Discovery Suit mode in Delves

Players are able to use Geodian Discovery Suit mode in delves. Most of modules have been updated for the cause, and new Vaca-Matic module has been added!

In Delves players can switch between Adventure mode with regular class skills and Discovery Suit mode with modules by pressing Tab (default on PC, same button to switch between Adventure and Build modes outside of Delves). There is no cooldown for switching modes but if some skill or module is on cooldown, switching back and front between modes would not reset it.

With Discovery Suit mode active players can not use mounts, even the Delve ones. Switching to it while mounted would dismount the player, switching back to Adventure mode would not automatically mount them up. Switching to Discovery Suit mode while having Ultimate activated on Dino Tamer or Spirit Spears on Revenant would cancel the ability.

Modules are special equipment devices that make adventuring in new Delves and Geode Caves easier. Their abilities can only be used in Discovery Suit mode.

Vaca-Matic is a new vacuum-like Module, upon use it pulls monsters to player and automatically picks up nearby crystals and plants at higher levels.

Vaca-Matic can be crafted at Module Workbench found in Delve building in Hub or near Geode Cave portals in Geode Sanctuary. Module Forge is used to upgrade it. To craft and upgrade it you need Inert Geode from Delves together with crystals, plants and ores from Geode Caves. To equip a module talk to Pell, Exploration Expert, he can be found in Delve boss rooms after boss is defeated and in the entrance rooms of every Geode cave.


Materials Needed



craft at Module Workbench

Unlocks Vaca-matic module


upgrade at Module Forge

Increase radius by 50%


upgrade at Module Forge

Crystal Vacuums refund half the N-Charge cost


upgrade at Module Forge

Reduce cooldown by 20 seconds


upgrade at Module Forge

Crystal Vacuums restore GAS or double Health Regen in Delves


upgrade at Module Forge

Increase radius by 100%


upgrade at Module Forge

Crystal Vacuums reduce equipped Module cooldowns


upgrade at Module Forge

Reduce N-Charge cost to 60


upgrade at Module Forge

Vaca-matic can now pick up Plants


upgrade at Module Forge

Doubles Crystals that are vacuumed


With Delves update some old modules from Geode got their functionality adjusted for Delves:

  • Omi-Tool has been updated and now lists ores instead of Geode Cave tiers.

Level 1

Unlocked by default, can mine Gleamstone, Moonstone, Geminite and Blazine

Level 2

When N-Charge > 50%, mining strength +50%

Level 3

Range +1

Level 4

Can mine Builderite, Quirkstone, Chronozine and Sparkzite

Level 5

50% Lasermancy

Level 6

Reduces the N-Charge cost by 25%

Level 7

Range +1

Level 8

Can mine Ancient Gears, Lunarium, Mightstone and Everlight

Level 9

50% Lasermancy

Level 10

Impact Radius +1


  • Climbing Claw at level 10 can stun creatures in Delves. Other functionality unchanged.

  • GAS works as your health bar in Delves Discovery suit mode, but amount depends on your actual health of a class. Upgrading GAS has no effect on Delves.

  • N-Charge works as ‘energy’ for modules. Upgrading it gives more charge charge for both Modules in Geode Caves and Delves. Picking up Crystals recharges upgraded N-Charge in Delves same way as it does in Geode Caves.

  • Barrier Generator in Delves lasts 60+ seconds (scales as it is upgraded) and reduces incoming damage by 15-35%. If Vaca-matic module of level 6 and higher is equipped at the same time with the Barrier Generator, it will occasionally pull in enemies if struck when active. Its Geode Caves functionality has not been changed.

  • Rocket Boots work same way in Delves as they do in Geode Caves.

  • Pathpainters level 10 upgrade – ‘No Longer Generate Aggro’ does not apply to Delves, but still works in Geode Caves. Rest of the functionality is unchanged.

  • Thumper works same way in Delves as it does in Geode Caves. Level 7 now can also reveal Delve enemies through walls.
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