Delves Rewards

The update shuffled around ways for obtaining most desired resources like Lunar Souls or Shadow Caches. Read here how to get them!

  • Previous Shadow Tower rewards have been moved to Delves
  • Every third consecutive floor after the portal was opened contains a Shadowy Vault
    • you can tell by the Shadowy Soul Vault Deltalith at the start of a Delve floor
  • You need to use Delve Shadowkey to open the vaults

Shadowy Soul Vault drops

first 6 a week

after the first 6 in a week

  • Glim
  • Shadow Cache
  • Gear like faces, hats and class-appropriate weapons
    • unlimited, rarity depends on the Depth of the Delve and Magic Find

New special Delve resources, currency, banner materials and mementos are found in these chests.

After a Delve floor is completed and Boss is slain a chest (or two!) spawns. Pressurized Chests spawn on every fist' and second' delve floors, Heavy Pressurized Chest spawns on every 3rd floor, together with Shadowy Soul Vault. These two pressurized chests do not require a key to be opened, but there is minimum Power Rank depending on the depth of delve to obtain loot from them.

In these chests players can always find some Pressure-Locked Delver's Caches , Inert Geodes – special Delve Currency, some gear and rarely – monster, boss and biome mementos. Heavy Pressurized Chests contain more Pressure-locked Delver's Caches and more Inert Geodes. Chance for Mementos is same from both chests. Banner of the Geodeseeker does not have effect on Inert Geodes found in chests.

New mounts from Shadow Tower bosses drop from these chests on floors with corresponding bosses. For example, Prophet's Throne only has a chance to drop from Delve floors with Weeping Prophet boss.

Update: Deep Dragons update introduced 5 more mounts form other delve bosses. Read about them here.

Every chest as well as all the mobs in delves have a chance to drop banner parts – standards and banner poles. From those, you can craft banners that grant stat boost and can be loot collected for banner styles. Read more about banners here.

Update: Deep Dragons update introduced a unique banner style for each of Delve bosses. Obtain recipe in Delves and craft the banners at Delve Workbench. Read more about those banners here.

Rarely, a Mysterious Trophy Case can drop, these contain all available trophies from all the monsters and bosses.

Even more rarely, these chests can contain Binding Darkness crafting material and Starfire Dragon Egg Fragments. Some Delve biomes have a chance to drop other dragon egg fragments such as Ironclad Egg Fragments from Volcanic Vaults and Hexed Dragon Egg Fragments from Amperia and Neon Underground themed Delves.

Together will all the things from above, Pressurized and Heavy Pressurized chests drop Delve food which is also used as currency and crafting material.

Pressurized Cave Kelp, Condensed Cave Milk and Freerange Electrolytic Crystals drop depending on the depth. Luckily, you can convert each of these currencies into others by trading with Delve NPC merchants.

To sum it up, from Pressurized Chests and Heavy Pressurized Chests you can get:

All drops from Pressurized and Heavy Pressurized chests are not limited per week or any other time frame. The more delves you complete - more you get. However, there is a limit on how many Inert Geodes can be in the inventory at a time.

Read more about Inert Geodes and other Delve currencies here.

Update: The Deep Dragons update introduced 28 more portals for each Delve boss there is. This made it much easier to hunt down bosses for their mounts, banners and mementos. Read more about them here. 

There are three special Delve bosses that have their own personal tradable portals:

Flakbeard  that can be found in Delve Gateway: Flakbeard (Private 128)
Shadow Hydrakkern that can be found in Delve Gateway: Shadow Hydrakken (Private 128)
Refracted Balephantom that can be found in Delve Gateway: Refracted Balephantom. This portal can rarely be obtained from Greater Balephantom Delve boss.

All those portals are tradable and can be purchased from the in-game marketplace.

Each of those bosses has unique loot that you can not obtain from other delves:

Every monster in Delves has a chance to drop some Inert Geodes, that chance is increased if player has Banner of the Geodeseeker equipped.

On top of that, every monster has a chance to drop Binding Darkness – special resource that is used for crafting Contained Chaos Spark for re-rolling stats on Gems.

Same monsters can rarely drop banner parts – same parts as you would get from Pressurized and Heavy Pressurized chests.

Some groups of delve monsters can drop dragon egg fragments. Bee–like monsters for example can drop Honeybreeze Dragon Egg Fragment.

To sum it up, from killing monsters in delves you can get:

All drops from monsters are not limited per week or any other time frame. The more delves you complete - more you get. However, there is a limit on how many Inert Geodes can be in the inventory at a time.

While passing through Delve caverns players can pick up various plants and ores that otherwise can only be found in Geode Caves. Geodian module Omni-Tool from Discovery suit layout is required to mine those ores, some even require higher tier upgraded Omni-tool.

Check Omni-Tool upgrades here.

Picking up those plants works for 'Collect Organics' daily adventure, and within ores in Delve caverns you can find Builder's Boxes, Builder's Chests and Builder's Vaults, which count for 'Find Builder's Crates' daily adventure.

Forbidden Depths themed Delves contain Cinnabar ore, and all mobs in it have a small chance to drop Fiery Feathers and Sagely Blue Dragonscales.

Volcanic Vault themed Delves contain Primordial Flames.

Aside from those, every Delve cavern is full with Crystals and Shadow Crystals. Picking up crystals grants untradable Crystals and picking up Shadow Crystals grants same untradable Crystals and tradable Shadow Shards. Rarely picking up Shadow Crystals can also grant Kami Dragon Egg Fragments. Shadow Crystals only start to appear around 100+ depth of Delves.

Vaca-Matic module can be used to suck up such crystals and plants, but it will not work for ores.

To sum it up, while travelling through any Delve cavern you can find:

All these materials are used in crafting and upgrading Geode Modules at Module Forge, used for crafting various consumables and collection items at Crystallogy Workbench and used for crafting decorations at Geodian Workbench.

drops from delve caverns are not limited per week or any other time frame. The more delves you complete - more you get. However, keep an eye on the timer - if you go collecting all ores instead of completing Delve Objective you will not be able to proceed to next depth.

From Delve Daily Adventures, from NPC merchants in Delves, from boss chests in Delves and rarely from donating Inert Geodes at Delve Workbench you can obtain Pressure-Locked Delver's Caches.

Pressure-Locked Delver's Cache




From Rescued pebble and boulder merchants inside the Delves you can purchase Ornate Pressure-Locked Caches. These caches always grant rare (Lucky!) result from Pressure-Locked Delver's Caches.

Ornate Pressure-Locked Cache

Heirloom capsules like Martial Heirloom Capsule, Arcane Heirloom Capsule and Fortress Heirloom Capsule can be purchased at random from rescued pebble and boulder merchants. Each of capsules contains banner standards that can only be combined with banner pole that is stated on the capsule.

Martial Heirloom Capsule

Arcane Heirloom Capsule

Fortress Heirloom Capsule

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