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Home of a Trovian Hero - Cornerstone Contest Winners

Evilagician June 18, 2018 0 0

We are very happy to announce the winners for the Home of a Trovian Hero - Cornerstone Contest.  Thank you all for your participation. Highlights were picked by [user=Swiftnightshadow] and [user=Evilagician].

Home of a Trovian Hero - Cornerstone Contest

Evilagician May 30, 2018 2 17

We are very happy to announce a building contest this time, one reason being the release of Trove - Heroes. But furthermore, because every one of us is a Trovian Hero or plans to be that hero who will be remembered in Trovian History. So lets build the Cornerstone worthy of your hero!

Cursed Vale (Mod Results)

Evilagician April 15, 2018 0 1

Thanks for taking part in last months mod contest featuring the Cursed Vale biome. This page was scheduled to be released sooner, we apologize for the delay.

Community Designed Hub Contest

Evilagician March 22, 2018 0 16

Our hub, the central area of any Trove world has provided us with pinata parties and more. Following our Golden Sands Contest last year, we're now targeting the hub.

Evilfest (Community Draws) Winners

Evilagician January 30, 2018 0 0

Thanks everyone for the participation in evilfest drawings. Picking the highlights was very hard because you like draw way better than [user=Evilagician].

Spires Modding Contest Highlights

Evilagician December 17, 2017 0 4

Below are the highlights is the Forbidden Spires modding contest.

PandaFest - Giveaways - Contests

Evilagician November 14, 2017 20 139

To celebrate the release of Trove Adventures, Evilagician's upcoming birthday (24th), and the release of the collaborative and awesome pandas, we're hosting daily giveaways, one big mega panda power pack giveaway, and a panda art contest.