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Two Years of Trovesaurus

Etaew December 17, 2016 84 129

Thanks everyone for being a part of the Trovesaurus community for the past two years. Today we celebrate the anniversary of when we brought the name online and we have a few giveaways for you to take part in.

September Site Update

Etaew October 1, 2016 1 1

Thanks everyone for continuing to be a part of this community, I've been super busy this month and haven't been able to work on as much as I've wanted to. However things did get done, keep reading for the list of changes.

August Site Update

Etaew September 1, 2016 141 0

Thanks everyone for being a part of this community, here is the site update for the work done this last month (August).

Login System Changes

Etaew August 5, 2016 6 0

I've adjusted the way you login to Trovesaurus lately, gone are the Username and Password option, and gone is the social registration and login method. Now we generate links sent to your emails which keep you logged in for 30 days.


Hyperstar Hoverboard
Giveaway Ends 6 days from now

Art Contest

Plunder Pals
Art Contest Ends 1 week from now


Plunder Pals
Event Ends 1 day from now

Art Contest

Seasons of Salt
Art Contest Starts 1 week from now

Cataphract Construct
Giveaway Ended 17 hours ago

Armored Abyss Assailant
Art Contest Ended 1 week ago

Maelstrom Monitor
Giveaway Ended 2 weeks ago

Ended 2 weeks ago

Pepper Shaker
Giveaway Ended 3 weeks ago