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Content Contest

Lore Week

Etaew February 11, 2019 127 29

Like the last week where we focused on improving the experience for mobile users, this week I am looking to improve the experience for people finding lore. Trove has a deep lore that is represented in the designs of the biomes and items within it, although it's not always easy for people to understand.

Wanted Images Promotion - Dungeons and Stuff

Etaew July 25, 2018 7 16

For the next 2 weeks we are hosting a Wanted Images promotion, this is where we encourage users to submit screenshots of images that we need on the site. From collections, to items, to deco and styles, and now featuring dungeons!

Wanted Images Promotion - Results

Etaew May 16, 2018 2 7

Thanks for taking part in our Wanted Images promotion, we had a large number of images submitted helping out our community.

Wanted Images Promotion

Etaew May 4, 2018 0 13

This type of promotion we run to encourage people to submit screenshots from the game into our database, these help fill out collections, deco and styles and benefit the site users when they are looking up information.

Guide Creation Contest - Results

Etaew January 28, 2018 0 0

Thanks for taking part in our Guide Creation Contest, I have reviewed the guides and we are ready to show the rewards.

Guide Creation Contest

Etaew January 5, 2018 5 12

It's been a while since our last guide contest promotion, write a Trove guide over the next two weeks for a chance at Trove goodies.

Country Communities

Etaew July 29, 2017 135 32

To help support our regional communities we have created a Country Communities section, where you can set your association with a country and find other users, artists, modders and streamers from your area. News and guides can also be listed in your own language if you follow the instructions.

Wanted Images Promo - Results

Etaew July 19, 2017 2 6

Thanks for taking part in our Wanted Images Promo, here are the results.

Wanted Images Promo

Etaew July 11, 2017 5 17

For the next week we are running a promotion to add in-game images to our site gallery, check out the Wanted Images page and add your image of a collection, item or style for a chance at Trove goodies. The more images you add, the higher your chances.

Tip Contest

Etaew March 24, 2017 106 36

To celebrate opening our new Tips section, for the next 2 weeks submit a tip for a chance to win some Trove goodies.

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