These three core elements of Trove have been adjusted with the update, check out the changes!


With Delves update Mastery stat boosts and Magic Find has been reworked.

Each of the first 500 Trove Mastery Ranks grant the following:

  • +0.6% Health
  • +0.2% Damage (both Magic and Physical)
  • +4 Power Rank

After 500 each rank gives:

  • +1 Power Rank
  • +1 Magic Find.

On top of that, Trove Mastery rank 500 gives one Chaos Factor, and +1 more Chaos Factor is granted for every 50 Trove Mastery Ranks after that.

Each of the first 100 Geode Mastery Ranks grant:

  • +10 Light
  • + 5 Power rank

Collection items and various other boosts from Trove and Geode Mastery reward have not been changed.

Magic Find

The Magic Find bonus given to players for defeating enemies has been improved.

For players with Magic Find below 150, killing monsters will give up to +50 points of it.

  • If you have 90 base Magic Find, killing 50 monsters and staying alive would grant you a boost of 50 points, to total of 140 Magic Find.

Upon reaching 150 Magic Find and above, bonus from killing monsters turns into +50%.

  • If you have 200 base Magic Find, killing 50 monsters and staying alive would grant you a boost of 100 points (50% of your base 200), to a total of 300 Magic Find.

With active Patron status the boost from killing monsters would be +100%.

Using /respawn chat command now decreases Bonus Magic Find same way a death from a monster would when used in combat worlds. If used in club worlds, Hub or Geode Sanctuary, death by /respawn will not reduce your Magic Find.

Chaos Factor

Chaos Factor has been changed to grant Chaos Chests not only based on your Chaos Factor number, but also Dungeon completion. This means you will no longer see Chaos Chests in Claims window as soon as you log in after a day reset, you would also need to complete some dungeons or Delves to get them.

Each dungeon completion will grant 1 Chaos Chest up to the amount of Chaos Factor. For 3 and 5-star dungeons, completing each 'star' boss or skulls grants a chest. Players with active Patron status will gain 2 Chaos Chests for each dungeon completed, up to their amount of Chaos Factor, of course. Completing Delves of various type counts for Daily Chaos Chest progression in same way as completing dungeons does.

  • For example, if you have a Chaos Factor of 5, first 5 dungeons a day will grant your 5 Chaos Chests, one from each dungeon.
  • If you have Patron, your Chaos Factor would get a boost of +4. Active Patron also doubles your Daily Chaos Chest rewards from completing dungeons, so with the same base Chaos Factor of 5, with Patron your daily Chaos Chest gain would be (5+4)*2=18.

You can check your Chaos Factor daily reward progression with /chaosfactor chat command. That will display your total Chaos Factor, amount of Chaos Chests already obtained and amount of remaining rewards.

Daily Chaos Chest rewards are completely separate from normal Chaos Chest drops from dungeons. You can possibly get more Chaos Chests from those first few dungeons (or Delves) a day if you are lucky in addition to your daily amount. Completing dungeons (or Delves) after that always has a chance to drop a Chaos Chest, just like it used to be.

Claiming a Daily Chaos Chest does not count for the ‘Collect a Chaos Chest’ club adventure.

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