Food items are new consumables that boost player stats. Wash vegetables in Vegetable sink and equip on Character tab.

Making FoodTop ^

Vegetable Sink crafted at Gardening Bench. Level 150+ of Gardening skill is required to both craft and use it.

Resources required to craft the bench:

Vegetable Sink is used to craft new consumables that provide stat boosts. All recipes are unlocked by default. Washed vegetables can be composted for various amounts of Quality Organic Refuse.

Note: Washed vegetables are untradable.




1 Unicorn Chard

500 Glim

600 Flux

Washed Unicorn Chard

x 2

+ 250 Physical Damage

1 h Duration

3 Qumato

500 Glim

500 Flux

Washed Qumatoes

x 3

+ 2 Jump

40 min Duration

2 Corn on the Cube

1200 Glim

1200 Flux

Washed Corn on the Cube

+ 10% Attack Speed

2 h Duration

1 Cinnamellon

750 Glim

1250 Flux

Washed Cinnamellon

+ 5 Maximum Energy

3 h Durations

1 Qubbage

500 Glim

600 Flux

Washed Qubbage

+ 250 Magic Damage

2 h Duration

1 Bunfeed

1000 Glim

1000 Flux

Washed Bunfeed

x 2

+ 0.5 Critical Hit

1 h Duration

25 Purp'lil

1000 Glim

1000 Flux

Washed and Bunched Purp'lil

x 25

+ 20 Cooldown Speed

6 min Duration

3 Onionito

500 Glim

1000 Flux

Washed Onionito

x 3

+ 1 Expierence Gain

40 min Duration

3 Totter Tate

125 Glim

75 Flux

Washed Totter Tates

+ 10 Superstition

23 h Duration


Using Food ConsumablesTop ^

Right-click Washed Vegetables in your inventory to equip them in the new slot on Character tab. Once equipped, one food item will be used immidiately.

Whole stack of items can be equipped but you can unequip that amount -1, meaning one Food item from that stack will remain equipped (You cannot unequip this, it has already been in your mouth!).

Once the Duration of bonus is over, next item from equipped stack will be consumed, if there are any Food items left equipped. Food items from inventory do not get consumed.

Equipping other stack of items\other item while already having something in your food slot will override it and bonus from previous food will be lost. Equipping same type of food multiple times will not increase amount of bonus it gives.

Bonuses from food remain in Shadow Towers. You do not lose food bonuses upon death.

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liked this!


More crafting. Sometimes i am thinking that game has too much crafting of useless stuff.

When does this come out cuz I was on trove today and the food section was not there.