Diamond Dragonite crafting

Crafting Material. A primordial shard used to craft items of immense power.

This item cannot be traded

Obtained by:

  • Daily login bonus from Total Power Rank contest
  • Opening Diamond Dragonite Pouch
  • Store weekly deals
  • Special Quest Events




Imported in Patch: Loot Collector, Vault Clubs, Steam Workshop

Designed by: Trove Team

Blueprint: item_crafting_eggpiece_dragon_gemcolorless.blueprint


Used as Ingredient

This item is used as an ingredient in recipes to make the following items:

Diamond Dragon Egg

Crafted using: Dragon Crucible (Primordial Dragons)


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Dev Tracker

5 most recent dev posts that mention "Diamond Dragonite"

[Avarem] - PTS - Patch Notes - Sept 26, 2016

Posted 1 year ago (September 26, 2016, 5:02 pm) on Trove Forums

These are currently very brief in the interest of getting this PTS build out to you all. We'll expand these notes with additional details shortly.

* Multi-threading is now on by default. Please report all bugs.

* The Shadow's Eve event is back and better than ever!

* Diamond Dragonite will be used to craft Diamond Dragon Eggs . More on this coming to PTS soon.

* The Mod Loader is now live on PTS in an in-progress state. We're working with the mod creators to test this, and will post details about how to use it for everyone soon.

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[Avarem] - Patch Notes - Shadow's Eve, Mods, and Dragonite - Oct 11, 2016

Posted 1 year ago (October 10, 2016, 7:40 pm) on Trove Forums

Shadow's Eve is Back and Even Better!
  • Pumpkin Dungeons are sprouting in all biomes! Find a giant Jack-O-Lantern and defeat these spooky intruders for candy corn.
  • The Hub is all Shadow’s Eve themed, and includes the Shadowy Station (inside a big pumpkin) where candy corn can be used.
  • You can craft and grow pumpkins once more!
  • The Spookytime Mystery Box is now available at the Shadowy Station. It contains seasonally haunting recipes and the new Hyperactive Haunt and Bouncy Black Bat mounts.
  • The Sugar Crasher and Spirited Broomstick are added to the Shadowy Station as craftable, tradeable mounts.
  • Log in every day for a Shadow’s Eve Daily Reward Chest. This replaces the Daily Reward Chest for the duration of the Shadow’s Eve event, but fear not, you have the same chances of getting rare drops as ever. As an uncommon drop, you may receive Pennry's Phantataur mount!
  • The Phantataur is also available for credits during the event (although honestly, log in every day and you'll almost certainly get one), as is the returning Caskart Mag Rider.
  • Craft the Drak-O-Lantern Dragon Egg or pick it up in the new pack!
  • Some new event objectives are now live! Once you complete the Diamond Dragonite objective these will appear (or once that one expires next week). Complete them all to earn 10 Lapis Luckbugs, 3 Empowered Gem Boxes, and the unique Bitten Kitten mount!
  • Spooky things are afoot. And afloat. Do you see ghosts? How suspicious.
  • This event will run through the end of October and culminate with a special bonus Ninth Life just for logging in on October 28th!

Easy to Use Modding
  • It's now easier than ever to use community created mods to enhance your game!
  • Simply place '.tmod' files into the new 'mods' folder in your Trove installation directory to mod your game.
  • Enable and disable your added mods via the ESC menu in-game.
  • Want to make a mod? Check out this great guide: https://www.trovesaurus.com/page=185...iles-made-easy

Diamond Dragonite
  • You can now craft a Diamond Dragon Egg at the Dragon Crucible using Diamond Dragonite!
  • Diamond Dragonite can be obtained via the new daily contest for total power rank, events, and also a very very rare tradable world drop 'Diamond Dragonite Pouch'.
  • For this week only there is a new limited time objective. Complete 25 challenges (each stage counts for 1) and earn 50 extra Diamond Dragonite!

  • There is a new one time purchasable Dragonite Megapack on the store - this is a great deal for gem boxes and then we threw in 100 Diamond Dragonite straight up on top of that just because.
  • There is now an option to purchase 33 Greater Dragon Caches at once with a bonus Diamond Dragonite Pouch.
  • The Spooky Swag Bag has arrived to set the tone for Halloween! This collection of one Drak-O-Lantern Dragon Egg (which hatches into the very scary Drak-O-Lantern dragon mount), five other great mounts (including Alduir, Autumn's Retreat from Fizzinc ), and four community created costumes:
  • Screamheart's Trovian Defender
  • Zoe's Mermaid
  • LippyLapras's Treasure Trovian
  • FriedSushi's S'more Sweetness

Community Created Content
  • New Jurassic Jungle Lair from Chronozilla! (Note added 1:30 PM PDT 10/11/2016)
  • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Evilagician!
  • New Shadow's Eve Jurassic Jungle Lair from stedms!
  • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Screamheart!
  • New Candoria Dungeon from Aveon0!
  • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Dark_Style_NL!
  • Chaos Chest loot coming throughout the Shadow's Eve event: HotShotChicago's Slightly Singed Skitterer, HotShotChicago's Accursed Arachnid, and Ainogommon's Neverending Necrowmancer

Additional Updates
  • The clocktower in the City of Bones shadow dungeon has been updated to make travel and NPC spawning less of a pain.
  • Challenges and Objectives now show the name of the reward being earned.
  • Rally Blade is now more likely to match you with adventuring players (and ignoring AFK ones)
  • The charge up attack used by the tribal humanoids in the Jurassic Jungle should now hit for much less.
  • Pegasus Wings are now less transparent.
  • The welcome screen no longer displays your chaos factor. Check your character stats if you need to know!
  • Starter classes are now limited to only the 8 most accessible classes. Class coins and other methods of acquiring classes work as normal.

