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Trovesaurus Promotions

Check out the current free codes we have for Trove, as well as the giveaways we run.

Active Giveaways

Thanks to pendk (PC) we are giving away 21x Hiveoponic Horticulturist costumes for the Chloromancer.

Thanks to Ainogommon (PC) we are giving away 1x  Wyntegra, Galenor's Pride this week.

Upcoming Giveaways

Latest Contest News

Thanks for taking part in our 3rd Anniversary Art contest here are the results as judged by SkyTheVirus (PC) and SkyRider3217 (PC) .

Below are the highlights is the Forbidden Spires modding contest.

Thanks for taking part in our celebration for Aynat (PC) , here are the results of the contest.

Thanks to Acculluz (PC) we are hosting an art contest featuring Blocktron, the Guardian Beyond the Sky. Enter for a chance to win him or Reward Tokens.

Hexflame Harrier Adventures Promotion Claim

thanks Aviarei (PC)

Salt Sower Eclipse Promotion Claim

thanks pendk (PC)

Sageosaurus 3442 remaining Claim

thanks TeeKayM (PC)

Starter Class Coin PC Only / Under Mastery 20 Claim

thanks Delicious (PC)


Wyntegra Giveaway
Ends 6 hours from now


Beemancer Art Contest
Ends 1 day from now

Blocktron Art Contest
Ends 2 weeks from now

Ice Sage (Art Challenge)
Ends 2 weeks from now



Wyntegra Giveaway
Starts 6 hours from now

Expired Explorer Giveaway
Starts 3 days from now

Wildflower Warlock Giveaway
Starts 1 week from now

Land Scaper 8000-T Giveaway
Starts 2 weeks from now

Bubble Blaster Giveaway
Starts 3 weeks from now

ATMOS C-TAC Armor Giveaway
Starts 1 month from now


Permafrost (Art Challenge)
Starts 1 month from now

Cursed Vale (Art Challenge)
Starts 2 months from now

pokemon008 (Art Contest)
Starts 3 months from now

Desert Frontier (Art Challenge)
Starts 3 months from now

Fae Forest (Art Challenge)
Starts 4 months from now

Candoria (Art Challenge)
Starts 5 months from now

Neon City (Art Challenge)
Starts 6 months from now

Jurassic Jungle (Art Challenge)
Starts 7 months from now

Dragonfire Peaks (Art Challenge)
Starts 8 months from now


Starts 2 weeks from now

Community Draws Rosain
Starts 4 weeks from now

Starts 2 months from now

Pasteis Week
Starts 5 months from now

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Trovesaurus aims to help provide a central hub of information, tools and community for Trove players, modders and artists. It is run by Etaew (PC) .


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