New Gardening

With this update Gardening profession got a whole lot of changes. Now plants have much more value and use. There are seed recipes to find and learn, seeds to craft, various vegetables and resource plants to grow, water and harvest. With these players can craft new Food consumables, new allies, mounts and decorations.

Gardening BenchesTop ^

New benches can be crafted at Builder's Crafting Bench, Antiquated Gardening Bench or at updated Gardening Bench.

Don’t worry, all previously available plants are still in game and can be crafted and planted. No material requirements for old plants and gardening items have been changed, but old plant are not counted for new Gardening Badges.

All old plants from Gardener, Green Thumb and Botanist skill tiers have been downgraded to unlock at lower skill levels. Maximum obtainable skill has been raised to 300 and now is called Horticulturist. All tiers from Gardener and up are now occupied with new plants that come from Seed bags. These new plants are the core of this update.

There are two major groups of new plants - vegetables and alchemy plants. Vegetables are used to make food, alchemy plants are grown to harvest resources.

Harvesting Station is used to craft new gardening mounts, allies, decorations and frameworks using resources from new plants. Read more about them at /collections

Vegetable Sink is needed to wash your freshly harvested vegetables to turn them into Food – new consumables to temporary boost player stats. Read more at /food

Compost Bin is very important. Thanks to it you can convert unwanted resources into Organic Refuse to be recycled into Compost Heaps for new valuable resources and seeds. Read more about recycling at /composting


Bobble PodsTop ^

Booble pods are new pinata-plants. Throw them with 7 other people to receive Vegetable Seeds, Recipes for Alchemy plants and Radiant-tier Alchemy plant seed bags. Bobble pods are rewarded for completing Harvesting and Watering Gardening Badges, but can be also grown on personal cornerstones from Bobble Pod Plant Seed. These seeds can rarely drop while harvesting plants or unboxed from Superior Compost Heap.


Obtaining SeedsTop ^

All Alchemy Plant Seeds are tradable, all Vegetable Plant Seeds are not.

Most of the seeds can be crafted at Gardening Bench. All Vegetable seed recipes are unlocked by default. To craft Alchemy plant seeds you need to unlock their recipes first. Obtain recipes for them from Bobble Pod, Compost Heaps or in-game Marketplace.

Learning recipes requires appropriate level of Gardening Skill.

Evolving Alchemy Plant Seed recipe is unlocked by the badge after collecting all 17 other alchemy plant seed recipes. This seed can sprout into any alchemy plant.

Note: If obtained from Bobble Pod or in-game Marketplace, all seeds can be planted, watered and harvested at any Gardening skill level.

Following seeds cannot be crafted and can only be obtained rarely from Bobble Pod, Superior Compost Heap or purchased from in-game Marketplace.

Golden Pitcher Plant Seed can be obtained from all compost heaps as Rare, looted from Bobble Pods or purchased from in-game Marketplace.

Seeds for Ally Habitats can only be crafted at Harvesting Station. Bench requires 150 Gardening skill to use, but Grown Ally Habitats require 300 Gardening Skill to interact with.

Read more about Ally habitats here.

Moonlight BulbsTop ^

Moonlight Bulb is a new unique resource that is used in crafting all Alchemy plant seeds. These bulbs can be found all over Trove adventure worlds and Geode Surface.
A special thing about this resource is that it will disappear from the inventory and personal chest if you log off and stay offline for more than an hour.


Moonlight bulbs are not tradable, however, all seeds made with them can be traded.

Planting seedsTop ^

Plant seeds can be planted in Club Worlds (not in Vault Clubs) and on personal cornerstones. There is a soft limit of 500 sprouted plants per club, plants on cornerstones currently do not have a limit. Other players cannot plant, water or harvest plants from your cornerstone.

You can find seeds in your Inventory on Building tab. Switch to building mode and place them just like any other block.

Note: Plants require sunlight to grow. If you plant seeds in a place where they can not grow they will not spout but show up withered model instead. Do not worry, you can pick up those non sprouted plants to get your seeds back.

Seed Sower mount can be used to plant seeds, it can be purchased in in-game Store. Equip the mount, switch to building mode and select seeds on your hotbar. Mount up, start moving and Seed Sower will plant them in a row behind you. Seed Sower also works for planting all plants.

Planted seeds need 4 hours to sprout, with exceptions being [Bobble Pod Seed], Golden Pitcher Plant Seed and Ally Habitats which sprout in 30 seconds. Evolving Alchemy Plant Seed sprouts in 30 minutes and then behaves like a plant it sprouted into.

Insta-Grower can be used to speed up sprouting time, immediately going to watering stage. Insta-growers have 10x10 area of effect.

WateringTop ^

Sprouted plants need to be watered before they can be harvested. Amount of water varies per plant. Watering can only be done once per day. After Trove daily reset plants can be watered again or harvested if they were fully watered on previous day.

All water cans have 3x3 area of effect in front of the player.

Watering cans are located in Adventure inventory tab. Put them in your hot-bar slots, stand on\next to your plants and hold down the hotkey.

Watering Can can be crafted at Gardening Bench at 150 skill level. These cans fill 1 water need of a plant and disappear after use.

Golden Watering Can can be grown from Golden Pitcher Plant Seed and can be used to completely fill all watering needs of a plant, allowing you to harvest it on the next day. Golden Watering Cans can be used on a plant on same day even if it already has been watered with other cans or mounts. These cans disappear after use.

Everlasting Watering Can can be crafted at Gardening Bench at 300 skill level. This can fills 1 water need of a plan, is not removed after use and is required for [Obsidian Badge Watering Plants].

Mechanized Hydration Tractor can be purchased in in-game Store and waters plants in rows of 3 behind it when equipped and moving, unlimited.

Botanic Floralfin is granted upon obtaining Obsidian Badge: Watering Plants and waters plants in a small radius around player when equipped and moving, unlimited.

HarvestingTop ^

After being fully watered plants need some time to be harvestable. Vegetables will be ready for harvest on next day reset, Alchemy plants need 2-3 days.

Walk to your plant and use action key to pick up harvest.

Horticultural Harvester can be purchased in in-game Store and is used to quickly harvest plants. Equip it, mount up and ride over your plants to pick up all the harvest. This mount will also automatically destroy withered plants.

Green Thumbzilla ally is granted upon completing Obsidian Badge: Harvesting and lets you harvest plants just by walking through them while having it equipped.


Plants at any stage of growing can be removed manually by players using Laser in build mode.

Plants at any stage of growing do not get destroyed or damaged if being run over by players or players on mounts. Bomb, Big Bomb, Turtle Tank, Laseratops, Bull Dozer, Rocket Drill and all the Dragons cannot destroy plants making it almost impossible to remove them by accident.

Club members with Gardening permission can water and harvest plants. Planting seeds is regulated by Basic Modify\Modify\Expert Modify permissions and depends on zone restrictions.

All plants Wither over time, if you want forever-beautiful and blooming plants, craft /decorations. There is one for every new plant!

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