Leaflets are single use tome-like auto-use items that grant certain resources when completed.

They can be traded and are designed as a way for the player to get resources when a biome is not in the rotation for Long Shade by buying leaflets from the marketplace.

Crafting Leaflets

  • Runecrafting Bench: Depths Binder 350-400.
  • The resources needed are 15 of the type of resource the Leaflet generates, 15 appropriate Essences and 1 Rune Paper.

Charging Leaflets

Standard Leaflets can be charged without cooldown, but are consumed when fully charged. Charges in Dungeons, Geode Caves, and Delves.


Method Amount
One Star Dungeon 6% Charge
Three Star Dungeon 18% Charge
Five Star Dungeon  
Geode Caves  

Pyric Essence Leaflets

Crafting requires Pyric Essence 15, Rune Paper 1 and 15x the material on the Leaflet.

Runic Essence Leaflets

Crafting requires Runic Essence 15, Rune Paper 1 and 15x the material on the Leaflet.

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