Going Green Tips

Need some extra help with the update? Thanks to the Gardening Hub Discord Server we have collected a bunch of tips for you!


Tractor can harvest/water 4 blocks instead of 3 if you go from East to West or West to East. North/South doesn't work.


If you have the final harvesting badge, use the Green Thumbzilla for harvesting allies, you can just walk up to them and it auto picks up


Horticultural Harvester tractor mount can loot allies from habitats, not just plants


Bovine Buildmaster can place plant in rows of 3 instead of 1 (Seed Sower)


Before you deconstruct your plant recipes using a composter, consider using the loot collector instead, as it gives a blank scroll for every recipe, instead of 1 compost heap (the scroll is obviously more valuable than the heap)


The new gardening basically starts at 150 gardening skill, to reach that fastest craft 50 of each sponge, you will need those for collecting liquids to craft Watercans

  • Leveling up from 150 to 200 is either Watercans or Qubbage seeds as cheapest
  • Leveling up from 200 to 250 is Uggplant or Purp Lil seeds as cheapest
  • Leveling up from 250 to 300 is Totter Tate or Qumato seeds as cheapest

Allies at ally habitats have a chance to spawn on every day reset. if ally is not picked up it will disappear on next day reset.

Same habitat grants same rarity ally for everyone who picks it up. Unlimited amount of people can pick up allies from same habitat.

Cheapest items to get Organic Refuse are Eyes of Q'bthulhu

Using Golden Watercans on plants adds all water units to the badge - f.e. use Golden watercan on Bunfeed with 0/5 water will add 5 points to the badge progression

Plants and ally habitats need sunlight to grow, they dont need to be directly under sun but there must be some sun source near them

Sprouted plants can not be destroyed by bombs, mounts, dragon fireballs etc, they can only be removed by hand in build mode, or destroyed with yabaki laser

Clubs worlds have soft cap of 500 sprouted plants\ally habitats, meaning you can plant as much as you d like while they are still sprouting (4 hours for most) but once they are sprouted you cannot plant more


The 20$ pack with tractors has more value at a lower price if you have :rooSellout: , but if you're f2p then each tractor costs 3000 credits and you need all 3

Read carefully the seed description. Some plants are harvestable ONLY ONCE while others last a few days and can be harvested every reset.

You can compost allies for superior refuse . The common allies give 1 and the rare 5.

Keep in mind 95% of the items in this update are tradable, so before you do anything, try to look them up on the market first

You can decon Golden Pitcher Plant Seed into a golden watering can, but I would not recommend that, since you get a lot more if you plant and water it.

I recommend having 1.000.000 eyes of Q so you can instantly compost them and get the Obsidian Badge for composting. I also recommend having a few million Glim, because you'll need for crafting Compost Heaps

Sometimes when you harvest plants, you'll get a decoration [tradable] as a prize in your building inventory, you can trade that item or compost it for Quality Refuse.

NEVER use a golden watering can on a plant with just 0/1 stages, it's a waste, just use a tractor if you have

You will need to craft an everlasting watering can eventually, for the badge, which requires 500 watering cans, so you might as well craft them for gardening skill and use later on

Gardening style stashes / golden watering cans / alchemy recipes / bomb styles / radiant rarity seeds are tradable. The everlasting watering can is NOT tradable.

Opening compost heaps counts towards the boxes opened contest.

It takes 4 hours for plants to sprout or you can use an insta-grower. It has a range of 10x10

You get blossoming egg fragments from bobble pods. Same as pinatas, thrower and other 7 get loot.

The latest dragon, Kahramet can be unlocked via effigy or by crafting.

You can compost vegetables for Quality Refuse. Since vegetables are tradable, basically quality refuse is tradable.

Once you plant down an ally habitat and it sprouts, IF YOU MINE IT, IT'S GONE !!! Same with plants, if they sprout and you mine them, they disappear, you don't get them back.

Ally habitats will have a different model when they have an ally to harvest.

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