Dive ever-deeper as you unearth new biomes and treasures in this exciting new feature: Delves!

This new and endless-dungeon experience sets you loose on countless caves full of enemies and obstacles at a difficulty custom catered to you and your group.

Race against the clock to clear the bee-infested caverns of The Hive or the crate-laden, pirate-haunted caves of Flakbeard's Hideaway to take yourselves to deeper depths! Rescue Geodians, craft battle flags from the times of yore, and stop the corrupted bosses from all across Trove from breaking out of the Delves.

Each Delve comes with its own set of rules, defined by Deltaliths. These Deltaliths represent anything from additional HP on individual enemies to locking you to one jump, ensuring that the challenges below are different from the ones above!

The process is simple: queue up, drop in, slay enemies, survive the boss and net yourself some sick loot. Do this within the time limit and you’ll be allowed to open the portal to the next floor, where a deeper and more difficult Delve awaits you!