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Out of Date - This mod has been marked as out of date on October 4, 2023. This is likely due to the original file being changed by the Trove Team, it is unlikely to continue working and the mod author will need to submit a new version.

Mod Description

TheSymbols Chat Mod - Customise your chat experience!

Features can be customized!

Versions Different versions of files for this mod.
  • Update/Add 1 Emojis.
  • Update/Add 22 Club logos.
  • Update/Add 3 player badges.
  • Update club alliance members.

16.2 MB

  • Code cleanup, fixed a couple of mistakes due to compiler error.
  • Remove "f" emote as it was just annoying.
  • Add modified channel color to input box (if changing in-game it might require a channel change or game restart to completely take affect).
  • Add tcm:emote_size (default 24).
  • Add c_mod_m & c_system_m to modify mod and system colors (c_mod_a and c_system_a exists as well but as these channels don't have an author its not used at this time).
  • Add tcm:player_color option to assign color to a specific player (format: player,color,player2,color2).
  • Add tcm:player_emote option to assign custom emote to specific player (format: player,emote,size,player2,emote2,size2).
  • Add tcm:player_nickname option to assign a nickname to a specific player (format: player,nickname,player2,nickname2).
  • Add tcm:channel_mask option to assign a channel a new name over the existing one (does not override club logos) (format: channelname,newchannelname,channelname2,newchannelname2).
  • Add tcm:block_max_level_message to block max level messages from chat. (default: disabled).
  • Add tcm:block_prime_levelup_message to block prime level messages from chat. (default: disabled).
  • Add //who to only display the amount of players in the world (without printing the list).
  • Add //chatlist to only display the amount of players in the chat channel (without printing the list).
  • Add filter to /stats (format /stats filter1 filter2 filter3).
  • Update/Add 66 Emojis.
  • Update/Add 46 Club logos.
  • Update/Add 9 Player badges.
  • Update club alliance members.

16.1 MB

  • Update/Add 51 Emojis.
  • Update/Add 13 Club logos.
  • Update/Add 6 player badges.
  • Update club alliance members.
  • Add {CHANNEL_CODE} to get the channel code only for formatting.
  • Add {CHANNEL_NAME} to get the channel name only for formatting.

15.7 MB

  • Update/Add 2 Emojis.
  • Update/Add 6 Club logos.
  • Update/Add 4 player badges.
  • Fix bug if hour offset was set to a negative value and clock was at 24:00 (12pm) it would show -X (where X was the number of the offset).

15.3 MB

  • Fix bug where if a message was filtered out by word blacklist and was empty (whitespace) it would still show up but blank, it should now not show up anymore.

15.3 MB


TheSymbols Chat Mod - Customise your chat experience!

Features can be customized!

Use new configuration mod "Mod Settings - Companion" to configure instead.

NOTE: For now use the direct links for the forms as the website is down due to hardware issues:
Club logo requests:

Badge requests:

Emoji requests:



Default Changes
These are the changes which are in the mod as you download it by default, there are also "customisable changes" which can be found below and in the configuration creator.

  • Whisper notification sounds
    A sound which plays when you receive a whisper, by default this is the forge upgrade sound.
  • Whisper color change
    The color of whisper messages is changed to be more readable by default.
  • Timestamp
    The timestamp is what shows the time a message was posted, this is set to 24 hour format by default.
  • "Easy reading mode"
    This feature is one which will be hit or miss for many people (but don't worry, it's customisable).
    Working differently in Trade chat and ST/Ultra chat, this feature is able to (most of the time) figure out what type of message is being sent (example: WTT/WTS/WTB for trade) and colors the entire message after that keyword a certain color.
    • Trade chat
      WTS and WTB have similar blue shades, which are pretty easily distinguishable at a glance.
      WTT is a vastly different color due to the fact that we thought having 3 blue shades might get confusing, this type of trade is also often rarer so this won't show up as often.

      Here is where this feature shines. When messages with multiple types of trade in them are recieved, it can change the color halfway through!
      This is especially helpful on those long messages listing a lot of items that might change from WTS to WTB halfway through.

