Six new Gameplay Badges for various Delves!

Delve Badges

Your amount of completed Delves is tracked by six new Badges. They can be found in Collections under Badges > Gameplay.

Completing Public Delves contributes to Bronze and Silver badge progression, completing Private Delves – to Gold and Platinum and completing Challenge Delves contributes to Diamond and Obsidian badges. This way it is possible you will unlock Gold Delves Badge before completing Silver one and so on.

Read more about various types of Delves on our Delves Overview article.

Note: Completing Obsidian Badge: Challenge Delves is crucial to upgrading Inert Geodes inventory capacity.


9 Public Delves Completed


50 Public Delves Completed


9 Private Delves Completed


250 Private Delves Completed


9 Challenge Delves Completed


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