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Artist Spotlight - MrWhoever

Etaew August 19, 2019 0 6

This time on Artist Spotlight we chat with MrWhoever has been an Artist on Trovesaurus for several years, producing a large number of high quality pieces.

Artist Spotlight Ainogommon

Etaew July 29, 2019 0 6

This time on our Artist Community Spotlight we find out about one of our earlier artists Ainogommon, who has been nominated by Bluesoda.

Artist Spotlight Bluesoda

Etaew July 10, 2019 0 3

Bluesoda has been a Trove community artist for about a year and we are happy to get to know them in this Community Spotlight

Artist Interview MochaMint

Etaew June 3, 2019 1 5

We love seeing what our Trove Artists create and we want to start to regularly include them in our new series to highlight our community members. This session we chat with MochaMint who is a long time and regular contributor.


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