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The next challenge for artists is to create fan art for the Magical Mudskipper ally for Srayer. People taking part in this contest will have a chance to unlock the dev ally.

It turns out that James (Kytsu) does not have a developer ally, we hear often from him on livestreams how much he likes spaghetti. So this week are issuing modders with a challenge to create a spaghetti ally for him.

Holidays are over and Gamescom is long behind us.... was there something we forgot to do? Oh yes! So we met up with Robin (Twixler) and James (Kytsu) outside of the Business area because we didn't have Brasse this year to sneak us in. Good thing we both brought cookies!

Yabaki, the Cast Shadow is an incredibly rare mount with only a small handful unlocked in the world. Well, now we’re giving a few Trovians the chance to unlock their own before it disappears back into the shadows!

This week we’ll have a great dev livestream. We’ll show off incredible player-created art, answer your questions from our forums & live chat, visit some awesome Club Worlds, plus our famous giveaways!

All this week you’ll save 50% on Chaos Chests and Summer Pinatas!

Luxion is back again this weekend from September 15 through September 17!

We’re back in action after taking a few weeks away from livestreaming. We’ll talk a bit about our adventures at Gamescom and PAX West, show off incredible player-created art, answer your questions from our forums & live chat, plus our famous giveaways!

Thanks for taking part in Stachefest this year, I appreciate the effort you guys have put in. Here are the results.

Phantasie has challenged the Trove artists to draw the QA Cat ally for a chance at unlocking one. QA Cat comes with it's own backstory.

Art Contest

Neon City
Ends 7 days from now

Magical Mudskipper
Ends 2 weeks from now

Mod Contests

Spaghetti Ally
Ends 7 days from now

Art Contest

Jurassic Jungle
Starts 7 days from now

Starts 7 days from now

Dragonfire Peaks
Starts 1 month from now

Plushie Designs
Starts 1 month from now

Loading Screen Fan Art
Starts 2 months from now

Starts 3 months from now


Remembrance of Reng
Starts 9 hours from now

QA Cat
Ended 11 hours ago

Grandmaster Gardener
Ended 3 days ago

Trotting Otter
Ended 1 week ago

Ended 2 weeks ago