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Trove Mods

Mod your Trove game, changing the appearance of some elements or adding new functionality. On this page you can browse and upload mods, this list also powers the TroveTools.NET mod loader.

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Kirby Energy Hotbar (GUI) - moo3oo3oo3

Comic Hero Shadow Hunter [COSTUME] (COSTUME) - FeztacularGames_YT

The Demonic Knight (COSTUME) - SkyZer123

Neon Nightmare (COSTUME) - FeztacularGames_YT

Radiant Ninja (COSTUME) - Evilagician

Captain America (ALLY) - obliveater95

ExoDave Mod Manager (UTILITY) - ExoDave

RomanSoldier (COSTUME) - Uddalaka

Tsukikage: Moon's Shadow (COSTUME) - FeztacularGames_YT

Project Phantom (COSTUME) - _Akashi_

berserker armor (COSTUME) - phagy

Clean Dot Crosshair (GUI) - Keeevy

Enchanted PlummyFish (MOUNT) - DerbyS

Golden Sharp Shooter (COSTUME) - Craftsman42

The Dragon Knight (COSTUME) - _GraviTy

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Nitro Goose (MOUNT) - BisquiteCat