Bug Fixes
  • Kicking from club worlds should work correctly again, again.
  • A relatively common crash involving using the mining laser has been fixed.
  • Fix Mac client being unable to play intro movies with multithreading enabled.
  • '/zonerestrict' should now work correctly
  • Stellar Aura VFX now disappear when you die instead of floating around your tombstone.
  • Fixed projectile targeting in PVP
  • Iguana, and Sarcosuchus NPCs should now drop the correct trophies
  • Fixed bug where shift+mousewheel didn't rotate blocks while in build mode

Patch Notes Updated: Added new lair by Chronozilla.

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[Fasti] - This Week In Trove - March 28, 2017

Posted 8 months ago (March 28, 2017, 3:12 pm) on Trove Forums

This week in Trove we're ratcheting up the chaos! Read on for the latest Trove news.

Playing Trove on consoles?
Chaos Factor is doubled! Get two Chaos Chests for every point of Chaos Factor you have. Pick up a Patron Pass and get 4 Chaos Factor added to however much you have already.

The top Chaos Chest prize this week is the Arcanium Crawler mount. This eight legged freak is a frighteningly cool critter.

Playing on Windows or Mac?

You can also take advantage of the double Chaos Factor this week!

Top Chaos Chest loot this week is a Chaos Mega Core! This prize gives players a variable sized stack of Chaos Cores that can be used in crafting Classes, costumes, or mounts from the Chaos Crafter.

The Trove Store has the Dragon Weekly Deal running. This special pack contains 15 Greater Dragon Caches, 2 Diamond Dragonite Pouches, and a Golden Dragon Effigy that unlocks one select dragon you don't already have unlocked.

Thanks for playing and for being part of our fantastic community! Have a great week, Trovians!

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[Fasti] - St. Qubeslick’s Day – 14 Days of Daily Rewards!

Posted 8 months ago (March 15, 2017, 2:35 pm) on Trove Forums

St. Qubeslick has come to the PC version of Trove for two reasons: to chew bubble gum and destroy Angry Tentacles of Q’bthulhu – and he’s all out of bubble gum.

Celebrate two weeks of daily login rewards and complete a brand new quest chain to unlock your very own St. Qubeslick ally (box not included)!

Login every day during this new celebration to pick up free loot:

March 14th - 1 Day Patron Pass
March 15th - 5 Dragon Coins
March 16th - 1 Day Patron Pass
March 17th - 10 Chaos Chests
March 18th - 1 Day Patron Pass
March 19th - 10 Gem Booster Boxes
March 20th - 1 Day Patron Pass
March 21st - 1 Minor Experience Coin
March 22nd - 1 Day Patron Pass
March 23rd - 10 Chaos Chests
March 24th - 1 Day Patron Pass
March 25th - 10 Chaos Chests
March 26th - 1 Day Patron Pass
March 27th - 1 Pearl of Wisdom

In addition to the daily rewards there’s a new, seven step quest chain to help St. Qubeslick in the fight against his bitter enemies - Angry Tentacles of Q’bthulhu. Complete the quests to earn loot like Chaos Chests, Gem Booster Boxes, Empowered Gem Boxes, or Diamond Dragonite!

Venture into the Medieval Highlands to find a new dungeon available only during the event. Take down tentacles and use the Shadowshaping Bench to make the Tranquil Tentacle ally.

Defeated tentacles have a rare chance to drop a new decorative trophy to place in your Cornerstone or Club World.

Join the fight against the deadly disciples of Q’bthulhu and get epic loot in the process!

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[Fasti] - Dragon Hoard Pack – A Treasure Beyond Measure

Posted 1 year ago (October 27, 2016, 6:52 am) on Trove Forums

The word “dragon” comes from an ancient Greek term “draconta,” which meant “to watch.” Since the first stories of dragons were told they have been watchful guardians over the world’s greatest treasures. The Dragon Hoard Pack is among the greatest caches of wealth anywhere!

  • Inora, Flame of Enlightenment – A full legendary dragon of tremendous grace and unwavering power. Unlocking this mythical beast will grant all your classes a series of permanent boosts:
    1. 10% Maximum Health
    2. 3% Attack Speed
    3. +500 Physical Damage
    4. +50 Magic Find
  • 333 Dragon Coins to speed up the unlocking of another dragon.
  • 33 Greater Dragon Caches that may contain Dragon Coins, Dragon Souls that can be used or traded, or a variety of rare Dragon Eggs.
  • 3 Diamond Dragonite Pouches that will help you progress toward unlocking your very own Diamond Dragon Egg used in crafting Primordial Dragons!

A treasure this magnificent comes but once in a lifetime. Don’t let it slip through your fingers!

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