Although a little late this year the Trove Team have been working with us to help offer again the chance to unlock the Tombstone Tempest Gunslinger costume. While you grab a copy, make sure you check out the rest our of exclusive collectibles too.

Claim the code on the promotions page:

Tombstone Tempest

Gunslinger Costume | Yearly promo since 2021

A costume for the Gunslinger.

Previously available as a reward when subscribing to the Trove newsletter and purchasing a credit pack.

The Trove team have been allowing us to give this away yearly since 2021.


Mount | 50 | Trovesaurus Year 1

Our first exclusive item is a mount designed by TeeKayM.

It features a handsome moustached raptor in a Trovian themed outfit.


Mount | 50 | Trovesaurus Year 2

Our second exclusive item is a mount designed by Evilagician.

It features our handsome Sage donning a Geodian spacesuit to celebrate the Geode release.

Papa Sage

Ally | 10 | Trovesaurus Year 5

Our third exclusive item is an ally designed by Evilagician.

It features an elderly Sage with a cane.

Squishy Sage and Styles

Ally, Hat, Hat | 10 + 10 + 1 (21) | Trovesaurus Year 6

Our fourth exclusive item is an ally, a helmet style and a head style, designed by Ylva and TFMHisztike.

This features a chubby Sage who has spent too much time in Candoria, Sage's hat, and Sage's head.

Saurian Tamer

Dino Tamer Costume, Gun | 1 | Trovesaurus Year 7

Our fifth exclusive set of items is a costume for the Dino Tamer designed by Ylva and TFMHisztike.

Become the Sage! - This pairs well with the Sage's head.

Sagely Saurers

Wings | Trovesaurus Year 8

Our sixth exclusive item is a set of wings designed by Chronicle and TFMHisztike.

The robes and papers flutter in the wind.

Raptor Sage

Ally | Trovesaurus Year 9

Our seventh exclusive item is an ally created by Eterne.

It's a throwback to when Sageosaurus was a child.

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