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Trovesaurus Promotions

Trovesaurus hosts regular contests, the aim is for a Content Contest, Art Contest, Build Contest and Giveaway each once a month.

Active Giveaways

Maelstrom Monitor Giveaway

Thanks to [user=Ainogommon] this week we are giving away 20x [collection=Maelstrom Monitor] mounts.

Signups: 522View Giveaway

Streamer Dream Giveaway (October)

Welcome to our [item=the streamer dream] giveaway for October.

Signups: 2743View Giveaway

Latest Contest News

Radiant Skyshark Art Challenge

Etaew (PC) October 17, 2017 711 views

Thanks to Ainogommon (PC) we are hosting an art challenge to win Radiant Skyshark codes.

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Taliday Results

Etaew (PC) October 17, 2017 272 views

Thanks for taking part in our birthday celebration for Talita (PC) . Here are the results.

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Doctober Results

Etaew (PC) October 17, 2017 289 views

Thanks for taking part in our Doctober art contest to highlight Extra Life. Our guest judges this contest are MagicMate (PC) and SkyTheVirus (PC) .

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Crisopeia Art Challenge

Etaew (PC) October 14, 2017 1,608 views

Thanks to Curtharv (PC) we are hosting an art contest to win the Crisopeia, The Crucible of Souls dragon. To enter submit fan art featuring the dragon.

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Hexflame Harrier Adventures Promotion Claim

Thanks to Aviarei (PC)

Salt Sower Eclipse Promotion Claim

Thanks to pendk (PC)

Sageosaurus 8847 remaining Claim

Thanks to TeeKayM (PC)

Starter Class Coin PC Only / Under Mastery 20 Claim

Thanks to FiannaTiger (PC)



Maelstrom Monitor Giveaway
Ends 6 days from now


Crisopeia Art Challenge
Ends 1 week from now



Corrosion Cloak Giveaway
Starts 6 days from now

Arcanium Admiral Giveaway
Starts 2 weeks from now


Spookyfest Art Challenge
Starts 4 days from now


Community Draws Atronos
Starts 2 weeks from now

Starts 4 weeks from now

Starts 1 month from now

Trovesaurus 3rd Anniversary
Starts 1 month from now

Starts 4 months from now

Pasteis Week
Starts 6 months from now