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Trovesaurus Promotions

Trovesaurus hosts regular contests, the aim is for a Content Contest, Art Contest, Build Contest and Giveaway each once a month.

Active Giveaways

Partisan Pinatrician Giveaway

Thanks to [user=gaugekelley1] we are giving away 20x [collection=Partisan Pinatrician] costumes for the Dracolyte.

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Streamer Dream Giveaway June

Thanks to [user=Circuitree], [user=SkyTheVirus] and [user=Dnsj] for additional codes. 

Signups: 1995View Giveaway

Latest Contest News

Positivity Fortnight

Etaew (PC) June 16, 2017 1,755 views

For the next 2 weeks we celebrate the things that we like about Trove. Let us know in the comments things that you enjoy doing, or features that you like about the game.

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Trovesaurus Community Tasks - June (Results)

Etaew (PC) June 16, 2017 253 views

Thanks for your input to my request for tasks this month. I've gone through and replied to the ones that stood out, and here is a summary as well as the resulting task list and rewards.

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Trovesaurus Community Tasks - June

Etaew (PC) June 7, 2017 812 views

As I near the end of my personal task list for the site, I would like to hear from you guys. What would you like me to work on?

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Community Draws SkyTheVirus - Results

Etaew (PC) June 6, 2017 324 views

Thanks for taking part in our Community Draws SkyTheVirus contest, we have the results ready for you.

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Loading Screen Contest
Ends 3 days from now


Positivity Fortnight
Ends 2 days from now


Stone Shaper Giveaway
Starts 2 days from now

Shadowscorn Sabotaur Giveaway
Starts 7 days from now

Modish Marksman Giveaway
Starts 2 weeks from now

Trovian Tumbler Giveaway
Starts 3 weeks from now

Salt Sower Giveaway
Starts 4 weeks from now


Tutorial Comic Contest
Starts 3 days from now

Megalithic Art Contest
Starts 3 days from now


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Tali Day
Starts 4 months from now