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Community Recommended Mods 2024 Featured

On this page you will find various mods that our community members have recommended. This list has been sourced by [IINikstarII] and [TFMHisztike]....

January 22, 2024 Mods

The Golden Dragon Effigy Offer – Until February 26, 2024!

The Golden Dragon Effigy offer is back! Take advantage of our amazing offer on the Golden Dragon Effigy, which will start on February 23, 2024, at 11:00 am UTC and end on February 26, 2024, at 11:00 am UTC! For the purchase of a credit pack with...

February 23, 2024 Blog

Solarion Serenity: Explore Sundered Skies – Until February 27, 2024!

Hello, Trovians!Enkindle your soul with the Solarion class, set the field ablaze with a variety of Solarion costumes, and much more!Set your fiery mark on the lands and claim your blazing glory as these deals will only be available until February 27, ...

February 20, 2024 Blog

Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Greetings, Trovians!  It’s your favorite dragon, Duraveln, the Hollow Spirit, swooping in with a cheeky grin for Random Acts of Kindness Day! 🐲  In our dragon realms, kindness isn’t just a flicker – it’s a r...

February 17, 2024 Blog



Fight enemies and bosses in Geode Caves with randomised objectives.
Unlock exclusive collectables, Crystal 4 Equipment and weekly Souls.
Visit Guild Hall to the West of the Hub to queue in Public Delves or craft Private Gateways.
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Bomber Royale
Throw bombs at other players in collapsing maps.
Unlock exclusive collectibles. or craft weekly rare crafting materials.
Queue in the Hub, through the menu or use Ctrl+B.
Adventure Worlds
Complete dungeons for loot and experience, or gather crafting materials.
Gem Boxes, Topside Caches, Adventure Boxes, Chaos Chests, Crafting Materials and more
Visit the Trovian Atlas under the Sun Goddess statue in the Hub or use Ctrl+A.
Complete dungeons in Drowned, Skyland, Igneous and Topside worlds for elemental gems.
Provides the majority of stats for your character and can be levelled up.
Increase Gem Levels from the Gem tab of the Character Sheet.
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First 20 minutes of each hour, challenges will appear to collect coins or complete dungeons.
Earn Dragon Coins to spend at the Dragon Crucible or when Luxion visits. Both are in the Hub.
Depending on the challenge, either take Collection Challenge Portals in the Hub or go to a specific Adventure World.
Player communities for chatting, building in Club Worlds and completing Club Adventures to rank up your club to unlock bonuses from Club Fixtures.
Completing Club Adventures earns Adventurine which can be converted to Clubits for club donations or spent to unlock unique collectibles.
The Club House is at the South East of the Hub where you can find portals to clubs or make your own
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Build in Cornerstones or Club Worlds.
Create your perfect hangout, large statues or Musical Mag Rail tracks and share your creativity with other Trovians!
Press Tab to enter build mode or interact with a Builder's Crafting Bench to get started.
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Compete with other players during the week and receive rewards.
Weekly Contest rewards can include Empowered Gem Boxes, Bound Brilliance and caches.
Visit the Lounge - North of the Hub or press the K key.
As you progress your sigil above your head will change and get more advanced.
Rewards include Stats, Legendary Tomes and exclusive collectables.
Increased by unlocking collectibles and levelling classes. Press C or visit the Character Corner in the Hub.
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Make use of your collected materials. Increase your crafting profession rank to unlock more difficult recipes.
Craft Tomes, Rings and other collectibles.
Visit Crafter's Corner at the North West of the Hub.
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Luxion and Corruxion
Each weekend these mystery dragon merchants take turns to visit the Hub.
Dragon Coins can be spent at Luxion for legacy collectibles, rare items, and Golden Hoard Dragon Souls.
Chaos Cores can be spent at Corruxion for Empowered Gem Boxes, Bound Brilliance and Chaos Dragon Egg Fragments.
Seasonal Events
Each month experience a new questline with new collectables. These last for 2 weeks.
Event collectibles, rare materials and sometimes surprises!
Check the Adventure Tracker for instructions during an event, or visit the Events Venue to the East of the Hub.
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Geode Caves
Explore non-combat caves to collect new crafting materials
Geode Modules help you explore further, collect exclusive Geode Collectibles to raise your Geode Mastery
Visit Geode Sanctuary via the Trovian Atlas, or below the Delve Hall in the Hub.
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Buy or Sell collectables and crafting materials on the player marketplace for Flux.
Credit Pouches, Crafting Materials and tradable collectibles.
Visit the Market at the South West of the Hub or press the U key.
Outpost Adventures
Complete daily NPC quests in Adventure Worlds.
Rewards with Adventurine, Locked box, Reliquary, Experience and Egg Fragments.
! above a NPC head shows they can offer a quest. Usually found at spawn of Adventure Worlds.

Dev Tracker

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February 23, 2024
The Golden Dragon Effigy Offer – Until February 26, 2024!

The Golden Dragon Effigy offer is back! gandaCool__VOXELKIN

👉 [Learn more!](https://www.trionworlds.com/trove/en/?p=36091)

The Golden Dragon Effigy offer is back! Take advantage of our amazing offer on the Golden Dragon Effigy, which will start on February 23, 2024, at 11:00 am UTC and...Read More

Trovesaurus Changes

January 26, 2024
- mod makers can now set a short note that will display before the download button of a mod
- first press the edit tab of your mod
- then press the pencil icon on the quick section on the right hand side of the page