Delves Biomes

Delve Biome
AmperiaShow ImagesDepth:1+
Rare chance to drop Hexed Dragon Egg Fragment
Flakbeard's HideawayShow ImagesDepth:5+
Rare chance to drop Framework: Flakbeard's Head and Flakbeard's Flag
The HiveShow ImagesDepth:5+
Use "Sweet-Stepper's Standard" banner to reveal platforms within pools of honey.
Cursed CavesShow ImagesDepth:15+
Volcanic VaultsShow ImagesDepth:25+
Toxic TunnelsShow ImagesDepth:35+
Neon UndergroundShow ImagesDepth:45+
Rare chance to drop Hexed Dragon Egg Fragment
Primordial PitShow ImagesDepth:55+
The UnderstacksShow ImagesDepth:55+
Rare chance to drop Carpet Talisman at depths 120+
Confectious CavernsShow ImagesDepth:65+
Forbidden DepthsShow ImagesDepth:75+
Subnautic PassageShow ImagesDepth:85+
Trovian DelveShow ImagesDepth:100+
Extreme Trovian DelveShow ImagesDepth:112+
Outrageous Trovian DelveShow ImagesDepth:124+
Corners of Q'bthulhu's RealmDepth:136+
Event Delve Biome
BuntopiaShow ImagesDepth:0+
Added in Bunfest 2021
Diggsly's Demise?!Show ImagesDepth:0+
Added in Turkeytopia 2020
Crafted Delve Biome
Crack the CourtShow ImagesDepth:1+
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