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Eye of Q'bthulhu crafting

Forging Material. Found rarely as a drop and by Loot Collecting rare equipment.

Obtained by:




Designed by: Trove Team

Blueprint: item_crafting_eye.blueprint


Market Values

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Market Summary

PC Min: 1 Max: 133 Avg: 8
XBOX Min: 0 Max: 0 Avg: 0
PS4/EU Min: 0 Max: 0 Avg: 0
PS4/NA Min: 0 Max: 0 Avg: 0

Graph and Recent Submissions

Percentage displays difference to the average reported Flux price.

Used as Ingredient

This item is used as an ingredient in recipes to make the following items:

Chaos Forge

Crafted using: Adventurer's Crafting Bench (Gem & Gear Improvement)


Slightly Singed Skitterer

Crafted using: Chaos Core Crafter (Collectibles)


Accursed Arachnid

Crafted using: Chaos Core Crafter (Collectibles)


Shadow Crawler

Crafted using: Chaos Core Crafter (Collectibles)


Corrosion Cloak

Crafted using: Chaos Core Crafter (Collectibles)


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Dev Tracker

5 most recent dev posts that mention "Eye of Q'bthulhu"

Mustache and Mushroom Edition

Posted 3 years ago (November 11, 2014, 2:25 am) on Trove Forums

Quick reminder that downtime tomorrow is planned to be 3 hours. We're posting these notes early but downtime may be extended and this patch may be delayed if we find an unexpected bug.

* It's Movember - check out the store for a 100 Cubit pack which includes 5 styles, 7 blocks, and 1 mag rider
* Tooltips now appear on the character sheet for equipment and styles
* The Springy Sporeling mount can now be crafted at the Crafting Bench.
* Mastery ranks now go to 60! Some mastery ranks now give increased crafting speed instead of crafting materials
* The starting zone in adventure worlds is now more peaceful and has a helpful sign
* Flasks are no longer refilled between Shadow Arena waves. Now, they are only refilled if all players die.
* Added more plateaus and lava rivers to the 'flat' Dragon biome in adventure worlds.
* Added renderer selection to Settings.
* Miner's Troves will now drop progressively more frequently from ore blocks in all ranks including more frequently in Uber-5 than they do now.
* Miner's Troves now have a small chance to drop a random block recipe.
* Fixed Eye of Q'bthulhu cost in Shadow Diamond recipe to cost 5 eyes per 5 shadow diamonds instead of 1.
* The 'Return to the Hub' button is no longer displayed where that ability is not available.
* As part of our migration to DirectX rendering, 10% of game clients will now autoselect DirectX as the rendering option. Users who explicitly set their render device (in %appdata%/Trove/Trove.cfg) will not be affected.
* Updated descriptions on a few crafting machines and made the Terraformer warnings more explanatory.
* Invaders now have a 10 minute lifetime
* Improved Deconstructor, Trading Post, and Style Saver UI.
* Items added to the Deconstructor and Style Saver are now grayed out in your inventory, and can be removed by right-clicking or dragging. Updated Deconstructor and Trading Post UI to match current style.
* Shadow Invasions will now return to whence they came after a moderate amount of time.
* Fixed bug where entering a portal while airborne could result in fall damage after teleporting
* Idle players will now be logged out after 30 minutes.
* Fixed bug where dodging/moving out of range of a workbench makes the workbench unusable
* Fixed Fae Trickster bug where energy is consumed when teleport ability fails
* A Neon City terraformer is now available for crafting at the Worldspring.
* Permafrost terraformers now require Glacial Shards instead of Robotic Salvage.
* Updated descriptions on a few crafting machines and made the Terraformer warnings more explanatory.
* The Chaos Forge no longer requires Tentacles of Q'thulhu to craft, but does require an unlucky quantity of Eyes.
* You no longer lose magic find when joining an in-progress Shadow Arena.
* Fae Trickster's passive is no longer affected by fire afflicted bosses
* Fixed bug where invasion mobs didn't immediately aggro a player
* Fixed bug where enemies foot-slide when first spawning
* Fixed bug where player can get stuck in a running animation if stopping movement right when hit
* Fixed bug where you can sometimes jump one fewer times than the Jump stat on your character sheet
* Tutorial signs are now less ignorable
* Signs in your Cornerstone can now be edited using 'E', weird.
* New melee weapons by DarkListener, Chaze, Walyn, DeathXR, aFamilyMember, Formed-Freak, Tsukiyo, Fhilian, asadasdasdsadas, Zyron, rosetta, Cman0147, Rerim, Rairiku, Pariah, Kaupasi, Waffleboy, OmnIIIfinity, SleepGhost, GewoonYer, MikzHatsune, Snugglor, MrFondle, HolyHamGrenade, IAMD1SASTER, Crozacx, and Gendgi have been added to the game!

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Post Pirate Edition

Posted 3 years ago (April 6, 2015, 7:45 pm) on Trove Forums

Arriving on 4/7/15!

This week and next week's patches will be smaller than normal. We've started making changes to support a public test server, which means we’ll be working more ahead than we do currently!

* Chaos chests have been randomized! Look for some retro store stuff in it this week!

* When sailing, player direction on the world map is now based on where the ship is heading, rather than where the player is aiming.

* The maximum club size is now 750 members.

* Shadow Caches now drop one less Eye of Q'bthulhus when they roll a common result.
* Fishing lures are now consumed immediately upon casting, which fixes an exploit. Lures are refunded for failed casts.

* Pembarr the pirate corgi is now craftable!
* Deconstructing shadow equipment no longer grants tentacles.
* The cost to super randomize at the Chaos Forge now costs 200 Flux, down from 250.

* Fixed a bug where the wrong footstep and landing sounds were played in flowing liquids.
* Fixed a bug where you could get stuck fishing underwater.

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