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Mobi February 25, 2021
#trove-news in Trovesaurus Discord
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Etaew posted on Tufty art 13 hours ago

Such a cutey :)

Etaew posted on Love Boat art 13 hours ago

Love the little characters, shouty, rowy and sleepy

eh2684 posted on Real Trove Experience Loading Screen mod 20 hours ago


Bl4ckJ4ck3r posted on Raving Reader giveaway 23 hours ago

nice :3 

ZaphodJoe posted on Superior Loot Collector - Advanced mod 1 day ago

I just realized today this also is unlocking Crystal 2 Gear. I thought it was supposed to only unlock Crystal 1?

9h XP Day
Daily Bonus

1d Double Star Bar
Weekly Bonus

2d Chaos Mega-Core
Chaos Chest

5d Luxion
Expected: Mar 5 (5 days)

Credit Pouch [History]
12h (PC) 524,999 +7%
30d avg: 489,706
Club Adventures PC
Defeat 3 Delve Bosses
/joinworld Team Pixel 3h


Raving Reader
Giveaway Ends 2 days from now

Art Contest

Love Boat
Art Contest Ends 2 weeks from now

Heckbugs in Love 2021
Art Contest Ended 4 days ago

Heckbugs in Love 2021
Event Ended 5 days ago

Amatrix, the Hexed
Art Contest Ended 4 weeks ago

Cute-Topped Carrot
Giveaway Ended 1 month ago

Renewus 2021
Event Ended 1 month ago

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Raving Reader
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