Long Shade Rotation

Current and upcoming Long Shade Rotations. If you would prefer Slys version you can use: https://trove.aallyn.xyz/long_shade_rotation

Upcoming Biomes

The next time you will see certain biomes and what harvestables are in them.

Desert Frontier Here
Petrified Coral
Neon City Here
Depths Coolant
Fae Forest Here
Depths Mana
The Lost Isles 2h
Pyrite Seashell
Permafrost 2h
Iced Lichen
Jurassic Jungle 2h
Depths Mold
Dragonfire Peaks 5h
Pyric Core
Hollow Dunes 5h
Abyssal Coral
Sundered Uplands 5h
Irradiated Rune Fragment
Forbidden Spires 8h
Candoria 8h
Chocolate Algae
Medieval Highlands 8h
Surface Dried Seaweed
Cursed Vale 11h
Cursed Coral
Weathered Wastelands 14h
Zephyr Coral
Cerise Sandsea 29h
Pyric Coral


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