    • ST/Ultra chat
      In shadow tower chat and Ultra chat the color change for "Looking for group" or "Looking for more" messages.
      LFM (also works with "X/8" being in the messages) colors the rest of the message in the "Looking for more" color.
      LF / LFG / INV / Invite all work for the "Looking for group" color.

  • Symbols (Emojis)
    Emojis are in the game! By default they are all turned on. There are 4 categories, these being "basic", "meme", "ST" and "trade".
    For a full list of emojis, look at the User guide / Manual.
    • Basic emojis
      Basic emojis are things you'd expect, like smiley faces, these are available to use globally.

    • Meme emojis
      Meme emojis include various memes and emotes you might recognise from elsewhere, including some trove specific ones.
      These are limited so that they may not be used in ST and Trade chats, to reduce spam & clutter.

    • ST/Ultra emojis
      In shadow tower chats specifically, there are some emotes which operate within them.
      These emojis replace SW, WP, PIN and DOTM (also variations of them) with symbols of each tower taken from the game files.
      The emojis also change color to red or purple if "HM", "UM" or variations are mentioned during the message.
      (Warning: this won't work with multiple tiers of shadow tower and will just take the highest tier to color all emotes this way).

    • Trade emojis
      In trade chat specifically there are some emotes which operate within them. These emotes (for now) are symbols for pearls and stars relating to gear.
      They replace instances of "5*" or "5 star" with the star emojis.
      This is also the case with Pearls, when "1 Pearl" or "1P" through to "8 Pearl" or "8P" is typed in.
      All of the Trade emojis are created by SkyRider3217! (Huge thanks to her <3)

Customisable changes
Use new configuration mod "Mod Settings - Companion" to configure instead.There are many of you that might want your version of the mod to be slightly different, say, changing a few colors you dislike, removing a group of emojis that you do not wish to see.
Fear not! There are many things about this mod which are customisable by the user via the prefab file, find out more about it on my website's configuration creator

Want to get more emojis in-game? Then head over to the request form!


Huge special thanks to the people that has helped out or come up with suggestions to the mod!

  • Comply, ExoDave & Arion4K - For beta testing the chat tab system.
  • ExoDave - Huge help with image work for the new tab system.
  • SummerHaas - For helping out with coefficient calculator.
  • Skyrider3217 - Making Symbols (Emojis) for trade chat.
  • Atom & Arion4k - Organizing the suggestions document, suggesting features & bug testing.
  • Arion4k - suggesting the Emoji system!
  • StormReaper - For telling me about the language configuration idea.
  • Altovod - For his CME Mod that i took inspiration from on some features.
  • Standa - For reminding me about Global chat colors.
  • vizthex - For suggesting 12 Hour time format.
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Hey, does anyone know how to load the default tabs? I have saved them via /tab save, but they don't automatically load when I open trove
for some reason i don't have tabs of each world or chat category, how can i fix that?


I wish to know this too, very annoying
I am a game anchor from China. Can I add the icon of bilibilibili live broadcast platform to the chat icon, and the icon address ,,My game name: bilibili_ moligod, and the game anchor homepage:,Currently, there are already 5000 fans
Hai , is it possible to invite all people at once in party tab :D

I mean like not clicking 1 by 1
I am a game anchor from China. Can I add the icon of bilibilibili live broadcast platform to the chat icon, and the icon address ,,My game name: bilibili_ Molipod, and the game anchor homepage:
Ok so the JHF club made all c2 c3 c4 and c5 chat different greens, and changing the chat colors of c3 for exemple changes the c5. JHF prefix when typing. C5 changes c1, etc. They're not in the right order. please fix

Could you also add an option to block max and prime paragon levels messages from chat?

liked this!


Gonna try and squeeze that into next update.

