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Art Challenge - Plunder Pals

Etaew 18 hours ago 0 6

For this challenge we'd like you to draw something that focuses on the Plunder Pals event that is ongoing.

Armored Abyss Assailant Highlights

Etaew 2 days ago 0 1

Thanks for taking part in our challenge to draw the Armored Abyss Assailant mount from TFMHisztike, we have the highlights ready for you.

Sunfest Art Highlights

Etaew September 4, 2019 0 1

Thanks for taking part in our Sunfest challenge, we asked community artists CDM135 and SkyTheVirus to highlight some entries for you.

Art Challenge - Armored Abyss Assailant

Etaew September 1, 2019 1 72

TFMHisztike has issued our community artists with a challenge: draw the Armored Abyss Assailant mount for a chance to receive one, and Reward Tokens.

Sunfest Art Challenge

Etaew August 7, 2019 4 22

We'd like to continue providing you with art challenges, and this time Meowser has suggested that we cover Sunfest. The Sunfest event that just concluded featured invasions in the hub destroying the Sun Goddess statue and players declaring their loyalty one of three houses.

Going Green Art Challenge Results

Etaew August 5, 2019 0 1

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Going Green Art Challenge, Meowser has been asked to pick some highights for this challenge from various skill levels and we'll display them below.

Art Challenge - Going Green

Etaew July 2, 2019 14 31

With the Going Green update arriving on consoles we'd like to invite our Artist community to focus their creative efforts on portraying elements of the update. Create some Trove fan art relating to the Going Green update for a chance to be highlighted and access our Rewards section.

Combined Classes Results

Etaew June 18, 2019 1 1

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Combined Classes challenge. We have some highlights ready from MrWhoever who inspired this challenge.

Draw a Dungeon Results

Etaew May 28, 2019 0 1

Thanks for being patient, we have the results ready for the Draw a Dungeon contest thanks to our guest judges Ainogommon, KawaiiCaretaker and MomoCow01.

Gardening (Spring) Art Contest Results

Etaew April 22, 2019 0 2

Thanks for participating in the Gardening (Spring) Art Contest that Evilagician hosted. There were a large number of entries and several new faces we are happy to welcome to our community.


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Art Contest

Plunder Pals
Art Contest Ends 2 weeks from now


Plunder Pals
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Art Contest

Seasons of Salt
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Armored Abyss Assailant
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