• Red warning text noting that no items will be refunded has been added to the "Are you sure you wish to reset?" prompt for the Gearcrafter's Terminus & the Rune Anvil.
  • It is now less likely to receive Encrusted Runic Trunks when utilizing "Ore Runes" with the "Discovery" Rune Anvil node unlocked.
    • The trigger chance & amount of Trunks received is now tied to the quality of the ore being mined (Lichenstone = least, Deepstone = most).
  • Fixed an issue where Golden Pyric Dragon Egg was untradable.
  • Fixed a bug where Gathering Day bonus would not apply to Lichenstone, Chunks of Runic Ore, & Deepstone.
  • Fixed some issues where in-game text showed English when having another language selected.
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There's no way to get a lot of Depths Core。Encrusted Runic Trunk, which cannot be obtained in large quantities through mining, is even more difficult to obtain the core。Well, a Mystic Gear needs 6,500 calories to fill up, which means that's an astronomical number。