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Punches & Potions - Mysticism

With the Punches & Potions patch now available on the Public Test Server (PTS) we are continuing our series previewing some of the content.

This article focuses on Mysticism and the Potions and Buffs that are involved with it. While our last article focused on the Effect Viewer.

Please note that content on the PTS server is subject to change during the test cycle and before release.

Read the full patch notes at: https://trovesaurus.com/page=5462

Thanks to Asled for information on the Biome rotations from https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gIRs0Iy8b864gvxDxQPYjRns-qbnGzZV7dPLqgyyj-w/

Patch NotesTop ^

  • Mysticism is a new tradeskill which allows players to craft limited duration effects by collecting Wild Trovian Mana and combining it with magical reagents.
  • Long duration Buffs, medium duration Potions, and short duration Scrolls are the tools of those who dabble in the Mystic Arts.
  • Wild Trovian Mana can be collected in Adventure Worlds from 3 biomes each week – slowly rotating through all of the available biomes.  Although the mana pool is initially limited to 1,000, it can eventually be raised to 100,000 through consuming Mana Maximizers.
  • Mysenta Cull, Mystic Merchant is hiding from Qubesly’s judicious gaze in the Fishing Grotto below Crafter’s Corner.  (If asked directly about this, she claims “the vibes are just better” in this location.)  Players can use The Orb of Mysticism workbench at her location to craft powerful Buffs using their Wild Trovian Mana pool.
    • Buffs will stay active through world changes and logouts and will last the remainder of the current day.  (Buffs applied through the last hour of a day will last until the next day ends.)
    • Buffs convert mana and reagents in to powerful utility effects like “Icebound,” which allows even non-Ice Sages the ability to walk confidently on ice without slipping!
    • Trovians can only ever have a single Buff active at a time, and applying a new one will remove the previous one.
  • Every Buff has a corresponding Potion as well – Potions are more expensive than Buffs, but also more convenient.
    • Potions only last a few hours, but they will not lose any duration while the player is offline.
    • Potions can be conveniently consumed from the inventory.
    • Potions are crafted at the Alchemystic’s Lab workbench, but all their recipes must be learnt first.
    • To learn a Potion recipe, a player must be chewing on Alchemystic’s Insight in the Auto-Use slot and have the corresponding Buff to the desired Potion.
    • Trovians can only ever have a single Potion active at a time, and applying a new one will remove the previous one.
  • Any time a Potion is purchased from the Marketplace, 1 from the stack will always be immediately consumed!  This has two benefits – you immediately know the quality of the potion from the bouquet, but also it allows Potionmakers to sell single stacks of Potions without risking others “flipping” their wares.  If you are in immediate need of a potion, simply open up the Marketplace and buy one for immediate consumption!
  • Scrolls are rare, lost magical knowledge that modern day Mystics can sometimes recover.
    • Scrolls are powerful but volatile, lasting only a short while, with effects that do not follow through world changes. 
    • Trovians can have many, many scrolls active at a time.
  • Most Giantlands Buff Scrolls do not interact with the Mysticism system.  The one exception is Freedom of Flight.
    • Only the Gold version of this scroll is still available for purchase.  Any still existing versions should still mostly function as they did before, and can be deconstructed (including the Obsidian scroll).
    • The Gold and Obsidian versions of this scroll will not stack with any Mysticism Buffs, and will remove them as if Buffs themselves.
    • Similarly, as if buffs themselves, with either of these effects active and with Alchemystic’s Insight equipped, players will be able to unlock a potion recipe for Freedom of Flight at the Alchemystic’s Lab.
  • Crafting a Mysticism recipe will occasionally trigger an additional reward, similar to how crafting titles occasionally grants an additional title.
  • A Mystic’s Reagent Stash has been added to the store, allowing players to acquire reagents necessary for their Mystic Arts, including both Mana Maximizers and Crystallized Trovian Mana.  Crystallized Trovian Mana can be converted in to Wild Trovian Mana 1,000 at a time at no cost, allowing players to stockpile Mana to fund their future crafting.  This does count as a Mysticism craft.

Crafted using Wild Trovian Mana at The Orb of Mysticism, an effect placed on the player with a duration.

- Lasts until DAILY RESET (or tomorrows DAILY RESET if crafted in the last hour of a day)
- Loses duration while player is offline???
- Applied immediately when crafted
- Crafted at The Orb of Mysticism but requires profession skill
- Only one buff can be active at one time


Crafted using Wild Trovian Mana at the Alchemystic's Lab, an effect placed on the player with a duration.

- Lasts a few hours
- Does not lose duration while the player is offline
- Consumed on demand from the inventory
- Crafted at the Alchemystic's Lab but requires the recipe to be unlocked
- Only one potion can be active at one time


The Orb of Mysticism

75 Mastery per crafting level for a total of 300.

Party Magician

  • BUFF: Fae Forest Manahunter -
  • BUFF: Desert Manahunter
  • BUFF: Cursed Vale Manahunter
  • BUFF: Jump++- Increases Jump by 10 and 5%
  • BUFF: Icebound - Prevents SLIPPING when on ICE

Prestidigitator (50)

  • BUFF: Vampires Grace - Grants a short duration SLOWFALL when JUMPING in ADVENTURE WORLDS, DELVES, and the HUB
  • BUFF: Flask Capacity - Increases Maximum Flasks by 3
  • BUFF: Regeneration - Increases HEALTH REGENERATION by 5,000 and 5%

Hedge Wizard (100)

  • BUFF: Chocolate Affinity - Blocks SLOW and increases HEALTH REGENERATION when in CHOCOLATE
  • BUFF: Aura-Vision - Periodically reveals nearby NPCs through walls

Manaweaver (150)

  • BUFF: Strength of Beasts - Increases Physical Damage by 1.0%
  • BUFF: Keen Mind - Increases Magic Damage by 1.0%

Master of the Mystic Arts (200)

  • BUFF: Firewalker - Transforms lava beneath your feet into walkable ground
  • BUFF: Waterwalker - Transforms water beneath your feet into walkable ground
  • BUFF: Stability++ - Increases Stability by 500 and 5%

Alchemystic's Lab

Craft the Alchemystic's Insight here and equip while using BUFFS to learn the POTION recipe.

