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Chaos Chest


Open for crafting materials, Chaos Cores, and rare collectibles.

The featured rare collectibles change weekly.

Imported in Patch: Open Seas and Ally Edition Designed by: Trove Team

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Trovesaurus Notes

[item=chaos chest] is a uncommon chest granted by Daily login base on the player Chaos factor. Can also be earned as a rare loot from any dungeons.

Obtained by:

  • Chaos Factor (mastery or [item=chaos coin])
  • Trove Store
  • Opening a [item=chaos chest]
  • Completing 25 dungeons with [collection=chaos codex] equipped
  • loot collecting [item=mega chaos chest]

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liked this!


Thanks for having my video in the list


Info seems a bit outdated. I've gotten as low as high 300s in flux from them, so minimum is not 1k.