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World Rivers Day – Until October 1, 2023!

Hello, Trovians!Let’s celebrate the beauty and importance of our world’s rivers! Rivers provide us with freshwater and support countless ecosystems and communities.As lovers of adventure and nature, join us for a week of river-themed fun and t...

September 24, 2023 Blog

PTS Update - September 21, 22

Additional Updates: Joining club members via the Club UI is now disabled on PC specifically. Editing the bomb permissions for the president is now possible with a Controller. Updated the text on step 9 of the Star Chart questline to be more accurate....

September 22, 2023 PTS Patch

A Battle of Fire and Ice - Art Challenge

For the next 3 weeks we are challenging our artist community to draw Trove related fan-art that features the A Battle of Fire and Ice event. Art provided thanks to ko-ga :)...

September 21, 2023 Art Contest

PTS Update - September 19, 2023

Additional Updates: Updated the Terrific Title Trove: This box contains 1 random, temporary title unavailable elsewhere in-game. Unlick Certificate Titles, these titles can be consumed directly and do not need to be unlocked and then crafted. Gene...

September 20, 2023 PTS Patch

Elysian Offensive - Art Challenge Results

Thanks to our community artists who took part in the Elysian Offensive art challenge, we have the results from the Trove team and have reached out to the winners to offer a selection of 2020's Shadowy Selection, Babels Bank, Fiery Friends, Sunrise Spring ...

September 20, 2023 Art Contest Results


Fight enemies and bosses in Geode Caves with randomised objectives.
Unlock exclusive collectables, Crystal 4 Equipment and weekly Souls.
Visit Guild Hall to the West of the Hub to queue in Public Delves or craft Private Gateways.
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Bomber Royale
Throw bombs at other players in collapsing maps.
Unlock exclusive collectibles. or craft weekly rare crafting materials.
Queue in the Hub, through the menu or use Ctrl+B.
Adventure Worlds
Complete dungeons for loot and experience, or gather crafting materials.
Gem Boxes, Topside Caches, Adventure Boxes, Chaos Chests, Crafting Materials and more
Visit the Trovian Atlas under the Sun Goddess statue in the Hub or use Ctrl+A.
Complete dungeons in Drowned, Skyland, Igneous and Topside worlds for elemental gems.
Provides the majority of stats for your character and can be levelled up.
Increase Gem Levels from the Gem tab of the Character Sheet.
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First 20 minutes of each hour, challenges will appear to collect coins or complete dungeons.
Earn Dragon Coins to spend at the Dragon Crucible or when Luxion visits. Both are in the Hub.
Depending on the challenge, either take Collection Challenge Portals in the Hub or go to a specific Adventure World.
Player communities for chatting, building in Club Worlds and completing Club Adventures to rank up your club to unlock bonuses from Club Fixtures.
Completing Club Adventures earns Adventurine which can be converted to Clubits for club donations or spent to unlock unique collectibles.
The Club House is at the South East of the Hub where you can find portals to clubs or make your own
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Build in Cornerstones or Club Worlds.
Create your perfect hangout, large statues or Musical Mag Rail tracks and share your creativity with other Trovians!
Press Tab to enter build mode or interact with a Builder's Crafting Bench to get started.
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Compete with other players during the week and receive rewards.
Weekly Contest rewards can include Empowered Gem Boxes, Bound Brilliance and caches.
Visit the Lounge - North of the Hub or press the K key.
As you progress your sigil above your head will change and get more advanced.
Rewards include Stats, Legendary Tomes and exclusive collectables.
Increased by unlocking collectibles and levelling classes. Press C or visit the Character Corner in the Hub.
Visit Page
Make use of your collected materials. Increase your crafting profession rank to unlock more difficult recipes.
Craft Tomes, Rings and other collectibles.
Visit Crafter's Corner at the North West of the Hub.
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Luxion and Corruxion
Each weekend these mystery dragon merchants take turns to visit the Hub.
Dragon Coins can be spent at Luxion for legacy collectibles, rare items, and Golden Hoard Dragon Souls.
Chaos Cores can be spent at Corruxion for Empowered Gem Boxes, Bound Brilliance and Chaos Dragon Egg Fragments.
Seasonal Events
Each month experience a new questline with new collectables. These last for 2 weeks.
Event collectibles, rare materials and sometimes surprises!
Check the Adventure Tracker for instructions during an event, or visit the Events Venue to the East of the Hub.
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Geode Caves
Explore non-combat caves to collect new crafting materials
Geode Modules help you explore further, collect exclusive Geode Collectibles to raise your Geode Mastery
Visit Geode Sanctuary via the Trovian Atlas, or below the Delve Hall in the Hub.
Visit Page
Buy or Sell collectables and crafting materials on the player marketplace for Flux.
Credit Pouches, Crafting Materials and tradable collectibles.
Visit the Market at the South West of the Hub or press the U key.
Outpost Adventures
Complete daily NPC quests in Adventure Worlds.
Rewards with Adventurine, Locked box, Reliquary, Experience and Egg Fragments.
! above a NPC head shows they can offer a quest. Usually found at spawn of Adventure Worlds.

