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Fly high – Until January 25, 2022!

Trove Blog January 18, 2022 1 2

Get yourself some beautiful wings and fly high – in the world of Trove!

We bet that you…

Trove Blog January 17, 2022 2 1

Amaliena dropped her pouch filled with credits while taking a little tour through the Hub of Trove!

She therefore decided to offer her pouch filled with credits to the one that guesses the amount of credits it contained – win by being the closest guess.

We bet that you will not guess the exact amount of credits!

Post your entries until Sunday, January 23, 2022 at 10:59 p.m. UTC in this thread.
The player closest to the amount of credits that Amaliena lost in the Hub will receive the amount as a gift! In case of ties between several players, the amount of credits will be distributed among all the winners!

Conditions of participation:

Everything you need to improve your gems – until January 18, 2022!

Trove Blog January 11, 2022 0 0

Make your gems shine brightly!

Are you tired of not being able to take down certain monsters? Or do you just want to improve the performance of your characters?
We have the solution for you!

Take advantage of our special promotion to stock up on items to upgrade your gems to the max!

Our promo starts on January 11, 2021 at 11:00 am UTC and ends on January 18, 2021 at 11:00 am UTC.

Oozing Oscar - Art Challenge

Etaew January 10, 2022 0 1

For the next two weeks [TFMHisztike] is challenging our artist community to draw the [Oozing Oscar] ally for a chance to win one.

Trovesaurus – Creations Challenge – Bunfest Dungeon Eggshells

Trove Blog January 10, 2022 0 0

Dear Trovians,

You are creative and want to create Dungeon Eggshells for this year’s Bunfest?

Go to the Trovesaurus website to read the terms of participation of the Creations Challenge – Bunfest Dungeon Eggshells >>> HERE <<<.

Don’t forget to read the rules so that your creations can – if they are selected – become reality in Trove and all players will see what you have created!

You can submit your creations until January 28, 2022 and get the chance to earn great rewards if your creation is selected!

Have fun!

Best wishes,
Your Trove Team!

Small trip to the desert of Trove!

Trove Blog January 10, 2022 0 0

To start the new year adventurous, we suggest you go on a trip to the Trove desert – but take a good look at the photo below to find out who has come to join us!

Trovesaurus 7 - Art Challenge Results

Etaew January 8, 2022 0 0

Thank you to our artists for taking part in our celebration of 7 years of Trovesaurus, we have looked over your art and had to determine some order to give the rewards in, here they are!

Snowfest 2021 - Art Challenge Results

Etaew January 5, 2022 0 0

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Snowfest 2021 art challenge, we have the results ready for you and the extra Snowfest Snugglies packs are in the Rewards section.

Renewus Sale – Until January 18, 2022!

Trove Blog January 4, 2022 0 0

A new year begins in Trove with our Renewus 2022 event!
Are you ready for a new year filled with new adventures? Let everyone know!

Take advantage of our Renewus Sale from January 4, 2022 at 11:00 AM UTC until January 18, 2022 at 11:00 AM UTC in our in-game store on all platforms!

Hit the Renewus Orb!

Trove Blog January 4, 2022 0 0

A new year has just started and the fun has only just begun in Trove!

Take part at the Renewus 2022 event, hit the Renewus Orbs falling from the sky in the Hub and take a screenshot of your character in action!

Post this screenshot in response to this thread until January 18, 2022 at 11:00 AM UTC! Each valid entry will receive 1x Dev Dream and 3 players from all valid entries will be drawn and win this year’s new event pack: Renewus Reunion (or 3000 Credits for those who already own the pack)!

Conditions of participation: