Issue Tracker

Trove bug tracker - as reported by players and monitored by the Trove Team. Report a bug via the Trovesaurus Discord or manually on this page.

Recent Open Issues

T-ID Category Title Date Status
T-220 No Category When changing between any world, My health bar starts off lower than it should, as if it didn't fully load all my health boosts upon loading into the world Jun 25, 2022 Reported
T-218 No Category when i press 2 in gunslinger dont stop shot intel 2 abilllity end Jun 22, 2022 Reported
T-217 No Category Obtaining Worn Sail Jun 8, 2022 Reported
T-216 No Category Switching to geode mode in delves will break dino tamer's ultimate ability Jun 8, 2022 Reported
T-215 No Category Trap Bomb mechanic issue Jun 2, 2022 Reported
T-214 No Category Archeoceratops in delves is much smaller than its adventure brother May 30, 2022 Reported
T-210 No Category Ice from Shadow Invaders affects ores and does not go away, causing the ores to be completely lost May 19, 2022 Reported
T-208 No Category Decorations made by players in Biome Workbenches do not display creator's name most of the time. May 16, 2022 Reported
T-207 No Category Nitro stuck in inventory and replace by flux May 15, 2022 Reported

Recent Closed Issues

T-ID Category Title Date Status
T-209 No Category using volatile bounder with dracolyte while using a costume May 25, 2022* Not a Bug
T-213 No Category Switching game modes (pressing TAB twice) disables abilities of polished rings May 24, 2022* Duplicate
T-1 Tables 10 mastery seems kinda low for an ally with these stats and power rank. May 19, 2022* Fixed
T-109 UI translations were never blocked on signs May 18, 2022* Fixed
T-113 No Category You can place Pearls of Wisdom on Crystal rings on the Forge UI May 18, 2022* Fixed