Trovesaurus Gold

Get Trovesaurus Gold to turn off adverts when you visit the site, and other bonus features.

Main FeaturesTop ^

For the duration of Trovesaurus Gold

Remove Adverts

When you are logged in to the site, you won't see any adverts.

Custom Avatar, Title, Banner and Gold Colour

Use any image as your avatar and profile banner as well as set a custom title for yourself. Stand out with a unique gold colour.

Featured Streamer

We'll show a banner featuring your nominated streamer at the top of every page when they are online.


Get Gold


Trovesaurus Gold is available as a reward option for contests, please see the relevant section if you receive a Reward Token.

Trovesaurus Gold Plans

After buying Trovesaurus Gold, PayPal will notify the site of the payment. If your email address is the same as the one on PayPal the crediting is automatic. Otherwise when you return to the site after the transaction and you were logged in, it should update credit. If there are any problems with crediting please contact us.

You need to be logged into Trovesaurus to pay for Gold, otherwise we can't grant it to the right account. Login

If you have any queries or problems, please message Etaew.


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