Trove Mods

Mods are ways for you to tweak your UI or change looks of in-game models like Mounts, Costumes and others. Mods will only change how you see a model, and not for other people.

Unfortunately mods are only supported on the PC version.

Mods (Costumes)

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Empty Kami
Costumes (Tomb Raiser)
Costumes (Chloromancer)
Prime Rogue
Costumes (Gunslinger)
Irreal Hero
Costumes (Vanguardian)
Cold Hearth
Costumes (Ice Sage)
Grease Perfect
Costumes (Candy Barbarian)
Cross-Z Evol
Costumes (Dracolyte)
Atreon Light
Costumes (Vanguardian)
Costumes (Boomeranger)
Traffic Cop Vanguardian
Costumes (Vanguardian)
Succubus & Incubus
Costumes (Fae Trickster)
Atreon Dark
Costumes (Lunar Lancer)
Shadow Ninja
Costumes (Neon Ninja)
Sheriff Iguana
Costumes (Gunslinger)
Candy Claws
Costumes (Vanguardian) Highlight
Leviathan Tamer
Costumes (Dino Tamer)
Costumes (Gunslinger)