Splendid Summer 2021

Splendid Summer 2021 - Art Challenge

For the Splendid Summer 2021 event the Trove Team have challenged our Artist community to create fan-art referencing the event or the pack. Submit your fan-art for a chance at one of the [Blazing Band] packs that are up for grabs as a reward. Art provide...

June 1, 2021 Art Contest Splendid Summer 2021

Celebrate Splendid Summer 2021 – Until June 15, 2021!

June is a very special month in Trove! See the Hub in a different light with these beautiful colours, including a small race circuit for Mag Riders around the main square. In addition, Grand Marshal Qubesly awaits you!Be proud to be a part of the gre...

June 1, 2021 Blog Splendid Summer 2021

Splendid Summer 2021 - Quest Steps

Event Summary 7 step quest chain rewards [Valor Coin]s to trade with Merchant for Collection items, see full list below. [Sunray Betta] ally, untradable. [Prideful Feathers] ally, untradable Can spend Valor Coins at Qubesly NPC in hub - see f...

June 1, 2021 Event Splendid Summer 2021