Trovesaurus Promotions

Check out the current free codes we have for Trove, as well as the giveaways we run.

Free Codes

Claim free mount codes distributed via the Trove Team and Trovesaurus.

The following codes require a Glyph account.

Salt Sower
Mounts 50



Hexflame Harrier
Mounts 50



Sanctuary Shuttle
Mag Riders 50



Allies 10






The following codes require a Trovesaurus AND Glyph account.

Trovesaurus Year 1

Mounts 50

Trovesaurus Year 4

Mounts 50

Tombstone Tempest

Trovesaurus Year 5

Papa Sage
Allies 10

Trovesaurus Year 6

Squishy Sage
Allies 10

Sage's Tophat
Hat 1

Sage's Stylin' Helmet
Hat 10

Trovesaurus Year 7

Saurian Tamer

Saurian Tamer's Pistol
Pistol Weapon

Sage's Stylin' Helmet
Hat 10

Crossover Promotions

Unlock Trove content in other gamigo games.

Defiance Crossover Rewards (Skulking Skitterling)

RIFT Crossover Rewards (Chloromancer Unlock)

Refer a Friend PC ONLY

Get Starter Class Coin by using Refer a Friend code before Mastery Rank 20.

Discord Giveaways

We try to host daily giveaways on the #giveaways channel of the Trovesaurus Discord

It is typically a The Dev Dream which unlocks a random Developer Ally that you don't already have unlocked.

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liked this! Trove love
liked this! Hi
liked this! love this page and hope there will be new codes
liked this! Love Love Love
liked this! omggggggg
liked this! AMAZING!
liked this! love this
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liked this! I love this, is amazing!
liked this! :)
liked this! im a single mom my husband died can you smash my rat?
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liked this! stonks
liked this! Best Free promos
liked this! SSIIIUUU
liked this! hola
alguien sab cuando ponn otra recompensa por ejemplo lod chaos chest dorados los van a cambiar u renovar
liked this! graciassss
Damn the tombstone is out of stock :(
liked this! Trovesaurus was a good web!!!!!
liked this! This is awesome!
liked this! Supimpa
Wish i could've got tombstone or sauruan tamer :(


Atento!, salieron más códigos de domador saurano
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Franchement je suis un peut déçu que Spaceosau est plein mais sinon je suis heureux quar j'avais que le dragon d'hiver est le chevale

 mais c'est bon donc merci trove d'avoir programmé se site 👍👍👍👍👍👍😁😁 😁👏👏👏

Nice <3 add more stuff for ps4

liked this!

Wann kommt spaceosaurus wieder?

Anyone have trovian shadow hunter costume 

liked this!

Now i got Tombstone <3 Thank you very much!

but now i need Carnaval coaster xD

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Thomstone pilladlo antes de q se acabe que esta wapo el disfraz


its not funny


why is not funny is just a dead meme

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rip carnaval coaster..

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Yeah i need it too

liked this!

i missed Tombstone :(


Your chance is here :)

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I can't redeem a Chonkxion and ally promo :(, bc i have the mount :/.

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liked this!

Imagine a chaos chest code

Says its available, but when clicked say so no more wtf


Which one? :)

JSP quoi mettre


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liked this!

uwu <3

liked this!


liked this!


I looveeeeeee Trooooove


When will tombstone be back out?


Id like to know this aswell


Now it's the time