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Community Spotlight

Streamer Spotlight - Aynatanya

Etaew June 17, 2019 0 2

Continuing our Community Spotlight of various communities within Trove this time we speak to the Twitch Streamer Aynat.

Club Leader Spotlight - Laezaria

Etaew June 12, 2019 1 8

Club leaders and officers are the heart of our social activities on Trove, this Spotlight series aims to help find out about some of our top leaders and get some insider tips on how they manage their respective communities. This time we are talking to Arion4K, SummerHaas  and Hierophant the leaders of Laezaria.

Artist Interview MochaMint

Etaew June 3, 2019 1 4

We love seeing what our Trove Artists create and we want to start to regularly include them in our new series to highlight our community members. This session we chat with MochaMint who is a long time and regular contributor.

Builder Interview Leodamus

Etaew May 3, 2019 1 4

Continuing our look at the Trove community we speak to Builder Leodamus as nominated by our very own Swiftnightshadow.

Modder Interview - MagicMate

Etaew April 26, 2019 0 4

We love our community, so we want to bring back some of our focus to the members which are most special to us. In this spotlight we speak to community modder MagicMate who is one of the friendliest and helpful members of our community, if you are active in the Trovesaurus Discord you will have likely seen him encouraging the new modders.

Modders Interview (SkyRider3217)

Digiwolf February 21, 2017 2 8

In this spotlight we chat with Trove Modder - SkyRider3217 about her approach to modding.

Modders Interview (Blackie Maiden / KawaiiCaretaker)

Digiwolf February 4, 2017 2 10

In this spotlight we chat with Trove Modder - Blackie Maiden / KawaiiCaretaker about her approach to modding.

Modders Interview (pendk)

Digiwolf January 31, 2017 2 4

In this spotlight we chat with Trove Modder - Pendk about his approach to modding.

Screamheart - Mod Author Spotlight

Etaew July 11, 2015 0 0

In this spotlight we chat with Trove Modder - Screamheart about his approach to modding.

Milambit - Mod Author Spotlight

Dusty_Mustard June 18, 2015 0 0

As we continue our look at mod authors we chat with Milambit a well known modder.

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