Trovesaurus Translations

Create language mods alone or collaboratively.

Creating Language Mods

  • Create or join a language group as an editor
  • Edit a file and save
  • Download the file(s) and place in languages/en/override
  • Or you can distribute with a .zip for those who use Trove Tools

Download Language Mods

Extract into your Trove directory or use Trove Tools.

한국어 (Korean) -

Updated: April 1, 2024

日本語 (Japanese) - ver2-4

Updated: March 27, 2024

※4月、5月分のイベント内容追加 ※Gear Up! Date アプデの翻訳急ぎで作業したので内容追加 ファイル漏れあった場合バージョン更新しますのでよろしくお願いします。

Creating Language Mods

Trove supports a few official translations in-game, however, these are not always updated.

Using this tool you can create translation mods in any language.

Note: Some languages will need additional fonts to display in-game.

Note: You can use "/stringid 1" in-game to see the translation keys in place of the text.

Create or Join a Translation Group

To get started editing, find a group or create your own from the links above.

Find something to modify

Browse by language file:

Browse by list:

Browse by Patch:

Search by name:

Search by key:

Edit Values

Press the pencil icon next to a value you want to edit and then press Submit.

Changes are saved to the translation group, so you can come back to them anytime to continue editing.

Download Individual File

You can press the download button on the Files list to download all translations for that file.

Download All Files

Editors can download all the files at once in a zip. This zip can then be shared or made into a mod.

Note: Trove does not support .tmod for language files at this time.