Delves Crafting

Crafting Bench found in the Hub. Used to craft Delve Gateway (Private Mode), food and Allies.

Banner Styles - recipes for these are dropped by Delve Bosses, but they can also be purchased from the in-game marketplace. These banners unlock their style in collections and do not have any stats. Read more here >

Daily Memento Gateways - each day of the week 4 recipes out of 28 will show. Unlock these recipes by collecting corresponded mementos from Delve Bosses. Read more here >

Decorative - craft HUGE decorative banners to place them on your cornerstone or in club worlds. Buy these recipes from rescued Boulder and Pebble merchants in Delves or from the in-game marketplace.

Decorative Flooring - craft Tomes for your collections. Charging these tomes grants pieces for carpet decorations. Buy recipes for them from rescued Boulder and Pebble merchants in Delves. Recipes for these tomes became untradable with Hubdate patch.

Delve Allies - crafting these Allies unlocks them in your collections. Tradable versions of these allies can rarely drop in Delve caves.

Delve Recipes - craft Private and Challenge Delve gateways here together with Delve Shadowkeys, Delve-special bombs, Delve food and crafting materials. You can also donate your Inert Geodes here for a chance to receive Pressure-locked Delve caches.

Light Banners - craft banners that grant Light and other stats from Banner Poles and Standards. Rarity of crafted banner is determined at random. Higher rarity - higher stat boosts are. Crafted banners are not tradable. You can loot collect these banners to unlock their appearances as Banner Styles.

Delve Workbench Recipes

The list of recipes on Delve Workbench split by category.

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