Dev Tracker

Sir Developer Trackerstache
September 26, 2023
All Platforms - In-Game Store Issues

Hello Trovians,

We would like to inform you that we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our in-game store.
We are aware of the situation and our team is currently working on resolving these issues.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience and understanding! TroveLoveJonikalus

Trovesaurus Changes

September 15, 2023
- The prefab reader on <https://trovesaurus.com/tools/prefab> (requires login) can now display translation file contents


Hi there!

The dagger is looking pretty simple, but i believe it is the goal here, so, good job! Nice to see that it has material maps :)

I know i said this before, but just to have it in writing here: we have some very short melee weapons, Short Steel, Long Reach, Verdant Cutlass, Short-Hafted Hammer and so on, but they the the exception, not the rule. The VFX auras do not get scaled up or down to a model, so everything that is smaller than expected dimensions would look a bit 'broken'. It is also harder to tell the range of melee attacks when a weapon is much smaller than expected.

Im going to Approve this one, but if you were to make more short-weapons - please make sure that they are not only short but also unique in their appearance and theme.

I would advise against posting more than 3-5 short melee weapons. Shorter than usual staves and guns work ok, bows get a bit weird if they are smaller but could still work, while spears always have to use a full length of 45 because of animations that spears are used in.

liked this!


Please don't say that, they may release Uber-12 Everdark just for Crystal level 2 Class gem! 😂

I love the way this dungeon blends with the Forbidden Spires biome and it being a 3 star too!

A few suggestions/edits

-There are a few sections where the player falls pretty far down and would be hard for newer players to climb back up. Maybe you could add some sort of rocks, pillars, bounce blocks, or make the terrain slanted to make it a bit more climbable. 

Example slant

-Some hallways are pretty long and take a bit of time to walk through so adding some directional jump pads could speed things up

-A few rooms could have more variation to them,
A lot of the rooms are all pretty similar in terms of gameplay since they are all on flat ground with a few trap swaps.
Raising or lowering ground to a few could add some movement variety. 
A few ideas would be adding a pond or river into one of the terrain rooms, raising parts of the floor in some of the jade-themed room, adding some thicker pillars or walls structures that players could hide behind or jump on top of.

Entrance blueprint

-The entrance blueprint needs to have more ground below the top layer. biomes are not perfectly flat so when it spawns there will be open spaces that players can get into. Should be good if you add at least 5 blocks to compensate for varied spawns.

I love the  detail in the jade rooms, but a few of the halls feel empty/plain 

-Maybe adding some pillars, arches, fences or decorating the ceiling could make it more interesting.

-Last thing would be that while the terra-themed rooms blend really well together with the tunnels the jade ones feel like they cut into the environment with no introduction, 
adding a gateway or some sort of transition could help it feel more natural.

Back To active for now, can't wait to see the variations you come up with ^^


Well since Everdark is still limited to U9, it doesn't feel that dangerous anymore...

liked this! Wee this is cute :) I like water lurking friend
I tried "Wild West Starter Pack", but then I changed the biome to medieval highlands so that it'd give off the impression of a starting weapon. So now it's called "Adventure Starter"
Why blackberry win all giveaways wtf rhis is rigged
I think the first boss room lacks cohesiveness in terms of decoration. I think instead of the whole floor being red, it should connect the trail between the entrance and exit. I'd personally have the trail last throughout the dungeon, instead of ending at boss 2. Maybe boss 3 could end the trail with a throne of sorts? I'm not experienced with the forbidden spires theme, so take this with a grain of salt.


Thank you for saying that❤️ Really amazing to see that my work has payed off. Have an awsome day!

This is AI generated, you should be ashamed. 😐