Reagents & Valuables

  • MEGA Mana Maximizer (increases maximum Wild Trovian Mana by 1000)
    • (uses 10x Mana Maximizer)
  • Wild Trovian Mana
    • (uses Crystallised Mana Fragment - occasional by-product when crafting BUFFS or POTIONS)
  • Alchemystic's Insight (Allows learning of POTION recipes for active Buffs at the Alchemystic's Lab)
    • (uses Mushroom Chunk and Sticky Ichor)

Potions (46 Mastery)

  • POTION: Candorian Manahunter
  • POTION: Jungle Manahunter
  • POTION: Peaks Manahunter
  • POTION: Fae Forest Manahunter
  • POTION: Desert Manahunter
  • POTION: Highlands Manahunter
  • POTION: Neon Manahunter
  • POTION: Spires Manahunter
  • POTION: Permafrost Manahunter
  • POTION: Cursed Vale Manahunter
  • POTION: Sundered Manahunter
  • POTION: Jump++
  • POTION: Icebound
  • POTION: Vampire's Grace
  • POTION: Regeneration
  • POTION: Chocolate Affinity
  • POTION: Aura-Vision
  • POTION: Strength of Beasts
  • POTION: Keen Mind
  • POTION: Firewalker
  • POTION: Waterwalker
  • POTION: Stability
  • POTION: Freedom of Flight (Scroll: BUFF: Freedom of Flight can be found in Sundered Uplands next to spawn)


Requires Mysticism level 150+

  • Mini Water Manabeast (Crystallized Aquatic Mana x5000, Water Gem Dust x3000)
  • Mini Cosmic Manabeast (Crystallized globs of Meta-Mana x5000, Cosmic Gem Dust x3000)
  • Mini Air Manabeast (Crystallized Zephy of Mana x5000, Air Gem Dust x3000)
  • Mini Fire Manabeast (Crystallized Mana Ember x5000, Fire Gem Dust x3000)

No requirements

  • Mana Manual - tome produces Crystallized Mana Fragments (Wild Trovian Mana 2,500, Crystallized Aquatic Mana x500, Crystallized globs of Meta-Mana, Crystallized Zephy of Mana x500, Crystallized Mana Ember x500)
  • Mystical Mecha - mount (Wild Trovian Mana x4000, Crystallized Aquatic Mana x1000, Crystallized globs of Meta-Mana x1000, Crystallized Zephr of Mana x1000, Crystallized Mana Ember x1000)

Mana Maximisers
Increases the amount of Wild Trovian Mana you can collect by 100 each use.

Obtain methods:
- drop from Leviathans, Dragons, other large NPCs.
- Rarely drop from Heavy Pressurized Chests in Delves, starting at Depth 110
- 10 each week from Shadowy Soul Vault in Delves (1 for first 5, 5 from 6th)
- Mana creatures
- 5 each week from Mysenta Cull, Mystic Merchant found near The Orb of Mysticism bench.

Picking up Wild Trovian Mana from the ground

  • Go to one of the biomes indicated on the first 3 BUFFS on the Mysticism crafting bench.
  • This will rotate weekly out of:
    • Candoria / Jurassic Jungle / Dragonfire Peaks / Fae Forest / Desert Frontier / Highlands / Neon City / Spires / Permafrost / Cursed Vale / Sundered Uplands

  • Run around the biome and locate the Wild Trovian Mana on the ground, press E to pick up.
  • We've seen values from 3-8 Wild Trovian Mana for each pickup

Killing enemies to gain Wild Trovian Mana

  • Use The Orb of Mysticism crafting bench in the HUB to craft a BUFF to allow collection of Wild Trovian Mana when killing enemies

Crystallised Mana Fragments

  • Obtained as a by-product when crafting BUFFS and POTIONS
  • Can be converted into 1,000 Wild Trovian Mana at the Alchemystic's Lab

Mysenta Cull, Mystic MerchantTop ^

  • Wild Trovian Mana (10) x100 for 100 Flux RESETS DAILY
  • The Orb of Mysticism - the Mysticism crafting bench 2,500 Flux
  • Alchemystic's Lab - the Potions crafting bench 7,500 Flux
  • Mana Maximiser (5) - increases maximum amount of Wild Trovian Mana by 100 for 6,500 Flux RESETS WEEKLY

A Mystic’s Reagent Stash has been added to the store, allowing players to acquire reagents necessary for their Mystic Arts, including both Mana Maximizers and Crystallized Trovian Mana.  This does count as a Mysticism craft.

  • Mystic's Reagent Stash 100 Credits
  • 11 Mystic's Reagent Stashes 1,000 Credits
  • 33 Mystic's Reagent Stashes 3,000 Credits - contains a bonus Arch Mystic's Reagent Stash which contains rare reagents

Learning a Potion RecipeTop ^

  • Craft the BUFF you wish to learn
  • Craft the Alchemystic's Insight at the Alchemystic's Lab
  • Right click the Alchemystic's Insight from your inventory until you get the effect
  • Open the Alchemystic's Lab and check the Reagents and Valuables category

  • You should see a recipe appear to unlock the potion of the BUFF you have running
  • It will cost Wild Trovian Mana and other materials
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