It is used through the binfab extension setting because of daylight saving time, but the editor files provided by that mode do not work at all, strangely enough, with 12 hour (AM/PM) mode and daylight saving time. Even if it's not binfab, I hope you can set the /tcm used in the chat window manually.

hi, is possible to "custom move" the /party tab??? thanks anyway for this mod :)

liked this!


No, due to how the client is built it is very hard to move windows around. There is a clickable region that is setup for each "window" that is static and cannot move, and making this take up the whole screen would break other UI elements.

By changing the chat colour from customizer, it will trigger the bug that automatic transform all your customize colour into black.


This issue should now be fixed, thanks for reporting.

for some reason when i use the customizer, all my chat tabs turn pitch black


This issue should now be fixed, thanks for reporting.


There is a current issue with the "Hide Tabbed Channels" feature. When I had it set to yes, and had a Global default tab I was not able to see All in Four's club chat without disabling these settings.


this is very dependant on how you setup your tabs, if you just used "1." as identifier that would also pull that clubs chat into the same tab, and hiding it from "All".

I would require your binfab file that causes this issue to diagnose it.

why I can't write the emojis and the other in the chat

I was just wondering when badges and such get accepted/denied? I don't think i've gotten an email denying my alpha badge and i've sent in what i believe to be the required proof twice in the past 2 years but haven't gotten a reply back and haven't gotten my alpha badge ;-;


I looked through your submissions and i do not see anything that is suggesting that you have played in alpha, the screenshots you sent in are not sufficient.


It was my purchase of the supporter pack, i believe i also sent in the santa hat & robot with the santa hat which are alpha items (2013 santa hat) - i can send a screenshot of the item tag, it says 2013 on it

This is the pet i showed, given exclusively to participants of alpha


Allies in-game are not valid for getting accepted, since there was a time where support was giving it out to beta players by accident.

Also the date you showed on the supporter pack is the date when "closed beta" launched, if you were playing earlier than that the game type would also be stating "Trove Alpha" and not "Trove"


I have sent in new screenshots showing "Trove Alpha" and not just "Trove"

This mod surely got potential in terms of organizing your chat, but it comes with a few nuisances that make me not want to use it after all. Note that I was using the custom file from configuration creator.

1. There is no option to keep whispers in the 'All' tab and additionally have whispers in their individual own tab, too; even with the setting 'hide tabbed channels' disabled. You can only disable the whisper tabs completelly...

2. There is no way to disable or change the countdown sounds of the timer/x comand.

3. This mod does still add a symbol (heart) in Heart-a-Phone messages, even after 'all' symbols are disabled. You can mute Heart-a-Phones completelly, but leaving them on without symbols is no option.

4. Changing the whisper notification sound is only possible if you know the exact name of a sound...'file'? Actually I did search the whole Trove folder on my PC for the 'Play_ui_forge_use', but I could not find it. So it seems to be hidden somewhere inside another file out of sight. This leaves the only option to leave a blank if you do not like the forge sound played each time someone whispers you. A drop Box in the creator would be awesome. If not possible, then a list of available sounds can work, too.

5. What exactly does the Gold/Purple/Red Override do? And what custom coulors would or would not apply?

6. Minor bug found: After pressing Enter, your cursor goes into the message box, ready to type. Now, if you stay idle for a while and no new messages appear, then the whole chat box fades out as supposed to. But not supposed to: The chat box's scroll bar remains alone, still visible, while the related chat box vanished.



1. I exspecially like the ability to have chat tabs pre-set with the creator's file, so all tabs that you want are already there without any need to summon them via comands.

2. Time stamp and its adjustment are a great way to not get lost even in multiple chats

3. I like the coefficient calculation comand!


Suggestion for improvement:

Allow us to customize Tabs further to display and not display different chats. Example: Have one tab named 'Clubs' and have /c1, /c2, /c3, /c4 and /c5 be there. Current workaround is having a Tab named just 'c' (and hope that there will never be any channel name with a 'c'). In short: an option to make a list of visible chats (and/or whisper) for each tab.


To address your concerns, i have done some changes and will be addressing most of your feedback in the next update.

