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Item Per Hour Tracker with StormReapers Loot Tracker!

Versions Different versions of files for this mod.
  • Updated to Reeling in the Stars
  • Updated icon of bomberroyal tomes.
  • Add missing legendary tomes.

808.4 KB

  • Update to Boomeranger Blowup.

773.6 KB

  • prepared for sunfest 2022 event.
  • Add missing allies.
  • Add Key: Sunder-Ark Cache.

768.6 KB

  • Add Uber-11 gem boxes.
  • Add Irradium Ore to tracking.
  • Fix Jumping Jadefin missing icon.
  • Fix Battle Trophies wrongly identifying as fish <><

766.6 KB

  • Add missing rare drops from new 5* dungeons.

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Item Per Hour Tracker with StormReapers Loot Tracker!


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ty for update!
It's good to have you back here mate. What happened?


Lost Ark happened.
[Deleted User]

removed by pawllo02

Might be a Qol change here, but is it possible to add the amount of items after you picked up something as well to the tracker?

Like if you have (f.i.)178 shapestone and bomb 22 more it says something like

You got 22 Shapestone (picked up from current world / iph / now in possesion in inv)

Would make precise farming hell of a lot easier since I cannot think of me being the only one watching how many of what I need for another big craft

keep up the epic work man ever bit you do help so much so thanks 

missing hexed dragon egg fragment and ironclad dragon egg frament


Thanks, ye i forgot about some new items being added, working on getting those in as well.

Any chance to have this mod without iph/mf/xp tracker? Having different colors is great but because of tracking, game starts to lag/freeze after some time spent farming


No, i do not see the tracking as a thing that could cause lag/freeze, this is the first that i have heard of it. if you can farm with only this mod enabled and no other and still reproduce it then i also want to know how long you have been farming to cause this behaviour, any detail helps, just saying that it causes lag/freeze after some time is unhelpful.

liked this!


After about 30 mins into u10 farming I'm having micro-freezes before loot tracker/bottom right messages appear. Tried farming without this mod, doesnt happen even after 2 hours


Sorry for the late response on this, but i do not believe the logic behind the tracking is at blame here (maybe on very very slow systems but generally most computers should be able to handle that) but rather the logic behind the icons being displayed next to each item (or most items).

These "micro-freezes" occur mostly when there is a lot of icons being rendered out at once (at least in my testing) since how flash generally works is that we have a sprite that contains a set of frames (in this case icon's for items) and then we go through each frame until we stop at a specific index, so lets say we have glim, that is at index 1 then we would go from frame 0 to 1 (we start at 0) and then stop, but what if we have an item that is on index 300? well then we go from 0, 1, 2... etc until we are at 300, and having multiple items drop (which is common in trove) will cause multiple of these long sequences to occur that i think is causing the "micro-freezes", if you want to contact me over on discord (you can find me in Trovesaurus discord server) and help me test a version without the icons to see if you still get the same affect on your end that would be great, if that solves the issue i will have to make an updated version that uses another way of displaying the images.


What is the second part of the counter (ex: radiant shard 400/1270 iph) what is the 1270?


"radiant shard 400/1270 iph" as example

iph = Item Per Hour.

So you will get 1270 radiant shards after 1 hour of farming at the same rate, first number is how many you have farmed so far (400).


oh ok thank you

can the counter reset manually? or have to wait an hour or change map?


No you cannot, you have to either change world or logout and back in again.

Waiting an hour will not reset it.

Is there a way where I can make this mod work while running Trove in German? I am using the Steam Workshop version and it does not activate when I am using German text in trove.


At this point no its not possible to use it with a language other than english.


It is now available in all languages that trove support!


WOW!! Thank you so much! This is really awesome!!!

is there anyone else not getting the rare drop/loot sound whenever a tome is finished?

Edit: it seems that runing in low tier worlds does not give the appropriate sound whenever a tome is finished
...i'll investigate further

Where you perhaps running with a tome from the new geode update?

Those should now be added.

TheSymbol, can you please make a version without primal blocks?

Because their filler spam won't let me (and I'm sure, most of the other fellas) track the actual loot, when I'm using bombs.

my point still stands about multi version releases: it will be too hard to maintain and i will either forget to update one or the other.

Dormant Golden Vale Dragon Egg Fragments (Crystallized Clouds ones) are not displayed.

I realized that after I collected 70+ frags in Sky Realm. I thought I haven't collected a single one by that point, as I rarely open my inventory while I farm, and rely solely on "info" mods. =)

It does show them now, but as "common" i will be revamping the dragon fragments soon to be more in line with what they actually are.

is it possible to get the Mod with different Languages?

in french for example :p

I have looked into adding this feature but as for now i wont be doing it since it would require a complete rewrite on where i pull information, it is on the todo list tho so in the future maybe.

The Radiant Shardine fish are not displaying properly. Radiant Shardine ... (Average Size)1 is as far to the right as it prints. No wrapping to another line and no details.

Thanks for fixing the 1 here. But the important point is that it's not displaying Radiant Shardine fish stats. Thanks.

[Deleted User]

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[Deleted User]

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Its copy of this mod, REPORT!!!

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Author: TheSymbol

Notes: Item Per Hour Tracker with StormReapers Loot Tracker!

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Created: March 17, 2017

Updated: November 27, 2022

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