Long Shade

New Adventure World with max difficulty (Uber 12)

Patch Notes


  • A new Adventure World with max difficulty—Long Shade (equivalent to “Uber 12,” see Difficulty Names section below) has been added
    • To enter, Characters must have 42,500+ power Rank and 10,000+ Light
  • Unlike most Adventure Worlds, this world only contains a mix of 3 Biomes at any given time.
    • These 3 biomes rotate every 3 hours
    • The currently active biomes can be seen around the Adventure World selection node in the Atlas (default key: Ctrl + A)
  • As these biomes rotate, a variety of new Ores, Harvestables, and crafting materials can be found within!
  • Trovians can only carry a limited amount of these new items, and although that maximum can be increased, they can also be used at Saltwater Sam’s Ship Outpost—found scattered throughout the Long Shade—to craft more valuable, easier-to-carry materials!
  • Saltwater Sam & his crew can be found having established “Outposts” throughout the Long Shade. Upon their ship, new collections & keys can be crafted!
  • 5 Star dungeons can be found throughout the Long Shade, creating “Surfaced Depths Caches” (requiring keys to open) upon completion.
  • Rather than normal invaders, when invasions occur in Long Shade Adventure worlds, an Invading Depths Obelisk will drop from the sky—allowing Trovians to summon-forth powerful enemies.

Long Shade (15) Adventure World

Requires: 40,000 Power Rank, 8,500 Light

  • Equivilent difficulty of Uber-12
  • The biomes in this world rotate every 3 hours.
  • The icons for these biomes are shown on the Atlas.
  • They will rotate around the image if you meet the requirements to enter.

Saltwater Sam Outposts

Found at Adventure Outposts in Long Shade Difficulty (15) Adventure World.

Can appear in any biome, has the outpost icon, is a boat.

Services: Loot Collector, Personal Chest, Rejuvenation Station, Runecrafting Bench, Rune Anvil

Saltwater Sam's Depth Workbench

Craft Keys, Depth Cores, Depth Steppers and collections.

Mr. Thommas Tortoise

Sells Sparkling Keys and Depth Steppers for Credits.

See Monetization

Saltwater Sam


Freshwater Fran


Murkwater Mark


5 Star Dungeons

A new 5 STAR dungeon can appear in:

  • Any biome

Old 5 STAR dungeons can also appear in:

  • Cerise Sandsea
  • Hollowed Dunes
  • Weathered Wastelands

Surfaced Depths Caches


In the center of the dungeon after the dungeon is completed




Encrusted Runic Trunk

Contains materials normally only found in the Long Shade difficulty.


Activity Description Source
Mining Chance with Ore Rune when mining Long Shade Ores. Runesmith / Discovery
Delves Chance when defeating minor Depth enemies. Zephyr / Zephyr Tactics
Delves Chance when defeating major Depth enemies. Zephyr / Zephyr Zeal
Delves Chance when opening Runic Depths Vaults. Zephyr / Zephyr Cunning
Dungeons Chance when opening Surfaced Depth Caches. Zephyr / Zephyr Cunning
Dungeons Chance when completing Long Shade dungeons. Runecrafting / Depths Carver / Harvest Rune


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