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Fasti wrote:

Quote Originally Posted by Taygai View Post
Any details about the packs and the costs that will be coming out with the release?
We'll be posting a blog on the new packs later this week and discussing them in our livestream on Friday.

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Fasti wrote:

Block off the calendar, Trove - Heroes launches on March 27, 2018!

We'll see you there!

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Fasti wrote:

Get your questions in for the dev team!

This week we'll be discussing the Resistors and Amperium plus their two respective Dragon Packs coming with Heroes.

We hope to see you there!

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Tomb Raiser is dead (pun intended) and I main him so :(
Good Luck to everyone *
good luck everybody   
Handsome.... and look that Cute stars and dragons~~~~<3
i hope i win and good luck to ya'll
What do streamers dream about, anyways? Do we want to know...? o_O
Am I the only one that thinks anything skeletal is *adorable*? <3 Good luck, other undead-wanna-bes! :D
这很尴尬。 我无法读懂你的话。 但来自印度尼西亚 顺便说一句,我使用谷歌翻译
Pick me, you won't! No balls!
Praise RNGeezus!
我踏马社保太太究极棒呆呆! 顺便 你是中国人?!
Get some class. At what age do you remove the word poop from your name? 8? 9?  Very disappointed to log on and read yet again another thing to do with poop on this site. Why not pee or menstruated blood?  Its no different... Boogers? ...
There is no love for the Boomeranger
So looking forward to this... This class seems like the perfect fit. Just hope they dont forget the old classes like Chloro who kinda but useless atm. This dude kinda puts all the classes to shame. Exciting times :D...
Good Luck Guys!!!
● Ежедневные призы за вход ● 13/03/2018 Lapis Luckbug (x3)14/03/2018 Gem Booster Box (x1)15/03/2018 Chaos Chest (x7)16/03/2018 Dragon Coin (x5)17/03/2018 Bound Brilliance (x3)18/03/2018 Gem Booster Box (x3)19/03/2018 Empowered Gem Box (x1)20/03/2018 Gem Booster Box (x1)21/03/2018 Lapis Luckbug (x3)22/03/2018 Diamond Dragonite (x5)23/03/2018 Bound Brilliance (x3)24/03/2018 Ninth Life (x1)25/03/2018 Chaos Chest (x7)26/03/2018 Dragon Coin (x5)...
I Hope I Win :)


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