Deep Dragons

Deep Dragons - Banner Styles

Deep Dragons - Banner Styles

This update added a special Banner Style for every Delve boss! 

New Delve banner styles

To make use of these new banners you must first obtain a recipe for them from corresponding Delve bosses, they can drop from  Pressurized Chest and Heavy Pressurized Chests that do not require a key to be opened. Once recipe is unlocked, craft banners at Delve Workbench. These banners do not provide any stat boost but only change the appearance of your equipped banner.

Craftable portal to most of the bosses can to appear on  Delve Workbench under Daily Memento Gateway section - 4 every day. You must have a memento of a boss in your collections get a portal recipe unlocked! Check for more information.

Banners for Flakbeard and Shadow Hydrakken existed before this update but got their appearances changed.


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