Following changes are not directly related to Gardening, but were implimented in same update.

New PacksTop ^

The Sweet Sixteen pack costs 19,99$ , it unlocks all 16 currently available classes in Trove: Boomeranger, Candy Barbarian, Chloromancer, Dino Tamer, Dracolyte, Far Trickster, Gunslinger, Ice Sage, Knight, Lunar Lancer, Neon Ninja, Pirate Captain, Revenant, Shadow Hunter, Tomb Raiser and Vanguardian. Read more about classes here LINK.

For each class you already own you will receive 1 tradable Credit Pouch worth 250 Credits each.

Cultivated Collection Pack costs 19,99$, it has 3 Tractor mounts for easy planting, watering and harvesting: Seed Sower, Mechanized Hydration Tractor and Horticultural Harvester. There are also 25 Bobble Pod and 25 Golden Watering Can (non-tradable).

Tractor mounts can be purchased separately in Style tab of in-game store for 3000 Credits each.

Geode Companion EggsTop ^

Helping out companions in Geode Caves has now a rare change to grant an egg of same type. Thus:

Such eggs can hatch into Common, Uncommon or Rare companion of same type. Tame Companion Eggs appear at the same time as Lesser Crystal Caches when assisting Cave Critters.

Leaderboards and Star BarTop ^

With one of Hotfixes Leaderboard contests have been rearranged and rewards have been adjusted to match current priorities. 

  • There are now 3 Class Leaderboard Contests available each week, down from 4. The rewards have been increased by a third to compensate for this change.
  • There is now 1 Flawless Shadow Tower Boss Contest each week. The reward for this contest has been increased to 10 Light Chaos Chests (up from 2).
  • There is now 1 Bomber Royale Contest each week, rotating between Wins, Kills, and Damage Done. The rewards have been doubled or even tripled in some cases.
  • Companion Eggs Found and World Bosses Defeated have been moved in to the rotating weekly stat contests. Their rewards have been upgraded to better fit this set of contests.
  • There are now 2 weekly stat Contests available each week from a rotation of:
    • Dungeons Completed
    • Boxes Opened
    • Infinium Mined
    • Enemies Defeated
    • World Bosses Defeated
    • Companion Eggs Found
  • The daily Total Power Rank leaderboard contest has been removed, now Diamond Dragonite is rewarded daily for completing Star Bar (x3 amount with Patron active).

Star Bar has been made more meaningful, now aside from Cubuts and Starglint Pinatas completing it also rewards with Diamond Dragonite. So, a fully completing 5/5 Starbar for non-Patron players rewards with:

Fully completing 5/5 Starbar as Patron player rewards with triple amount of everything:


Old Items removedTop ^

Following items are planned to be removed with next update, meaning you have to use them soon or lose them forever.

Additional updatesTop ^

  • NPC and Fishing Trophies can now only be placed in Club Worlds and Cornerstones. Trophies now can be composted! Some gardening decorations require trophies to be crafted.
  • The Dragon Crucible has been reorganized. Now dragons are arranged by the way of obtaining them – Dragon Souls, Dragon Eggs, Hatched Dragons, Fragment Dragons and Primordial Dragons.
  • Dragon Eggs and Egg Fragments now list sources in their tooltips.
  • Improved the drop rate for Bubble Dragon Egg Fragment
  • The chance of getting Bobble Pod Seeds when harvesting plants has been doubled.
  • Crafting Materials have had additional information added/reformatted to describe where players can find them.
  • Class Gem Key Fragment can now be crafted with 5 Empowered Gem Fragment at the Adventurer's Crafting Bench.
  • Pets no longer have a default 5 Glim deconstruction value.
  • Shadow tower lobby portals will update (over time, not immediately) to point to more recently occupied rooms in the shadow tower, rather than always pointing to the first room.
  • Added the /clublog (no space) slash command to help search for specific club log entries for the primary club. This command will accept a large number of variables, but here are a few examples:
      • “/clublog player PostCard” would find things that PostCard did in the primary club
      • “/clublog chestofficer playerPostCard” would find times that PostCard accessed the Officer Chest
      • “/clublog gardenharvest” would find the most recent 10 times someone harvested a primary club plant
      • “/clublog gardenharvest page 2” would find the next 10 times someone harvested a primary club plant
  • Added the result of /zonerestrict commands to club logs.
  • Class helm styles are no longer unlocked on trial classes.
  • The Elysian Cistern can now be deconstructed in to chaos cores.
  • Some old tradable chaos chest rares can now be deconstructed for one chaos core.
  • Cornerstone Damageable by Bombs and Abilities is now toggled off by default for new players.
  • Players of any class level that meet the Light and PR requirements can now earn 5* dungeon chests.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent swapping between Adventure and Build inventories properly.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the crafting inventory to constantly refresh when Food was equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where some costumes were not playing their custom audio on attacks.
  • Minigame coins can once again be placed in clubworlds & cornerstones.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause leaderboards to load empty entries in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with Homeworld Hearts could cause lag for everyone in the Club World.
  • Fishing Lures now deconstruct for 5 glim.
  • Minions spawned by emblems now more consistently despawn when players get out of range.
  • Added a drippy effect to the Jelotl Matron mount.
  • The Haughty Kitty ally can now be deconstructed in to chaos cores.
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