Modding Tools

Tools and lists to help you create mods for Trove.


Collections, Items, Styles and Mods split by Trove theme.


A list of all the rigs in Trove.


A list of all the animations in Trove.


A list of all people who have created deco, styles or collections.


A list of Blueprints in Trove


A list of VFX in Trove

QB Colour Tool

Upload .QB files to see a breakdown of the colours used.

Idea Generator

Generate ideas for mods.

Prefab Modding

Lets you swap a models rig with another rig.

Prefab Reader

Read prefab files.

VFX Modding

Replaces VFX from one file with another.

Troxel Link Shortener

Shortens the long Troxel links with a Trovesaurus one.