About Trovesaurus

Trovesaurus aims to help provide a central hub of information, tools and community for Trove players, modders and artists. It is run by Etaew.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who created this site, and where do you get your information from?

Etaew created a custom parser to read the .binfab files directly from the Trove client, he owns and codes the entire site.

Can we use your database?

No, not at this time.

What site platform do you use?

Aside from some external functionality (text editor, graphs, base styles, Twitter) everything is custom made, we do not use Wordpress etc.

We don't like you!

I'm sorry to hear that, and I don't expect everyone to like me. I am primarily a developer not a community manager and most of my energy goes into writing new functionality for the site and I can sometimes come across as unsociable, harsh and blunt.

I block your ads!

I completely understand that, adverts are a terrible user experience but are necessary to justify spending my free time working on this project. If you do block us, it'd be great if you consider Trovesaurus Gold, which hides adverts for you and supports site development.


Trovesaurus was originally created as a recipe database in September 2014 as Trove DB, it wasn't until December 2014 that Market put forward the name of Trovesaurus.

  • March 2014: News, Patches and Dev Tracker appears
  • October 2014: First appearance of Styles, Recipes and Items database, as well as Livestreams tool
  • December 2014 (1,000 users): Trovesaurus name chosen (thanks Market), Guides and Trove Creations support added.
  • January 2015 (5,000 users): Clubs and cornerstones database appears
  • February 2015 (10,000 users): Mods database added (thanks Dusty)
  • March 2015 (16,000 users): We host our first giveaway and appear on Facebook
  • July 2015 (200,000 users):  Trove launches on Steam
  • April 2015: We publish our first developer interview and appear on Twitter
  • July 2015: We add a Server Status tool
  • November 2015: We open the Trovesaurus club
  • December 2015: The Sageosaurus appears thanks to TeeKayM, we also launch our Discord server
  • January 2016: We launch the Gallery section
  • July 2016: We lost 10 months of the database at this point, Sadraptor becomes a thing.
  • April 2016: We start the Class Art project
  • August 2016: We added Trovesaurus Gold as a way for people to support us
  • October 2016: Trovesaurus Rewards system added

You can see what we used to look like, and some of our changes through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.


The following people have helped out with the site, and while most of them aren't around anymore I couldn't have done it without you guys.

  • Dusty_Mustard with the mods database, creating the original logo and helping to organise our club in-game
  • TeeKayMwith item details and creating the Sageosaurus
  • Uniquisher with the clubs database
  • cantafrond with news
  • Jeanolos with the Trove Toolbox mod loader
  • Qoaleth with news
  • Digiwolf with site tasks, club and Discord organisation
  • SkyRider3217 for creating the new series of Sageosaurus icons
  • Evilagician for building the new club spawn and our promotions builder
  • Bananaboms for creating the Sageosaurus Discord Bot
  • The mods and officers of the club and Discord for helping me out


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About Trovesaurus

Trovesaurus aims to help provide a central hub of information, tools and community for Trove players, modders and artists. It is run by Etaew.


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