1. Will be addressed in the next update.

2. Will be addressed in the next update.

3. Will be addressed in the next update.

4. Good suggestion on adding it to the website configuration as a drop down, it will be on the website as a drop down with the next update, but for now and for future reference the place where the sound IDs are located are in the ui.txt file when you extract the client this is located here: "Trove folder/extracted/audio/ui.txt".

5. This option is available to those that want to have lets say custom name colors on everyone in a specific chat (lets say club 1), and you put author color to green, then even if a player has Gold/Purple/Red/Orange name they will be appearing in that chat (club 1) as green, toggling this will then make everyone that does not have Gold/Purple/Red/Orange name into green, and leave the Gold/Purple/Red/Orange players with their colors.
I have added a description to clarify the option a bit more, that should help to explain it, that will be added with the next update.

6. The scrollbar in the normal chat window is on the opposite side, and behaves exactly the same as you described, so it is a "bug" that is in the official chat as well but i see this as intended since you can scroll to "wake" the chat window up again, so i wont address this.

As for your suggestion i will add it to my to-do list, and will address it in a future update.

When I click on the ALL button nothing happens,



All is "default" so it does nothing if you do not have any other tabs (whispers or other channels).

Read the manual and everything is explained there.

Countdown timer commandを英語ではない言語では正しく動作しないようです。






:translated text

The Countdown timer command does not seem to work correctly in non-English languages.

I think this is because it responds to the channel name "World".
This thing uses a language whose world chat name is not "World", and it can be confirmed that it works when joining the "World" channel.

This mod already uses language system of Trove, so it seems to be able to fix this.

The StringID of the World Chat channel name needed to fix it is "$Channel_World".

one more

Is there any way to change daylight saving time settings?
There is no daylight savings time in my country, so the time indicated by the chat mod is incorrect.

Is Their Anyway To Set Tabs To Specific Chats So I Don't Have To Type /2 or /1 Everytime I Switch Between World/Global Chat?


No there currently is no way to do that.

For some reason the chat mod is messing up my Atlas.  I'm not sure if it's conflicting with another mod or not, but when I disable it, my Atlas works again.  However, it seem to start after that last update with Trove.  Before that, I never had any problems with my Atlas.


Please elaborate more. Just saying "my atlas is not working" does not narrow down the problem or what the cause actually is, please be more specific about the issue and i will look into it.

Since the last patch the emoji list icon is being permanently displayed on the left side of the chat box under the all tab. Is there anyway to disable this as it's never been there before at least for me


No, currently there is no way to disable this.

However there will be an option to do this in a future update, no ETA on when it will be added tho.


Can we also get option to disable other mod features? "me/" for example


You are able to turn off most features already, i'm adding the "me/" to the todo list tho.

I cant join world 1. Help???


Bug is fixed please update to 3.0.2


Wow that was fast! Thank you :D

What is the longest emji?


Its so long that you cant type anything before or after it.

Shame it can't seem to just make chat text bigger, other than that it's real nice.

Also I changed my c_club1_m colour which was nice, but when typing a message the little bit on the left to show to which channel you're typing to is still the old colour, which is confusing (and I wanted to change it so it stopped looking the same as world) ... I then changed c_club1_a presuming that's what that was, but I guess that's just for names in that channel, so any way to change the bit in to the left of where you type?

Also I like that you can see whispers in tab, in case chat is busy ... but I also want them to still appear in my "all" tab, any way to do that? I have hide tabbed channels set off.

The one last thing (that might already be in with the spam settings) is getting rid of the "SoAndSo Looted  a rare ___ from ___" messages unless it's to the club channel, I don't really care what strangers got.



In that prefab creation tool thing the bits to do with the clock mod don't work, I can't correct the time (it's off by an hour) nor is it changing to a 12hour clock... but if I try to alter it at all then the entire thing stops working (I guess all those crazy symbols and weird formatting maybe gets undone if you open and save it in notepad or whatever).

