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June 29 (-4d)
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June 29 (-4d)
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Amaliena June 24, 2021
#trove-news in Trovesaurus Discord
Dear Trovians,

We're aware of current issues affecting all Trove live systems. We're working to correct them asap!

We thank you for your understanding and patience.
Most recent comments.

Pillowmint posted on Thanos mod 13 minutes ago


MT_LORD posted on Minimal Glowing Ore mod 8 hours ago

Need new update it all now .. switches its wierd  

eh2684 posted on Mastapiece art 8 hours ago


Valimere posted on soulbone Staff creation 1 day ago

@[user=12533]OK, So, I made the purple blocks glow. I made it  bigger, About, I think 3 blocks, and I am sure it goes with the effect. I also, at the front of the wand, added a bit of bone sticking out from the  "ribs". You'll see. I hope that m

Asled posted on Arrow boss radar mod 1 day ago

Nice idea but seems that boss radar overwhelm/override skull one. Most noticeable in 5* dungeons

EdenEther posted on Arrow boss radar mod 1 day ago


octarock posted on Arrow boss radar mod 1 day ago


0sita posted on Glamouring Geisha mod 2 days ago

the face could be better. no glocy parts in the face and better eyes.

Pillowmint posted on Better Mining Hat mod 2 days ago

so, it just gives the mining hats actual lights? cool!

Pillowmint posted on Fae NPC Rig but it's now Nukekubi Rig mod 2 days ago

I wanna see the left leg and right leg swap thing, sounds like it'll look horrible.

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