Deep Dragons

Deep Dragons - Boss Mounts

Deep Dragons - Boss Mounts

With Deep Dragons some of Delve Bosses get their own mounts, and everyone gets a new type of Talisman Mount – Carpets!

New Delve Boss Mounts

With this update some of the Delve bosses got new mounts added to their loot pool.

Craftable portals to these bosses have a chance to appear on Delve Workbench under Daily Memento Gateway section. You must have a corresponding boss memento unlocked to be able to craft them!

Carpet Talisman Mounts

This update brings in new type of talisman mounts – Carpet Talisman mounts.

You can rarely obtain Carpet Talisman from The Understaks Delve biome of depth 120 and deeper. Talismans can be traded so you can find some on the in-game marketplace too.

They also can be unboxed from various Sample boxes with pieces for decorative carpets as Common (Nice!):

With Carpet Talismans you can craft 8 new carpet mounts at Mount Taming Bench. Crafting mount on that workbench will unlock it in your collections.

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