Going Green

The Going Green update brings significant changes to Gardening profession. New workbenches, plants, seeds and new ways to use them!

This update to Trove arrives May 28, 2019 on PC and Mac and June 25, 2019 on Consoles.

Composting is a new recycling method for al your unwanted resources and trophies. Outcome of composting is Organic Refuse of varying quality. Craft Compost heaps from Organic Refuse and unbox rare crafting materials and seeds.

Compost BinTop ^

Craft Compost Bin at Gardening Bench. Level 150+ of Gardening skill is required to both craft and use it.

Resources required to craft the bench:

Recycling for Organic RefuseTop ^

Compost workbench is a new method for loot collecting unwanted resources, non-pvp trophies, plants, seeds and seed recipes into Organic Refuse of varying quality and resources.

You can buy back any composted items within 24 hours after you composted them, if you still have resouces you gained from that in your inventory.

Quality Organic Refuse can be obtained from recycling (check spoiler below) and from harvesting Legendary and Relic tier of plants, one per harvest.

Superior Organic Refuse can primary be obtained from harvesting Resplendent and Shadow tier of plants, one per harvest. Harvesting Radiant tier of plants grants 2 Superior Organic Refuse per harvest. Golden Watercan plants do not grant any Organic Refuse.

Recycling Gardening Allies gives Superior Organic Refuse depending on rarity of ally.

Tiers of plants can be viewed at /plants.

Items recycled for Organic Refuse

Items recycled for Quality Organic Refuse

Recycling Gardening Allies

Recycling Recipes

Recycling Seeds


Compost HeapsTop ^

Out of Organic Refuse you can craft Compost Heaps at Harvesting Station. They contain Concentrated Compost, Moonlight Temper, Cookie Musk, Gardening Style Stash, Golden Pitcher Plant Seed, Alchemy plant seed recipes and other goodies.

Heap Type Crafted With
Compost Heap


Compost Heap loot table


Heap Type Crafted With
Quality Compost Heap

Note: Opening Quality Compost Heaps are the only way to obtain Moonlight Temper

Quality Compost Heap loot table


Heap Type Crafted With
Superior Compost Heap

Note: Opening Superior Compost Heaps are the only way to obtain Cookie Musk

Superior Compost Heap loot table


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