MMO Bomb has published an exclusive interview with gamigo's COO, Jens Knauber and Vice President of Development Mervin Lee Kwai on the transfer and future of Trion's former games.

Hosted Trove Livestream – Aynatanya

Trove Blog January 16, 2019 1 1

Greetings, Trovians!

Friday Fasti Fighting Livestream – January 11

Trove Blog January 9, 2019 0 1

This week we’re streaming from our Twitch channel: Be sure to follow the channel for our regular livestreams going forward. Hang out with Fasti for a chillaxing Bomber Royale livestream as we broadcast straight to the Internet from our Austin office!

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Morgana wrote:

The server is back online!

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Morgana wrote:

The server is now offline for the update.

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Morgana wrote:

Hey all, We're bringing the PC version of Trove offline for an update in about 30 minutes, at 1:30 AM PST (9:30AM UTC). it should last approximately 1 hour. Find the patch notes here. If we...

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Good Luck All!

Wie kann man normal noch streamer dream in game bekommen ? Ich finde kein einzigen streamer mehr der das macht ...

Chupop posted on I Dream of Devs giveaway 19 hours ago


gl @ all :)




Got a good friend who hinted me in on this giveaway so ty wolf! Good luck everyone. 

The thing that I love about these is that it contains lots of good looking allies that really is worth getting..also Gluck everyone.

No idea how to comment on perfection, but the soft tones, the subtle emotion, and the overall character design is absolutely phenomenal!
My only criticism would be her arm thickness, since I'd assume you'd need a bit of muscle or weight to carry those heavy punching mech arms, otherwise, an amazing piece!
She's an absolute doll, and your work continues never ceases to impress! ♥

Eu ganhei 1, mas não apareceu não minha conta... Jogo no ps4,  será que vai aparecer quando chegar o update? 

K41T0 posted on I Dream of Devs giveaway 2 days ago

Good Luck

Lol that’s golden! xD


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