Also something, not sure if it's this mod, has gotten rid of the thing that'd flash up on the right that'd say "new adventure added" I kinda miss that, was handed when repeatedly doing outposts to make sure you got it...

Hey, I'm trying to configure your mod to play a different sound when I receive a whisper. I want to use foley/0087.ogg ( How should I format it for the configuration to work?

How does someone acquire the twitch badge next to their name? And what requirements would they need to meet?

Fill out the application here but the requirements are:

* 1000 followers on Twitch.
* Proof of ownership of the channel

is there a shadow added to the club logo? if yes how i can turn it off?

Shadows are added since the logo is added inside a textfield, and there is no way to remove it unless you remove all the shadow around all text (which i wont be doing).

[Deleted User]

This comment by Tezera_Phath has been removed by Tezera_Phath

And here I was confused by the many pepoDerps worried my game was broke. Well played Symbol, well played. pepoDerp (Reposted, hadn't fixed my icon last post, new to actually commenting on the site.)

Normally I don't support doing these types of things but for one day it was fun :)

I probably made a few people mad too but it was just one day ;)

Just noticed (updated the mod today from an older version) a bug - you can't right/left-click the chat (and nicknames) while the chat is "closed".

So, checking the single private message has went from a simple "hold the "release mouse" button, hover on the tab, click to see, and click again to get back into the channel you were prior to that" to the "open the chat, click the tab, click the previous tab, close the chat" (which requires that you drop either WASD or mouse to press Enter).

The first action cound be done while running, fighting, ect, in split-second. As for the second one - you have to stop (unless you're flying/sailing), and use a keyboard, which adds an inconveniance.

The last version that was free of that bug is 2.0.8.

I'm very tempted to use the mod as I used to, but I'm stuck at that older version atm, because of that bug.

No mod interfering involved - I tested this with a single mod (this one) being active.

Made a vid (first half is the new 2.1.1 version, the second half is the old 2.0.8 one):

I have looked into this issue for quite some time now and there is no logical reason as to why this would occour, all that has changed is how the chat is creating the tabs, which is the code that is causing the issue but still there is no logical reason as to why this would happen.


 There is a conflict between Hydra icon and Shadow Hunter acronyme.

By typing SH for shadow hunter in ST channel, it return the Hydra icon. see below


Yep i know, this will be adjusted in the next update.

Creating override folder to save the configuration file generates some kind of bug that disables all other mods that where working inclunding TheSymbols.

Its a problem with Trove. Override folders have been disabling all tmod files, and the configuration file uses override folders. I don't think there is a fix for it.

Thanks for answering. Problem solved in this latest trove update.

yes this was due to a problem with trove itself, since its fixed now creating a config also works again :)

[Deleted User]

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[Deleted User]

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Create a configuration file and it will allow you to save them.

 Awesome modification, I just started using it and I am already enjoying it :) I will no longer want to leave chat groups because of spam; very organized, I love it, keep it up :))) blue_heart*...

[Deleted User]

This comment has been removed

The 12/24 Hour time is not sticking for 12 Hours for me using the config creator and stormreapers clock mod. Is there a fix available for this by any chance?  Thanks, Tolerant

Grate mod!

I would like to see a custom Message Format setting. :)

Could you ellaborate this a bit, what do you mean by custom message format?

Used that mod just for the timestamps and personal message sounds.

And now it even shows graphical emojis. =D

Glad you like it :)

Command has to take the chat time?

Hi WolyMix,


Sorry for the late reply (i do not get notified here about comments, so i might miss them)


What do you mean by "Command has to take the chat time?" could you ellaborate a bit more on what you mean, thanks.


If you want me to respond quickly send me a direct message here on trovesaurus and ill respond much faster.


Quick TMOD

TMOD MetadataShow

Author: TheSymbol

Notes: Alters the chat to include more features, for example timestamp, customizable colors and much more. even includes permanent saving. check steam workshop or trovesaurus for more information

Mod FilesShow

  • swf 1+
    • chat


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Updated: October 8, 2022

Type: TMOD

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